Who is Fairy Char ASMR?

Fairy Char ASMR is an ASMR creator from the Philippines who constantly creates ASMR roleplay content, and in some cases, she gets her real-life friends involved.

The addition of her friends in her videos provides a different aspect to most ASMR content creators as you, the viewer, who gets to watch someone go from feeling stressed to relaxed throughout the video – which for whatever reason never fails to make people relaxed.

This is coupled with the fact that we also get to watch Fairy Char ASMR do something she loves – both these things combined make for a deeply relaxing experience for the viewer. On top of the assortment of ASMR sounds and visuals that are going on throughout the video.

her other content is personal attention videos, mostly in the form of roleplays such as ‘Your Friend Does X With you’ etc. These videos are deeply personal and help to fill a void if you’re feeling particularly lonely or just want to take your mind off things whilst someone rambles in your ears.

Fairy Char ASMR Recent Videos

What is Fairy Char ASMR Real Name?

fairy char ASMR

Fairy Char name is Char!

How old is Fairy Char ASMR?

Fairy Char ASMR birthday is on February 1, 1988, which would make Fairy Char ASMR age 34.

Fairy Char ASMR zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Where is Fairy Char ASMR from?

Fairy Char is from the Philippines.

When Did Fairy Char ASMR Start Making Videos?

ASMR Fairy Char first video on her channel is one titled “Do a meditation with me! Morning Routine ASMR Vlog” which is, well, it’s in the title – this video was uploaded nearly 9 years ago and was one of the first of its kind!

This is a very raw video compared to what she uploads right now, but you can see her warm and welcoming personality shine through.

What Is ASMR Fairy Char Most Popular Video?

ASMR fairy char

Fairy Char most popular video is “ASMR Essential Face and Hairplay for Relaxation” which has been seen over 5million times and represents what I believe her channel to be all about – personal ASMR, in the form of a roleplay done on an actual person.

This just makes for a great experience for the viewer who can experience all sorts of sound and visual ASMR as well as feel satisfied watching someone do something they love which relaxes another person.

How much does Fairy Char make?

It is estimated that Fairy Char makes anywhere between $500-$1k per month from her YouTube videos, depending on what her upload schedule looks like from month to month – this of course does not include things like sponsored content and any merch she sells.

Fairy Char net worth is $180k+ because of these numbers.

What Type of Camera Does Use?

This is currently unknown.

What Microphone Does Use?

It is unknown what mic Fairy Char uses in her videos currently, although she has used the Blue Yeti in the past.

Final Thoughts

ASMR fairy char ASMR

ASMR creators have always been one of the more creative types on YouTube in my opinion, and Fairy Char is a prime example. She does ASMR roleplays with her friends which makes for an interesting dynamic – you get to see someone go from feeling stressed or upset to relaxed because they’re getting personal attention by their friend!

It’s also great seeing Fairy Char ASMR do something she loves, and the fact that we get to watch her do it makes for a deeply relaxing experience. If you’re ever feeling lonely or just want to take your mind off things, I highly recommend checking out Fairy Char ASMR’s channel!

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