Who is Dr. T ASMR?

Dr. T ASMR is one of the oldest ASMR creators in the community, and one of the most respected thanks to his always elaborate ASMR roleplays.

Dr. T ASMR was originally a construction worker in his past life before he started ASMR content on YouTube, specifically as a paver, paving driveways as his primary source of income.

It is also known that he plays video games in his free time, and I suspect that’s where he gets all these crazy ideas for his roleplay characters such as ‘Professor Tinglebottom’.

This character, as Dr. T has put it in the past has “tried to gain access to the YouTube channel” which gives an insight into his roleplays as a whole – They are not just characters he plays, but rather there is a whole storyline to each of them and they all interconnect in some way.

Dr. T ASMR Recent Videos

What is Dr. T ASMR Real Name?


Dr. T ASMR name is Jay.

How old is Dr. T ASMR?

Dr. T ASMR real age is currently unknown, but it is speculated that he is somewhere in his 40s, probably his late 40s.

Where is Dr. T ASMR From?

ASMR Dr. T is from Lowell, Massachusetts.

When Did ASMR Dr. T Start Making Videos?

ASMR Dr Tingles

Dr. Tingles ASMR uploaded his first video almost just over 5 years ago on the 23 Mar 2016 which was titled “ASMR Ramen crinkle tingles” this is a very simple video where he essentially plays with ramen noodles and has been viewed just over 50k times

This video very much contrasts his current content where a lot of time and effort now clearly gets put into each video as he comes up with elaborate characters and storylines to both tingle and entertain his viewers.

What Is Dr. T’s Most Popular Video?

Dr. T’s most popular video is one titled “How To ASMR” which is another simple video of him doing an assortment of ASMR triggers to both educate and relax the viewer.

This video has been seen over 5.5miliion times and still remains to be one of the most popular videos on this entire YouTube channel.

How much does Dr. T ASMR make?


Depending on Dr.T’s upload schedule, he is making anywhere from $500 – $3k a month from his YouTube channel content – this is of course speculation based on the current YouTube climate and a bit of inside knowledge I have from the ASMR community and YouTube advertising as a whole.

I would place Dr. T ASMR net worth at $200k+ thanks to his insanely good content.

What Type of Camera Does He Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does He Use?

This is unknown.

Final Thoughts

Dr Tingles ASMR

Overall, I found Dr. T’s ASMR videos to be very relaxing and calming – as well as entertaining once I started to delve into his roleplay content. The sounds he makes are gentle and soothing, and they help me to focus on my own breath and relax my mind. While I don’t experience the tingles that some people do, I still enjoy his videos and find them helpful for winding down at the end of a long day.

I really appreciate the effort that Dr. T puts into his videos, and I think he’s doing a great service by sharing them with the world. I hope that more people can find peace and relaxation through ASMR, and I’m grateful to Dr. T for helping to spread the word about this wonderful phenomenon.

Sydney Smith

I have been experimenting with ASMR for the last 5 years, and I have been writing about it for the last 2. This website is a place for me to write about ASMR, and a tool to discover more about it - and of course to try and shed some light on what ASMR is all about so we can grow this community even more!

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