Who is MissASMR?

MissASMR focuses on ASMR content that is deeply personal, which helps to fill the void in her viewer’s life as well as relax them after a rough day.

She combines simple ASMR roleplays as well as her warm personality to create a space that is very welcoming for 30 minutes – helping her viewers to relax and get their minds off whatever they might be going through at the time.

She also combines a lot of up-close visuals which further help to feel like you’re in her warm embrace, which helps to further add to the personal attention she is already giving you.

Overall, if you’re looking for a warm space to end or start your day, she has the perfect content for you and you should definitely check it out if you’re in need of a friend.

MissASMR Recent Videos

What is MissASMR Real Name?

missASMR real name

MissASMR real name is Shushanna.

How old is MissASMR ASMR?

MissASMR birthday is on December 21, 1996 which would make MissASMR age 25.

This would also make MissASMR zodiac sign a Sagittarius!

Where is MissASMR From?

MissASMR is from Armenia. And she is the most popular Armenian content creator in the ASMR community, and even on YouTube as a whole.

When Did MissASMR Start Making Videos?


Shushanna uploaded her first video in March 2014 when she was just 16 years old! That would mean she has been in the ASMR community for just over 8 years!

The video she first uploaded was called “ASMR Whisper & ASMR Role Play MASSAGE Binaural” and was probably one of the first roleplays of its kind – it’s pretty interesting this was her first upload, usually, ASMRtists go with something much simpler like makes noises from an assortment of items.

This video has been seen over 125k times!

What Is Miss ASMR Most Popular Video?

Miss ASMR most popular video is one titled “ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam” and has been seen over 3million times – again this is another ASMR roleplay and this one in particular shows off her talent for roleplays as well as the tingly personal attention she uses across all of her ASMR videos.

How much does MissASMR make?

ASMR miss

It is estimated that Miss ASMR, depending on her upload schedule, can make anywhere from $200 – $1k from her ASMR videos – this does not include other income streams like sponsor and merch sales – I can only estimate YouTube earnings at this time.

I would estimate that MissASMR net worth is $150k+ because of these numbers.

What Type of Camera Does She Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does She Use?

This is unknown.

Final Thoughts


Shushanna is an Armenian ASMR artist. Her videos are a way to escape and relax while being entertained by her soft-spoken voice, gentle whispering, and the sounds of various objects she uses in each video. I’ve been following ASMRMiss for about two years now. In a fast-paced, constantly overwhelming world, it’s nice to have something that can help you relax and unwind.

MissASMR’s content is definitely unique as she roleplays are always deeply personal, which can help a lot when you’re feeling a little lonely – which we all are at some point in our day. I would advise checking her out if you need a bit of a pick me up and your mind to be soothed. Even for just a little while.

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