Who is JellybeanASMR?

ASMR JellybeanASMR is known for her tingly audio roleplays and trigger assortment videos.

If you’ve ever heard of ‘rare triggers’ before, then you’re going to understand what I’m about to say, if not – rare triggers are triggers that are, well rare. Rare as in the fact that they are very tingly and people find them enjoyable but creators never seem to put them in their videos, for one reason or another.

Anyway. I would consider Jellybean’s ASMR to be a rare trigger herself – in the sense that she doesn’t have many videos on her channel (just over 100) but they are all so lovely and tingly.

She had a really good thing going, and a great community behind her (of over 295k+ subs), but for a few reasons she stopped uploading content as of right now – I suspect down to the fact that she has just recently given birth and gotten married in the past year, she probably doesn’t have time to upload content.

Although, I do have hope. Hopefully one day she’ll be back giving us tingles again.

JellybeanASMR Recent Videos

What is JellybeanASMR Real Name?

JellybeanASMR Real Name

Jellybean ASMR name is Heather

How old is JellybeanASMR?

JellybeanASMR birthday is unknown, although she was born in June of 1990. This would make JellybeanASMR age31 at least.

Where is JellybeanASMR From?

JellybeanASMR is from the United States.

When Did Jellybean ASMR Start Making Videos?

ASMR Jellybean ASMR

JellybeanASMR first video on her channel is a video called “[ASMR] Introduction + Some Tapping/Crinkling/Ear to Ear Whispering” which has been seen over 1million times. This is a video about her talking over crinkling noises about what ASMR is as well as who she is and why she is even creating this video in the first place.

It’s quite rare that the very first video of an ASMR creator ever hits over 1 million views, so it’s pretty impressive she achieved this feat.

What Is Heather JellybeanASMR Most Popular Video?

Heather’s most popular video on her channel is “[ASMR] Soft/Slow Breathing, SkSkSk, Kissing (No Talking)” which has been viewed by her lucky subscribers base over 9million times as of 2022. I’m surprised this did so well as there is no talking, and IMO this is the best part of her content – but what do I know.

How much does Jellybean make?

heather jellybeanASMR

Since she doesn’t upload videos as of 2022. It is really hard to pinpoint her earnings, more difficult than usual as we have no real data to go on. Although I suspect that she was making a few thousand a month in her heyday, especially considering how much better the YouTube Ad scene was back then too.

Right now, she is probably still making $100 here and there due to her content still receiving views even years after it has been uploaded.

What Type of Camera Does Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does Use?

Heather uses a 3DIO in most of her videos.

Final Thoughts

Heather jellybeanASMR

Heather, despite the lack of uploads as of recent, is still one of the best ASMR creators in the game – pretty much because every video she uploaded was well received and there had clearly been a lot of time and thought put into it.

And like many ASMR creators, you can generally see that she is doing this because she loves it, not because she thinks she’s going to make money and popularity quickly – although this was definitely a byproduct of the former.

Just like many ASMR creators in the community, I hope she begins uploading one day when she has free time.

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