Who is Masked ASMR?

Just like Peas and Pies ASMR, Masked ASMR specializes in personal attention style ASMR.

Making her one of the most enjoyable content creators on the platform if you’ve been lacking deep human connection; which we all do from time to time.

Especially as of right now, as I’m writing this during the Pandemic which is going on at the moment throughout the world which has separated many of us from our loved ones.

So content creators like Masked ASMR really do help in these hard times, even if it is a silly ASMR doctor roleplay that lasts 20 minutes or so, they can really have a positive effect on those who watch them.

Although I don’t watch much of Masked ASMR myself, she seems to be growing in popularity very quickly over the past few months.

This is really impressive since her first upload was January 2020, so there must be something special about her which is gaining her plenty of views and subscribers.

Masked ASMR Recent Videos

What is Masked ASMR Real name?

Its usually pretty easy to find out ASMR creators real name since ASMR is pretty personal, that information is usually general knowledge since such information helps with the ASMR experience –

As you feel much more on a personal level with the person who’s making sounds right in your ear.

This would obviously help with the level of enjoyment you can have with the ASMR, especially if its personal attention ASMR.

But unfortunately, as for Masked ASMR real name, we have no idea just yet – this might have something to do with her channel only being around for a couple of months, so she just hasn’t had the chance to reveal it.

Or ever really needed to up until now.

As soon as I found this information out, I’ll be sure to update this page for you guys.

But until then, I guess we’ll just refer to her as Masked ASMR.

How old is Masked ASMR?

Just like her name, her age is also a mystery to the community.

Though I could probably make a well-educated guess based on the type of content she makes and obviously what she looks like.

I’d place her in her mid to late ’20s due to the type of content she makes as well as just how mature she looks compared to some of the younger ASMR creators we have in our internet space.

Again, once I found out her actual birthday, I’ll be sure to update this page with the correct information but until then, you’ll have to use this guesstimate as fact.

Where does Masked ASMR Live?

You may be able to see a common theme with MAsked ASMR throughout this article by now, and that is the fact we don’t really have much information about her.

Since she is obviously very secretive (I mean her whole channel is around her wearing a mask whilst doing her ASMR, so she’s obviously holding back on revealing facial features) it is hard to find this information.

Though I imagine, since she is friends with ASMR Network, she resides somewhere within the United States of America.

How Much Does Masked ASMR Make?

Masked ASMR

I feel like this is what everyone comes to these articles for, beyond the die-hard fans who want to find out more about their favorite ASMR creators.

And I feel like this part of the ASMR community is a pretty interesting side tot alk about, since it’s real eye-opening what can be made from creating silly little videos on the internet.

Especially ASMR videos which seem weird if you’re not familiar with the world of ASMR.

I can usually make a pretty good estimated guess based on the numbers I know from popular ASMR creators like Gibi ASMR or ASMR Glow and apply them to the smaller channels like Masked ASMR.

But since Masked ASMR has only had her channel running for around 4 months, and she might not even have monetization on her channel yet, it’s really hard to put a sum on her earnings.

Though, I could imagine she has made a few thousand dollars from the videos she has uploaded to the Masked ASMR YouTube channel.

The way she is going through, I can see this rapidly increasing overtime if she keeps putting the work in as her channel is already growing fast, and with more uploads, she will see her subscribers, views, and the money she makes increase exponentially.

Final Thoughts on Masked ASMR

I usually talk about much larger content creators on this site, but as I make my way through them, I find really awesome channels such as Masked ASMR that are growing rapidly in popularity thanks to the ASMR they create.

if yIf you’re someone who perhaps lacks personal attention through your day to day life, due to be in isolation during this pandemic, then videos like the ones Maskjed ASMR creates can be essential for your wellbeing.

Certainly, an ASMRtist that I’m excited to keep an eye through the next couple of years to see how large she grows.