Who is Ginger ASMR?

Ginger ASMR is one of the fastest-growing ASMR channels on the YouTube platform as of right now, I see her content everywhere in my feed – as do a lot of my friends – and for good reason.

She has a really likable personality that comes off as warming and caring as well as being able to add an intimate feel to everything that she does –

Which is super useful in the time of the current pandemic where a lot of us are starved of this type of connection.

She specializes in up close and personal ASMR as well as creating many roleplays for all of her viewers to enjoy.

My friends can’t get enough of this girl and I suspect if you’re here reading this, you feel the same way.

Let’s get into some more personal details about Ginger ASMR so that you can build up a connection with her, making you feel as if you know her on another level.

Which as I always say; will increase the level of enjoyment you can receive from her ASMR.

Ginger ASMR recent videos

What is Ginger ASMR’s Real Name?

who is ginger ASMR

Unlike some of the many ASMRtists I have covered in recent posts, Ginger ASMR name is actually general knowledge for all of us to know.

Which is great!

Cause the first step in connecting with someone is learning their name, and you might ask, why is this important when watching someone’s content online?

Well, as you will know from your own experiences, ASMR is deeply personal, so there needs to be a level of trust between you and the person so that you can comfortably watch their content.

You can become comfortable after watching many of their videos night after night, which will allow you to get familiar with their voice as well as the techniques they use.

But what can help speed this process up is visually seeing them, so the ASMRtist showing their face is very important and also other little details, such as a name.

Now that you know Ginger ASMR real name is Megan, you can enjoy her content much more and feel a little closely connected with her.

How old is Ginger ASMR?

how old is ginger ASMR?

Another piece of information that you could find out to help develop trust with a person is their age.

Though unlike her age, her actual age is unknown as of yet, perhaps because her age really isn’t as important as her name.

There just something about matching a face with a name so much more worth it when it comes to building trust with someone than knowing a person’s age.

Although, if this information ever becomes public, I will be sure to update this page with her exact age.

If I had to make a guess, I would say she was around her mid 20’s based on the way she looks; if that’s anything.

Which is a typical age for many of the ASMR creators in our community.

Where does Ginger ASMR Live?

As of right now, I’m unsure as to where Ginger ASMR lives, since she’s never done a QnA before on her channel, this information is pretty hard to find (as this type of thing is usually revealed then if not already).

Though, I suspect she lives somewhere within the USA as most of the ASMRtists do due to her accent in her videos.

IIt’s actually kind of funny talking about accents in ASMR videos, I feel like its really hard to distinguish between them when a person is whispering.

For example, I only learned the other day that Glow ASMR was born in France, and she has a super obvious French accent when she is talking normally.

But when she’s whispering, you honestly can’t tell that she isn’t originally from America.

If we ever do find out where Ginger ASMR lives or at the very least where she was originally born, I’ll be sure to update this section of the article.

But until then, let’s get into how much Ginger ASMR makes from her ASMR YouTube Channel…

How Much Does Ginger ASMR Make?

how much does ginger asmr make

Nearly hitting her first subscriber goal in just one year, Ginger ASMR has accumulated almost 100k subscribers to her ASMR YouTube channel which has netted her just over 12 million views, which is a crazy number in your first year.

With this in mind, you can probably put a decent guestimate on how much money she has made from this channel alone since posting her very first video.

Though, let’s consider a couple of things before we do that;

You have to assume that ALL of her videos have been monetized since day one, which typically isn’t the case because there are certain things you need to meet as a creator before you get partnered.

On top of that, there is also some ASMR content that might not get you the green tick when it comes to monetization; videos like ear licking, ear eating and certain ASMR roleplays will stop you from getting ads on the video

This obviously means that you will not be making any money from these videos.

But for the sake of the article, let’s pretend we live in a perfect world, one where Ginger ASMR has had no problems when it comes to ensuring her content makes her money…

I suspect, with the number of views she has generated, she has earned about $35k+ from YouTube alone, which is a pretty good sum for your first year in the ASMR community.

IIf you now factor in her other income sources like Patreon, she will have made much more than this.

And in my opinion, from what she has achieved over the last 12 months, she completely deserves it and I wish her all the best in the many years to come.

Ginger ASMR other social platforms

ginger ASMR

ASMR is all about connecting, whether the ASMRtist is connecting with you through your phone screen or you’re connecting with them through the many videos they post.

Being closer to the person who whispers in your ear will seriously affect just how much enjoyment you can receive from ASMR and that’s why I always recommend to at least go check their other social media out so you can connect even further.

Check out all of Ginger ASMR other social accounts here if that’s what you plan on doing;

Final Words

There isn’t many people that can create a YouTube account let alone an ASMR orientated account and blow up as fast as Ginger ASMR has – she is clearly satisfying many people in our community and I’d advise checking her out for yourself to see what all the hype is about.