Who is Solfrid ASMR?

Solfrid ASMR is a YouTuber who creates ASMR videos, most known for her mouth sounds and food-eating videos.

She has over 230,000 subscribers and has been creating videos for over six years. Solfrid’s videos typically feature her softly speaking and making gentle sounds with her mouth, such as kissing or licking.

She is most known for her mukbang content – essentially she eats food on camera for the enjoyment of her viewers.

Other times, she may use objects to create unique ASMR sounds. For example, in one of her videos, she crinkles tissue paper while saying encouraging phrases in Norwegian.

Viewers of ASMR videos often report feeling a tingling sensation on their scalp or down their spine. This sensation is thought to be caused by the release of serotonin, which has calming and mood-boosting effects. Some people find ASMR videos helpful for falling asleep, while others simply enjoy the relaxing feeling they provide.

If you’re interested in trying out ASMR videos and you’re looking for an ASMRtist to check out, Solfrid’s channel is a great place to start. Her videos are high-quality and offer a wide variety of sounds and triggers to choose from. You can also check out our list of ASMR channels to find more creators to watch.

Solfrid ASMR Recent Videos

What is Solfrid ASMR Real Name?

who is solfrid ASMR

Solfrid ASMR name is Solfrid.

How old is Solfrid ASMR?

This is currently unknown.

Where is Solfrid From?

Solfrid is from Norway.

When Did Start Making Videos?

Solfrid’s very first video on her channel was one called “ASMR Whispering Skincare Routine” which is a simple video of her running through her skincare routine – these types of videos are quite popular in the community because they provide a sense of relaxation and a bit of education for those looking to level up their own skincare game.

This video has been seen over 20k+ times.

What Is Most Popular Video?

ASMR solfrid

The most popular video on her channel to date is one called “ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds | Pasta With Cheese Sauce, Salad & Chaga tea” where she is essentially just eating whilst talking – don’t ask me why people love this sort of content, I’ve never really understood it myself, but over 6million people seem to have found some enjoyment in it!

In this video also, you can see her quirky personality come through – which is one of the main reasons why she has been able to gain a following, and keep said following for so long. Because every just loves her ‘vibe’. She is not playing it safe or reserved, she’s just being her. And that’s a really nice thing to see. Especially when everyone is so ‘fake’ online or is playing some kind of persona.

How Much Does make?

Solfrid ASMR makes anywhere from a couple of hundred to nearly 1k a month from her YouTube channel. This varies, as some months she may produce more videos than others or her subscriber base may grow, resulting in more ad revenue. However, it is safe to say that she earns a modest income from her videos, and is doing considerably well for herself considering the fact that she pretty much just eats on camera for a living!

Since she has been pumping this content out for a few years, I would estimate that Solfird ASMR’s net worth to be $100k+.

What Type of Camera Does Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does Use?

This is unknown. Although she has used the 3DIO quite often in the past.

Final Thoughts

solfrid ASMR mukbang

Solfrid ASMR is a great ASMRtist to check out if you’re new to the genre. Her videos are high-quality and offer a wide variety of sounds and triggers to choose from.

Some of it isn’t going to be for you (like the eating isn’t for me) but that’s part and parcel of ASMR – you’re supposed to dig around and ‘expose’ yourself to all sorts of content to find sounds and visuals that resonate with you.

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