Who is Peas And Pies?

Peas and Pies is one of the most sensual ASMR creators on the platform and if you’re someone who loves intense videos, then you will probably already know who she is.

Just like ASMRbliss and the girls at ASMR2n4, Peas and Pies doesn’t show her whole face unlike many of the top-ranking ASMR creators on the platform.

This sort of mysterious trend spills over to the rest of her online persona.

As of creating this piece about her, she hasn’t uploaded an ASMR video to her channel in around 7 months, though she has been uploading content elsewhere on the web under the same name…which is a shame for her YouTube subscribers.

As I’ve said a few paragraphs ago, she creates very sensual content so unlike Gibi ASMR or ASMR Glow who cover a wide range of ASMR sounds and visual triggers; Pea and Pies has put herself into the more ‘out there’ niche.

Which is a smart way to attract a following of people who all enjoy the same thing, so it is much easier to please her fanbase with every upload rather than worrying if this will be too much or not enough for them.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about Pea and Pies ASMR and where you might be able to find her on the web in 2020.

Peas and Pies ASMR Most Recent Video

What is Peas and Pies Real Name?

Peas and Pies

I am currently unsure about this information and she is a very secretive person as some people are, and she has substituted her real-life persona with an online one.

Which is completely fine, but as I say time and time again, knowing someone’s name and even more information about them can allow you to enjoy their ASMR even more because there is just a level of trust that comes along with such information.

And in my opinion, this trust is essential when it comes to enjoying someone’s ASMR content.

How old is Pea and Pies ASMR?

Again, I am unsure just how old she is due to the lack of information she has given to her audience over the few years she has been active under the name Pea and Pies.

Though we can speculate that she is at least above the age of 18 due to her sensual ASMR content she has created on her YouTube channel.

And with a little more digging I have found another way she makes money online, where she further develops on this ‘sensual’ style – not necessarily creating ASMR.

Since I don’t talk about that type of stuff here, I’ll leave that ‘research’ up to you guys.

How Much Does Pea and Pies ASMR Make?

It would be hard to estimate her income at this current time from her YouTube Channel since she no longer uploads videos – or she at least hasn’t since late 2019.

Though imagine because of the nature of her videos, she will still get some views on a monthly basis from dedicated viewers and perhaps even people who have just discovered her channel.

With this being said, I imagine she has made around $20k from her YouTube channel alone if I account for how well her old videos have done.

Now as I’ve mentioned a few paragraphs above, she does post content online outside of the YouTube platform but this really has nothing to do with ASMR – though I bet her fanbase has a lot of crossovers.

Taking this into account, I imagine she will be making a lot more on these social platforms then she ever was on YouTube.

This is good for her but a shame for the rest of her fanbase because sadly she may never return to her ASMR channel if she can make more money elsewhere.

Find Peas and Pies ASMR Elsewhere Online

As I’ve said and as you may have noticed, Peas and Pies hasn’t uploaded much in the last couple of the month, infact she hasn’t even uploaded this year (2020).

So, if you’re wanting to find what she’s up to on other social platforms, then check out these links below which I have accumulated just for you guys.

Find Words

Peas And Pies was once one of the best sensual ASMR creators in our little community, though since she doesn’t upload anymore, I don’t think we can consider her about this community anymore.

Perhaps she will make a return but perhaps not if she’s making money on other social platforms doing more than just ASMR.