Who is Feline ASMR?

Feline ASMR is another small ASMRtist who has been rapidly growing in popularity since she created her channel back at the end of 2018.

She specializes in up and close ASMR triggers such as ASMR mouth sounds or ASMR personal attention – all of her videos seemingly fit into this particular category.

And with this type of ASMR being some of the most popular with the ASMR community, it is not hard to see why she has gained just over 85k subscribers since her very first upload.

Since she one of the newer faces in ASMR, you may not even know who Feline ASMR is – fortunately for you this article servers as a place where you can found out all you need to know about Feline ASMR.

Feel free to keep on reading if this is something you’re interested in.

Recent Uploads From Feline ASMR

What is Feline ASMR Real Name?

It was actually kind of difficult to find out Feline ASMR’s real name online, and I’m still not 100% sure that what I have found is actually correct but, looking at her social links, I have some idea as to what her real name may be.

Chi seems to be the name she is using beyond Feline, or Feline ASMR – which sounds like more of an actual name that what she uses for her YouTube.

Unless this is some sort of online persona name, then I would be completely wrong and in that case, her actual name just isn’t out there yet.

But for now, I would refer to her as Feline ASMR, Feline, or Chi, since she uses a variation of these across her social media platforms.

How Old is ASMR Feline?

How old is Feline ASMR?

Since she is a relativity new ASMRtist, this sort of information is hard to find out, just like her real name was.

Though, I can probably make a decent guesstimation based on the content that she does have out there, as this does reveal what she looks like and how she asks – which CAN say a lot about a person’s age.

Although, this doesn’t mean that I am going to be 100% accurate, cause you can have older people looking and acting like they are way younger than they actually are – its the best we can do for now.

So from what I can gather, I’d estimate that ASMR Feline is probably in her early twenties, judging by the way she looks as well as some of the content out there that she has posted of herself makes her AT LEAST 18+ – if you know what I’m getting at…

Where does ASMR Feline Live?

As you can imagine, she like her age and even her name, it is really difficult to find any legitimate sources that supply such information about these sorts of things.

So again, we are going to have to do some investigating like we just did for Chi’s real name and her age.

From what I can gather from her YouTube videos, Chi lives somewhere within the United States of America, judging by her accent.

I’ve got nothing to really go off here, and it’s no surprise that another ASMR creator is from the United States of America – as this is where a lot of them seem to come from – since the research and the trend of ASMR started right here.

How Much Does Feline ASMR Make?

How Much Does Feline ASMR Make?

This is the part which everyone loves since its somewhat of a cultural thing to be interested in how much money people are making – so that we can assess whether or not the effort we are putting in at our own workplaces is worth what we are getting paid.

Now for an ASMRtist and for any YouTuber for that matter, as an outside entity, it can be hard to find such information out, as this is locked away on the user’s dashboard – which we obviously wouldn’t have access too.

And creators tend not to take their earnings to their social accounts and flex on the people that made them.

So then, how do we find out this information?

Well, luckily for us, I have done extensive research on this sort of thing- which does not include people who are only in the ASMR community – allowing me to take a somewhat accurate guesstimation of how much someone as earned form their YouTube channel.

In the case of this article, we are talking about how much Feline ASMR has made from the 117 videos she has uploaded since its creation.

Assuming that all of her videos have been monetized since day 1, which is rare but it can be possible, I would estimate she has earned around $40k thanks to just under 10 million views her channel has earned.

Now like many other ASMRtists, she has other income streams that we won’t get into – because I am far from an expert on these other platforms when compared to YouTube.

But I suspect a large chunk of her yearly income comes from these other social channels, some of them being the traditional Patreon page that seemingly every YouTuber in 2020 has as well as a more…18+ style of platform that a lot of people are using to allow their audience to purchase ‘bonus content’.

Hopefully, you’ve caught on to what I’m talking about, I can’t mention it here for SEO purposes but if you were to check out her channel and her other links below, you will know what I am trying to hint at.

Feline ASMR’s other social platforms

Feline ASMR Social Platforms

As an online personality, it is standard for people like Chi to have other social platforms where you can connect with her and consume more content if you feel like doing so.

Please feel free to check out the links below to see what Feline ASMR is all about, on her YouTube channel, her Instagram and even on her more NSFW platform…

Feline ASMR YouTube Channel

Feline YouTube Channel (Second)

Feline ASMR Instagram

Chi Instagram

Feline ASMR Patreon