Who is SouthernASMR Sounds?

SouthernASMR Sounds is one of the most loving ASMR creators on the platform, and she has generated a large following because of this.

Her content is really raw, in the sense that there seems to be no real plan to anything she does, but that lets her wild and witty character come into the spotlight which just makes for a great time overall.

She does do roleplays alongside more generic ‘trigger’ videos, which are also a tingly experience but even these seem unplanned – as if she’s just got dressed up, turns her camera on, and just free flows.

I’m not talking down on this type of ASMR either, I think it’s really nice and is much better when it isn’t so planned because you can see a more natural side to the person – and I think this is definitely the case with SuthernASMR Sounds.

SouthernASMR Recent Videos

What is SouthernASMR Sounds Real Name?

SouthernASMR Sounds

SouthernASMR Sounds name is Mary.

How old is SouthernASMR Sounds?

SouthernASMR Sounds age has not been revealed, although I suspect she’s in her late 30s early 40s.

Where is SouthernASMR From?

SouthernASMR Sounds is from the United States.

When Did SouthernASMR Start Making Videos?

The very first video I could find from SouthernASMR Sounds is one titled “My Jewelry Part 2 – ASMR Tapping Southern Accent” which is a video where she is showing her viewers her jewelry collection, while of course layering tingly sounds like her wonderful voice.

This type of video is sort of the ‘raw’ videos you can expect from the rest of the SouthernASMR Sounds channel – I’m glad she’s kept uploading since 2015 when this video was uploaded, as there needs to be much more of this – she has over 3k videos on her channel, so there is plenty of content to indulge if this is your thing!

What Is SouthernASMR Most Popular Video?


Mary’s most popular video is one titled “Dollar Tree Over The Counter Shelf Organization” which is an in-real-life video of her tapping and sorting through various products in a store – she does quite a lot of this actually.

A lot of ASMR YouTubers will have one of these videos somewhere on their channel, to jump on the trend of course but she actually films quite a lot of these videos, seemingly because she enjoys them but so does her subscribers.

It has been viewed over 2mil times as of 2022.

How much does SouthernASMR Make?

It is estimated that SoutherASMR sounds is making anywhere from $700 – $4k per month, depending on her upload schedule and if any of her videos go ‘viral’.

It is hard to estimate how much any YouTuber makes because this information is never public nor will it ever be public but I can make a guess based on my own experiences, and my own knowledge of YouTube Advertising.

Because of this, I would suspect that SouthernASMR Sounds net worth is $150k+.

What Type of Camera Does She Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does She Use?

This is unknown.

Final Thoughts

SouthernASMR Mary

Mary is one of the oldest ASMR creators on the platform but in my opinion one of the best – especially when it comes to the more ‘raw and unplanned’ videos that she frequently uploads to her channel.

This is not a snub at her content, rather it impresses me how fluent she can be with what she does despite having not set out a plan like many other ASMR creators on the platform.

And the best part of all this is that she has over 3k videos on her channel – so there is plenty of content to get through if you’re a new subscriber of hers.

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