Who is ASMRrequests?

ASMRrequests is one of the veterans in the ASMR space, she has been uploading ASMR content since 2012 and has amassed a decent-sized following since then.

Regardless of what you think of her content, ASMR might not be here today (you may have never even discovered it) if it wasn’t for one of its first pioneers alongside the likes of Gentle Whispers ASMR.

She has dipped her toes into all sorts of different ASMR content, but what stays consistent across her channel is the deep love she has for producing content as well the clear desire she has to relax her views – which makes anything she puts out absolutely wonderful to watch.

Although she rarely uploads as of 2022, since taking a hiatus of over 2 years, there is still a decent-sized catalog of content to get through if you want to go look back at a creator that has been here since the beginning.

ASMRrequests Recent Videos

What is ASMRrequests Real Name?

ASMRrequests Name

ASMRrequests name is Ally Maque.

How old is ASMRrequests?

ASMRrequests birthday is on the 9th July 1990, which would make ASMRrequests age 31.

Where is ASMRrequests From?

ASMRrequests are from the United States of America. As for the state she lives in, that is currently unknown.

When Did ASMRrequests Start Making Videos?


Ally uploaded her first ASMR video in November 2012 which was titled “Personal Story Time – How I Developed ASMR” and this video is all about talking about her experience with ASMR – this type of video was probably very groundbreaking back then as it would have been the first time many people had found some else who experienced the same ‘tingly’ feeling as they had.

This video has been seen over 150k and was probably a ‘eureka!’ moment for a lot of these people too.

What Is ASMRrequests Most Popular Video?

asmrrequests videos

The most popular that she ever uploaded on her YouTube channel was “An Esthetician Visit – Binaural Role Play – ASMR – Face Massage, Water Sounds, Soft Speaking” which has been enjoyed over 5 million times by her audience.

This video will have served as a great influence for many of the thousands of ASMR roleplays that are uploaded today in the community – again, groundbreaking stuff for one of the veterans of ASMR.

How much does ASMRrequests Make?

It is hard to pinpoint her earnings, as it always is with ASMR creators but generally because she doesn’t upload as much as you once did on her YouTube channel since taking a hiatus.

Because of this, I suspect that Ally is only making a couple of hundred $$$ per month from her content, but probably at one point was making at least a few thousand $$$ in her heyday.

Because of this, I would suspect that ASMRrequests net worth to be $200k+.

What Type of Camera Does She Use?

This is currently unknown.

What Microphone Does She Use?

This is currently unknown. Although she has used the 3DIO and the Blue Yeti in the past to capture the audio for her roleplay videos.

Final Thoughts on ASMRrequests

Ally from ASMRrequests

ASMRrequests is one of the most popular ASMR content creators on YouTube. She has nearly 500k subscribers and her videos have been watched over 100 million times. She has calm, relaxing content that helps viewers relieve stress and fall asleep. She is known for her soothing voice and gentle guidance and for being one of the veterans in the community.

Although she doesn’t upload much these days, her channel is still live, so there is plenty of content you can get through if you want a reliable source of ASMR that can induce relaxation in you.

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