Who is Goodnight Moon ASMR?

Goodnight Moon ASMR is a pilar of the ASMR community who has been making waves since the first day she uploaded. This is due to her soothing and calming voice as well as her generally heartwarming personality.

Her videos are characterized by their intimate and calming nature, as well as a little goofy due to the OC roleplays she does quite often on her channel – all for a bit of fun and of course, to help relax the viewer.

Goodnight Moon ASMR’s content is mainly focused on providing calming and relaxing sensations for her viewers. She often uses gentle speaking and soft sounds to trigger these feelings, which can help people to fall asleep or simply relax.

In addition to her voice, ASMR Goodnight Moon also makes use of props such as stuffed animals to more intricate and interesting pieces she finds throughout her time adventuring into local markets around where she lives and where she travels.

Whether you’re looking to relax or just want to hear a soothing voice, Goodnight Moon is definitely an ASMR creator worth checking out!

Goodnight Moon ASMR Recent Videos

What is Goodnight Moon Real Name?

ASMR goodnight moon

Goodnight Moon ASMR’s name is Erin Timony.

How old is Goodnight Moon ASMR?

Goodnight Moon ASMR’s birthday is on August 5, 1997, which would make Goodnight Moon ASMR age 24.

Goodnight Moon ASMR Zodiac sign is Leo.

Where is Goodnight Moon ASMR From?

Goodnight Moon is from California.

When Did Goodnight Moon ASMR Start Making Videos?

Goodnight Moon ASMR’s first video was uploaded on the 21st of January 2017 and has been viewed over 250k+ times. This video is titled “My Sticker Collection! Soft Spoken ASMR“.

She rambles her way through a video whilst showing off her stickers – immediately as soon as the video starts you can see her intentions are pure which just makes it so much better.

This first video is a great example of what her channel is all about – calm and cozy with a hint of randomness sprinkled in.

What Is ASMR Goodnight Moon Most Popular Video?

goodnight moon OC

Erin’s most popular video is “Afternoon at the Herbologist’s Greenhouse” which is a video featuring one of her OCs from her Babblebrook series. This series is a true testament to what these ASMR creators can really do – it features beautiful b-roll, great storytelling, and of course plenty of ASMR triggers.

But it is more than a simple ASMR roleplay, you are captivated by the story and are left waiting for more. Honestly, I can’t recommend this mini-series enough and it is by far some of the best content from the ASMR community. Perhaps even some of the best on the entire YouTube platform.

How much does Goodnight Moon ASMR make?

Goodnight Moon makes anywhere between $3k-$10k a month from her YouTube videos, depending on what her upload schedule looks like from month to month.

Though with that being said, Goodnight Moon’s income is heavily swayed by sponsorship videos – pretty much everyone she uploads as of late features some type of sponsorship – so this will bring her revenue per month up so much more

Goodnight Moon’s net worth is $150k+.

What Type of Camera Does Goodnight Moon Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does Goodnight Moon ASMR Use?

At one point Erin used a Blue yeti microphone to record the audio for her videos. though right now I am unsure as to what she uses.

Final Thoughts

erin timoney goodnight moon

Goodnight Moon ASMR is a great example of an ASMR creator who has mastered the art of creating content that not only provides relaxation and triggers, but is also genuinely interesting to watch.

Her videos are well-made and her storylines are captivating, leaving you wanting more. If you’re looking for some great ASMR content to watch, be sure to check out Goodnight Moon ASMR. You won’t be disappointed.

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