Who is RaffyTaphyASMR?

RaffyTaphyASMR was born on September 13th, 1994. He now lives somewhere within the United States of America, just like Madi ASMR.

Though he was born in Cuba.

Creating content since September 2015, RaffyTaphy has accumulated just over 500k subscribers thanks to his soothing videos which help many people with the sleeping problems they may be having.

Alongside any other mental conditions – in my case, he has helped a lot with suppressing the painful reality of anxiety that I sometimes feel throughout my life – which can really affect how much sleep I get as well as the quality.

As with a lot of ASMR creators, he too has been inspired by the content that was out there throughout the community – which allowed him to get over his sleep issues and mental health problems.

For me, I know RaffyTaphy ASMR for his breathy sounds, which can be a weird thing to pigeon hole him into – but he has such heavily breathing you can notice it throughout all of his videos.

But that’s not a critique by any means, I think it really adds to the content and makes things much more soothing to listen to.

If you’re wanting to know more about one of the best male ASMRtist on the platform, then keep on reading.

I’d recommend it if you’re looking to feel like you’re on a more personal level with RaffyTaphyASMR – as it helps you to feel much more relaxed when he is deep in your ear.

RaffyTaphy ASMR Recent Videos

What is RaffyTaphy real name?


RaffyTaphy real name is actually Rafael, which makes sense when you consider his online name – although Rafael isn’t common of a name within the USA, it’s still an awesome one.

And I really do like how he has sort of included his real name into his YouTube name – not sure why but RaffyTaphy is fun to say for me – a little strange perhaps!

His last name is unknown as far as I’m aware, but this is completely normal within the YouTube community, a lot of times people have no idea what their favorite creator’s first names are.

So we’re at least fortunate to at least know his first name, which as I’ve said previously allows us to be on a much more personal level with RaffyTaphyASMR which makes his content much more enjoyable.

How Tall is RaffyTaphyASMR?

RaffyTaphyASMR is around 5ft 8 which is 172cm for those of you using this metric – and if you’re interested in his weight, well we don’t actually have a number.

That would be pretty weird – although we do have Gibi ASMR weight thanks to the DNA test she took for one of her videos.

How Much Does RaffyTaphy ASMR Make?

It’s hard to put a number on any YouTubers’ earnings, especially with RaffyTaphyASMR who doesn’t upload as much as some of the other creators – whether that’s due to school or just personal issues.

So even with his large subscriber base, he doesn’t complete capitalize on how large is channel is – if we’re solely talking about the money aspect.

Because of this, I’d estimate RaffyTaphy has a net worth of around $200k since he has posted only a few videos in the last couple of years in comparison to his peers.

Which will really affect how much he can earn overall.

I suspect this network to skyrocket in 2020 as he will be putting plenty of time into his craft now that school is over and done with, which will both help his bank account and also his audience.

Who will finally have many tingly and soothing videos to watch from their favorite ASMR creator.


Find Raffy Elsewhere on the web…

If you’ve enjoyed his ASMR content over the years, even though it is pretty limited since his short break – you’ll want to follow him elsewhere on his other social channels.

This will allow you to feel much closer to Raffy as a human and not just as a random YouTuber on the internet – which will, in turn, allow you to appreciate his ASMR content much, much more.

Especially when he’s deep breathing right in your ear, you will have a much more comfortable and pleasurable experience since you’ll feel like you’re on a much more personal level when following his other social accounts.

Here are all the social channels I could find from RaffyTaphyASMR:

Final Words

Hopefully, with this article, you feel a little closer to RaffyTaphyASMR and feel much more connected to him than previous – allowing you to appreciate his ASMR content much more.

And if you’ve never heard of Raffy Taphy, then I urge you to check out his social links just above this paragraph and allow him to use his ASMR hand movements, ASMR mouth sounds, and other noise and visuals to hypnotize you into some much-needed sleep.

Sweet Dreams.