Who is HunniBee ASMR?

HunniBee ASMR is one of the largest ASMR creators on the platform and has gained a following due to her creative ASMR Mukbang videos.

While this content isn’t for everyone (me included) I can see why plenty of people enjoy it – over 7million people in fact – since the noises of mouth sounds can soothe people and on top of that HunniBee ASMR always use some sort of color theme in her videos, so she has the visual ASMR accounted for too.

Her content is either something you love or hate – and there is real no way of getting used to it. I suspect those of you who love it are the same people who eat with their mouths open…but anyway.

She has gained over 7million subscribers and 1.5 billion views on YouTube as well as over a million on TikTok – not bad for someone who essentially just eats colorful food on camera.

HunniBee ASMR Recent Videos

What is HunniBee ASMR Real Name?

ASMR HunniBee ASMR name

HunniBee ASMR name is Naomi MacRae.

How old is HunniBee ASMR?

HuniBee ASMR birthday is on October 2 , 1994, which would make HuniBee ASMR age 27.

HunniBee Zodiac sign is Libra.

Where is HunniBee ASMR From?

HunniBee ASMR is from Canada.

When Did Start Making Videos?


HunniBee ASMR first upload was one titled “First ASMR video | soft whispering” which was a soft whispering video – she has since then uploaded many of these types of videos, the typical ASMR content you would see across many channels on the platform. Whether that’s trigger assortment videos or simple whispering videos.

She uploaded these types of videos for quite a while before she figured out that ASMR Mukbang videos had a void content-wise that she could fill and thus become the ‘Queen of ASMR Mukbang’ content on YouTube.

What Is HuniBee’s Most Popular Video?


The most popular video on her channel is one titled “ASMR EDIBLE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE, SPOONS, HAIR BRUSH, POPPING BOBA, BUBBLE TEA, MOST POPULAR FOODS” which is a video of edible foods that don’t look like they can be eaten, with the color pink being the theme for this video – if you watch this video, this essentially represents her content as of late.

Weird food that looks like real objects, usually of a certain color which represents the theme for the video.

Oh, ye. This video has been seen OVER 80 MILLION TIMES – this is not a typo.

I can at least appreciate why people love this content, the sounds and visuals all fit together, and I can understand the entertainment/relaxing factor even if I don’t find it in this type of content myself.

How much does HunniBee ASMR Make?

ASMR hunnibee

It is estimated that HunniBeeASMR is making anywhere from $10k-$60k PER MONTH from her YouTube videos – this does not include other income streams such as merch and sponsored content – which I would imagine makes up another large source of her overall income.

it is estimated HunniBee ASMR net worth is $2mil+ thanks to this content.

I think it goes without saying that she has created an empire from this type of content and she is certainly one of the highest earners in the ASMR community and on YouTube as a whole.

What Type of Camera Does She Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does She Use?

This is unknown.

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