Who is Pelagea ASMR?

Pelagea, an ASMR YouTube star, was born in Germany on December 20th in 1993 – which makes her 26 years old as of January 2020.

She has lived in Germany ever since she was born there, sometimes you will see evidence of this in her YouTube videos, specifically in the video ‘ASMR Mukbang in Public

It is unknown as to why Pelagea ASMR got started on YouTube in the first place but I can imagine it’s for the same reason most ASMRtist originally start their channel; they are inspired by the other content created by the community.

She is most known for her weird and wonderful ASMR videos that are unlike any other content within the ASMR community.

Shes seems to be always roleplaying, never taking herself too seriously and generally just having fun with the ASMR content she creates, which is super awesome to see.

As it allows me, personally as a viewer, to enjoy her content much more knowing she gets plenty of enjoyment out of it herself and she’s not just doing it for the fame or the money.

So alongside the experience being enjoyable and potentially tingly, it has a natural entertainment factor that a lot of creators just can’t offer you.

Pelagea ASMR Recent Videos

What is Pelagea ASMR Real Name?

Like quite a few ASMR content creators, Pelagea uses her first name in her own YouTube channel, which is Pelagea.

Although, too many English speaking folk, this doesn’t even sound like a real name.

And I didn’t think it was until I read up on Pelagia ASMR a little bit more and found out this to be surprisingly true.

She was actually born as Pelagea Porfirovna and has used this name ever since.

So, Pelagea ASMR Real Name is in fact Pelagea Porfirovna.

pelagea asmr real name

Pelagea ASMR Age

Just how old is Pelagea?

Well, as we’ve established at the very start of this article, the German-speaking ASMRtist was born on December 20th in 1993, which would make her 26 years of age as of January 2020.

If you’re looking at this post at a later date, Pelagea ASMR age may not be correct, though I’ll try to come back and update it if I remember – you might want to double-check before you take my word as fact by doing a basic calculation.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I just haven’t worked out how to automatically update this information yet!

Where Does Pelagea ASMR Live?

As we know, Pelagea is a German-born ASMRtist, and she has lived in this wonderful country ever since.

Although it is mostly unknown as to which city she may hibernate in, it is almost certain she lives somewhere within the German border – if I find out more, I’ll let you all know by updating this post.

It is also unknown if she lives here by herself, with family, sisters brothers, boyfriends or girlfriends.

I’d imagine its probably one of these things, as its certainly unusual to live by yourself at such a young age.

Especially since she is also an ASMRtist which generally means she likes companionship and general person to person company much more.

So it’s highly unlikely she’d choose to live alone if she’s ever had the option.

How Much Does Pelagea ASMR Make?

pelagea ASMR

These figures are generally unknown for any YouTuber or internet star though you can speculate incomes based on past results from other content creators and general economic knowledge.

Though there are some things we need to consider, although Pelagea ASMR has had her channel for a few years now, she hasn’t always been active.

Just like RaffyTaphy ASMR, she has taken extensive breaks to focus on herself instead of focusing all her attention on her YouTube channel – so this obviously affects her income numbers.

Despite being one of the biggest ASDMR channel on YouTube, with almost 1 million subscribers to her name – I’d imagine she hasn’t earned nearly the same amount as some other ASMRtist who have 1 million subscribers.

ASMR Glow for instance, who has just hit 1 million subs probably has earned far more due to frequently uploading to her channel.

With all this considered, I would estimate Pelagea ASMR, assuming she has been monetizing her channel since day 1, would have earned about $350k+ in AD revenue.

This is on the ‘lower side’ because to my knowledge she hasn’t ever taken on a sponsor which will fluctuate this number massively.

Find Pelagea ASMR elsewhere on the web…

As I’ve just mentioned, Pelagea upload is sporadic as best, so if you want to keep up to date with her off of the YouTube platform then I have an awesome list of social channels that you can follow her on below.

Here are her official social accounts:


By now you should know a little bit more about one of the most popular female ASMR creators on the platform – one that offers both entertaining and deeply soothing content.

I’d give all of her content a go since I think a lot of it represents her wacky and creative personality perfectly and there are no two ASMR videos that are the same.