Who is Maple ASMR?

One of the largest channels in the ASMR community, though now seemingly inactive, Maple ASMR has created some great content over the years for her YouTube follows since she created her account in June of 2016.

Just like you may see in ASMRbliss‘ videos, you’ll see that she only shows the bottom half of her face – which is either a creative choice or one that allows her not to get doxxed.

Though I suspect it is a mixture of both.

Maple ASMR does exactly the same in her videos, which you’d think would be a bad thing, as I said it was with the ASMR giant PPOMO ASMR since you there is an element of mystery which might affect how much you can enjoy their ASMR.

But after watching many of these sorts of videos from these beautiful creators, I can confidently say it doesn’t make a huge difference and rather makes the videos more intimate, if you’re looking for that kind of thing.

Since you’re here,

Reading this,

Right now,

I imagine you’re looking to get more information about Maple ASMR which can allow you to enjoy her content even more, and hopefully, when she starts uploading to her channel once again – you will have a much more enjoyable time due to the higher level of trust you will have developed.

Maple ASMR Recent Videos

What is Maple ASMR Real Name?

As you can imagine, this sort of personal information can be hard to find, especially about someone who doesn’t’ even show their face on their videos – so you pretty much get the idea that they don’t want their identity to be revealed.

And of course, this is completely fine and is up to the ASMRtist if they want such information out there, my job here is just to bring all the information which has been put out there all in one place for you guys.

If we ever do find out her name, I will be sure to update this section but for now, we can all refer to her as Maple.

How Old is Maple ASMR?

who is maple asmr

From what I could findFrom what I could find online, and I hope she’s come out and said this herself somewhere before I ‘expose’ this information to you guys.

Maple ASMR appears to be 24 years old as of 29th April 2020 and will turn 25 later this year as her birthday is on the 15th of November.

If you’re reading this way, way into the future, you might have to double-check these numbers since I don’t have a way of automatically updating this information just yet – though I will try to come back to this page and do just that.

Where Does Maple ASMR Live?

As far as I know, Maple ASMR actually still lives in the country she was born in, which is Canda.

Though I have no idea where in Canda she lives, I imagine it will be in a pretty wealthy neighborhood if you consider just how big her channel has gotten – which for anyone who knows about monetizing on YouTube; she will have made a decent amount of money from this.

But we’ll get into that a little more below this section.

If she ever comes out with further details as to where she lives, if in fact she doesn’t live in her birth country, then I will come and update this section.

Though I dont think this is really imporatnt infomration like say her age or her real name which can allow you to feel much closer to a perosn.

How Much Does Maple ASMR Make?

Maple ASMR close

She has a fairly large channel in comparison to some of the smaller ASMR creators I have talked about recently, but if you look at someone like FrivolousFox ASMR or any of the other ASMR giants – she is super small in comparison.

And has obviously made less money too.

So then, how much does Maple ASMR Make?

Well, lets consdier the fact that she has accumulated nearly 265k suWell, lets consider the fact that she has accumulated nearly 265k subscribers as of writing this, which has netted her just over 27 million viewers across all of her videos.

Now if we assume that her videos have been monetized through this entire time, which probably isn’t the case because some types of ASMR are against the monetizing guidelines YouTUbe sets, but let’s assume it anyway.

She has probably made around $80k+ since the birth of the Maple ASMR YouTube channel.

This is of course a guestimate but one that I cant confidently say due to the numbers I have on other, popular creators on the YouTube platform.

Though she isn’t around making videos anymore it seems, this channel will still be bringing a healthy sum of money as old fans comeback to reminisce and new people find her through the algorithm.

As an additional point; Maple ASMR has a Patreon page, that was a lot more active than it is now, which would probably have netted her a great sum of money

Though probably nothing compared to what she’s earnt from YouTube but still a good amount nonetheless.

Maple ASMR Offical Social Platforms…

If you’re looking to connect with Maple ASMR on her other social platforms, perhaps you’re just curious as to what else she gets up to; then feel free to check out all her official social links below to connect with your favorite person in the ASMR world.

Final Words

who is maple ASMR on youtube?

Although he doesn’t upload anymore, Maple ASMR still has some great ASMR videos readily available on her channel.

With a genuine personality that comes across as loving and caring, I can already see what she has generated so many views and gained so many subscribers over the time she has been active on the YouTube platform.