PPOMO was born in South Korea on the 23rd of February in 1992 making her 26 years old as of January 2020, soon to be 27 in a month or so.

PPOMO ASMR created her YouTube channel in October of 2013 and unlike many ASMR Youtubers who initially start out with the attention of creating ASMR content, she in fact posted gaming content to her channel at first.

Under the original username of POMODOLI, she posted walkthrough videos for games like Bioshock, Fear and Alan Wake.

Later on, she then rebranded her YouTube Channel to ASMR PPOMO, where she posted her very first piece of ASMR content – which she obviously still posts to still today.

Despite revealing her face sometime after she gained plenty of popularity on Youtube, PPOMO ASMR still only shows her lips in her ASMR videos which is a pretty unique look for an ASMR creator.

The only other popular creator that does this is SAS ASMR, though this makes more sense in her case as her content is heavily around Mukbang videos.

ASMR PPOMO Creates a range of ASMR content, much like Gibi ASMR or ASMR Glow, she doesn’t restrict herself to one type of trigger or one style of video.

This way she attracts a much larger audience as she is able to cater to many people’s unique ASMR tastes.

Hence the reason why she has such a large subscriber base on YouTube.

Keep on reading if you wish to learn more about PPOMO ASMR, one of the best female ASMR creators on the internet.

PPOMO ASMR Recent Videos

What is PPOMO ASMR Real Name?

Unlike most ASMR YouTubers and plenty of content creators on YouTube, PPOMO ASMR name is unknown at this time.

We have no idea what her last name is or even what her first name means, this, as I said, is pretty unusual but a lot of the reason for this some creators don’t want to get too personal with their channels and their audience.

Ensuring that there is no overlap, a lot of people keep this information secret which is obviously a choice they make.

I’ve mentioned a lot of times that knowing this information as a viewer can be pretty valuable, especially when watching ASMR Content because you feel like you’re on a much more personal level.

But, it is not necessary and if she wants to keep more of her personal life a secret than your average YouTuber, then that choice is hers.

Perhaps one day she’ll reveal her full name, and I will more than certainly update this article if that is the case but until then, I’ll refer to her as PPOMO.



As I stated at the start of this article, ASMR PPOMO was born on the 23rd of February in 1992, as I’m writing this in January of 2020, she would be 27 years old.

If you’re reading this later in the year, or many years on, this information may not be correct if I have forgotten to come back to update it.

Just to let you know!

So if you see this further on in the future, just double-check with your own calculations as I have no found out how to auto-update this information yet.

PPOMO ASMR Face Reveal

AS you may have noticed or if you’ve been reading from the start, PPOMO ASMR only ever shows her lips in her ASMR videos.

Whether this is a creative choice or because she has low confidence is pretty irrelevant to me – she’s managed to gain a large following online, so who cares how’s she done it.

Though, she has revealed her face back in May of 2018 on her official ASMR PPOMO Twitter Page

Check out her Twitter post here: PPOMO ASMR face reveal

And for those of you who don’t want to click the link or if the link itself is broken, here are the images she posted:

She’s obviously very beautiful and for whatever ever reason she wished to hide her face – though she still only shows her lips in her ASMR videos – probably to keep early fans of her content happy.

The overwhelming support of her community after posting this to Twitter was awesome to see.

Where does PPOMO ASMR Live?

She was originally born in South Korea and as far I’m aware, as well as the rest of the community, she still lives somewhere within these lands today.

Although I’m not sure what city or town she resides in, I can imagine she will love in a beautiful part of SK due to the money she has do doubt made from her highly popular ASMR YouTube videos.

How Much Does PPOMO ASMR Make?

As PPOMO ASMR has been posting constantly since her initial channel creation back in October 2013, it is highly likely she has earned a lot of money from her wonderful ASMR videos, probably more than other ASMR creators that are at a similar Sucbribers level to her – like Gibi ASMR.

This is because of her videos too so well views wise, which obviously gives her the opportunity to bring in much more money from advertisements as she probably gets paid per 1 thousand views.

Racking up 500k+ views per video will really begin to take effect on the amount she earns each and every month.

Because of this, I’d imagine since she started creating ASMR content and assuming she has been monetizing her work since day 1, she has probably earned around 1m+ in revenue.

She could earn far more if she posted more often, as currently she only seems to create and post a video once a week which will heavily take effect on the amount she is paid.

Though 1m+ in revenue is no small number, what she has done for herself is truly an inspiration and not to mention the thousands of people she has helped across the world thanks to her ASMR content.

She deserves every penny.


Follow PPOMO elsewhere on the web…

If you’re looking for other places as to where you might be able to find PPOMO, perhaps giving you the opportunity to reach out and thank her for what she has done with her ASMR content, then feel free to check out the links below where you will find her official social channels.


PPOMO ASMR is one of the best and most popular female ASMR creators on YouTube, with a variety of videos that she has created over many years of being within the community, I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

If you’ve never watched or even heard of PPOMO ASMR before today, then I’d recommend checking out her social links above see you can find out why everyone loves this dedicated and talented South Korean ASMRtist.