Who is Chloe 13 ASMR?

I’ve covered similar channels to Chloe 13 ASMR on this site before, where they only show the top half of their face in their videos – which I think is a really unique take on ASMR since it’s all about creating a feeling of trust between you and the creator through their content.

And that is a little difficult if they’re not showing you one of the most important parts of the human body – their face!

Now this content has its own place in ASMR, just like ASMR triggers like ASMR eating sounds, ASMR tapping or even ASMR girlfriend roleplays – there are people that like this sort of thing.

There is no difference here, as you can see by the respectable audience size Chloe 13 has built for herself with just 39 videos uploaded.

So, if you’re unfamiliar with the person behind Chloe 13 or perhaps you’re unaware she even existed till now – let’s get into some things I’m sure you guys are no doubt interested in.

Especially if you’re a fan of hers.

Recent ASMR Uploads from Chloe 13

What’s Chloe 13 Real Name?

Well, you might all be surprised to know that her real name is in fact Chloe!

Wow, what a shocker…I know, I was surprised too.

As far as her last name goes, I would have no idea, to be honest, I’m surprised she used her real name as her YouTube name since she’s not showing her face in her videos.

Which makes you assume she wants to keep a level of privacy, so you’d think she’d conceal her name too but I guess not.

As far as her last name goes, I have no clue but If she ever reveals it to the public, I’ll make sure this Chloe 13 ASMR page is updated with such information.

And who knows…maybe her last name is 13?

How Old is Chloe 13 ASMR?

Chloe 13 ASMR

I’m unsure just how old Chloe 13 is, since as I said before she conceals private information about herself along with her face so it is no surprise to me that her actual age isn’t public yet.

Though perhaps in the future if she starts creating more videos, creators of this size generally do some form of QnA video to allow their viewers to get to know them better – so hopefully that happens soon.

As for speculating her age, since she has her own Patreon page with some pretty risqué content on it, she is atleast above the age of 18.

But that’s all I’ve got, you can usually guess someone’s age based on the way they look but since Chloe 13 ASMR hides her face, it’s hard to gauge anything about her.

As always, if she reveals this information then I’ll be sure to update this page to let you all know.

Where Does Chloe 13 ASMR Live?

You probably see the trend by now, Chloe 13 is very secretive with the information that is out there about her – which is completely fine, it is personal information after all.

So obviously if we don’t know her age, we probably don’t know where she lives either!

And we dont…for now.

Though, thanks to the Chloe 13 ASMR YouTube about page, she has set her location to ‘United States’ so at the very least we know she is within one of the 52 states of America…I bet that really narrows it down for us all huh.

Just like with her age, if Chloe 13 ASMR comes out with more details, I’ll be sure to update this very section of the Who is Chloe 13 ASMR? page.

How Much Money Does Chloe 13 ASMR Make?

Chloe 13 ASMR

As I always say to my audiece everytime I write one of these sections on an ASMR creators – there is no real way for me to know this number, I can only speculate based on prior knoweldge I have about YouTube monteiziation as a whole.

The only way I could get official numbers is if the ASMR creator, in this case Chloe 13 ASMR, would show them to me – which isn’t going to happen.

So we’re left to speculate these numbers.

If we take into account that she has only 39 videos on her YouTube channel, which is a really small number for any YouTuber on the platform, especially one that has accumulated just over 50k subscribers.

I would say that she has earned, assuming the videos have always been monetized since the second she uploaded them, around about $10k+.

This is really at a push but because she is a fairly new channel, with very few videos and videos that are very short, its hard put a $ to her earnings.

Though, if she uploads more frequently doing the content her subscribers clearly love, then obviously there is no doubt that she will continue to grow very speedily over the next few years like some of the other ASMR creators on the platform.

Chloe 13 ASMR Other Social Platforms…

Chloe 13 ASMR creating youtube content for her ASMR channel

I say it every time and I’m going to say it again – ASMR is about connecting with the creator on a deep and personal level so that they can make you feel comfortable, calm, and most importantly sleepy.

The only way this can really be achieved is if you have a certain level of trust with said person, and one great way to build trust is to connect with them on a daily basis – even if that is through your phone.

Now this is not an ideal method but its pretty much the only one you have.

So, I would use it to your advantage – if you’re an avid watching of Chloe 13 ASMR, then I’d suggest following her on her other social platforms so you can see what she gets up to when she’s not in front of the cameras.

Allowing you to get to know the person beyond the persona they show you through ASMR – again, allowing you to build a trusted bond so you can enjoy her ASMR more.

Check them out here:

Final Thoughts

Chloe 13 ASMR is clearly a loved ASMRtist, but I imagine her community would love it if she uploaded more videos to her channel!

And if she did, we have clearly seen that she will grow very rapidly like the other ASMRtist in her niche – and reaping the rewards that come with that sort of popularity.

IIf you’re someone that hasn’t checked out Chloe 13 ASMR yet, I encourage you to do so using the links provided above.

Perhaps you’re on the verge of finding your new favorite ASMR creator – one that might even be able to give you those wonderful ASMR tingles the community doesn’t shut up about (and I don’t blame them of course!).