Who is Poki ASMR?

Poki ASMR was born on the 14th of May in 1996, somewhere within the region of Morocco, which is where she lived for a number of years before moving to North America.

Specifically to Canada, with her parents and siblings.

If you know Pokimane, you’ll know that she was a popular online personality way before she created her ASMR channel.

With over 3 million subscribers on both her Twitch and YouTube platform, it’s fair to say she is one of the biggest names on the entire internet space, especially within the ASMR community.

Then why would someone of her size bother creating an ASMR channel?

Well just like other popular ASMR content creators, such as Madi ASMR and Gibi ASMR, she found plenty of benefit and comfort from watching other people perform ASMR – so she decided to get involved.

You can find her wonderful ASMR content under the username Poki ASMR over on YouTube.

If you’re unfamiliar with Poki or you just want to learn more about your favorite ASMR creator, then feel free to keep on reading to learn more about her.

Poki ASMR Recent Videos

ASMR Pokimane Real Name Revealed…

Poki ASMR has been pretty upfront with her whole name since she started on Twitch many years ago, she probably didn’t think she’d see become so internet famous.

But I don’t think it affects her too much in her day to day life, not much of it is private anyway – especially since she is one of the most popular Twitch streams (outside of the ASMR community) anyway.

Poki ASMR real name is, in fact, Imane Anys.

The name “Pokimane” is a combination of her first name as well as her favorite childhood game and anime series, Pokémon.


How old is Pokimane ASMR?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Poki ASMR was born on May 14th in 1996, which makes her 23 as of January 2020.

If you’re reading this at a later date, you’re going to have to apply some logic to your calculation and figure it out for yourself depending on what time of year you’re reading this.

Apologies for that, I’m not sure how to automatically update Poki ASMR age so I don’t have to edit it each year manually – though I’ll try to come back year on year to keep this information up to date…

If I remember!

So, if you’re wanting to know how old is Pokimane ASMR, then make sure to double-check what day of the year it is for you so you can accurately figure it out!

pokimane no makeup

Where Does Poki ASMR Live?

Before I reveal where Poki ASMR lives, you might be interested as to where is Pokimane from; as I’ve mentioned at the very start of this article, Poki ASMR was originally born in Morocco and later moved to Canada in her later life with her parents.

She is, in fact, a Moroccan Canadian due to her parents being from both of these countries.

But then, where does Poki ASMR live right now?

Well, she lives in the OfflineTV house along with other popular Twitch streamers like Scarra and LilyPichu.

As this is a gaming house, she could easily move elsewhere by herself or with the team, though I will keep this page updated so you can always know as to where does Poki ASMR live.

offlinetv twitch streamers

Who is Pokimane Dating?

It’s always interesting to know who our favorite content creators are dating, its simple human curiosity most of the time – but some of us like being noisier than others.

The haters love to know this one as they enjoy nitpicking whom whoever the creator is dating at the time.

This is probably why creators are usually pretty uptight about with this information, rightly so as this is there private lives which in this case includes some else – which could create other complications if things were to go south.

So as of right now, we have no idea and can not answer exactly who is Pokimane dating, though the community enjoys speculating this information – I’m sure it changes every another week for the Reddit detectives.

How Tall is Pokimane ASMR?

I’m not sure why, but people really care about how tall their favorite online entertainer is – perhaps it just allows us to feel much closer to the content that we watch every day – or because some of us are obviously obsessed.

Either way, many people as just how tall is Pokimnae ASMR?

Well, she’s around 5ft 3 inches which is about 163 in centimeters for those of you using this metric system.

If any of you are interested, it has been recorded that she weights about 51kg which is around 112 pounds.

Some extra information for you all there, if that’s what you REALLY wanted to know : ).

How Much does Pokimane ASMR Make?

how tall is pokimane asmr?

As I like to say when answering this question, it can be hard to pinpoint just how much these creators make from their YouTube content – as a lot can vary.

Depending on what sorts of ads get ran on their videos, what month it is and just how many views they get per video.

But with Pokimane ASMR, her main income is from her other main YouTube Channel, Pokimane as well as her Twitch channel.

These will not be taken into account with this calculation as these numbers will severely skyrocket her earnings across the board and will completely dilute how much she has actually earned from her ASMR channel alone.

Though, I imagine she has made around over $200k from her ASMR content alone as she has had multiple videos that have hit over 1million views, which is impressive for any YouTuber to achieve even if she does already have a large following.

And because she doesn’t upload as frequently as some other ASMRtist, just like RaffyTaphyASMR her earnings are not as high as they would be if she were to put more energy into her content.

To conclude, Pokimane makes a LOT of money anyway from her online brand, but the Poki ASMR channel as still brought in a respectable amount of money for her.

Find Poki ASMR elsewhere on the internet…

As you may know, Pokimane isn’t just an ASMRtist, she also an online streamer and gaming content creator.

If this is something you’re interested in or you just want to see what she’s like outside of her ASMR YouTube content, then feel free to check out the links below to all her other social channels.

Final Words

Although Pokimane’s priorities arent with ASMR nowadays, she was once one of my favorite ASMRtist even when considering all of the legendary content creators in the ASMR community – she just had a super soothing voice and you could see she enjoyed ASMR herself.

So even when creating the content for us, you could tell her intentions were in the right place, and that made it so much better and much more relaxing.

Although she doesn’t really create this content much these days, if she ever uploads to her channel again in the future, it will be such a tingly and relaxing video just like all of her previous ASMR videos.

Sweet Dreams.