Who is ASMRbliss?

ASMRbliss is one of the most popular content creators within the ASMR community for many reasons.

She has deeply personal ASMR that can really comfort many of her views into just relaxing and feeling safe whilst her voice plays in their ears.

Although she creates ASMR, she is pretty unique as far as creators go as she does not show her face in her YouTube videos, though I have found images of her on her other social platforms.

I’m unsure if this is a creative choice or because when she first started posting videos online she didn’t want anyone to know it was her – whatever the reason she now has a unique angle that many creators don’t seem to take.

And surprisingly, her videos still feel very personal and comforting despite not actually been able to see her face – which is where a lot of our innate trust comes from in general life.

Today, I’m going to go over all the things we know about ASMRbliss so that you can feel a little closer to one of the best ASMR content creators on the YouTube platform.

ASMRbliss Recent Videos

What is ASMRbliss Real Name?

Currentley I have no idea what ASMRbliss real name actually.

Though it does make sense that this sort of information can not be found because in general, her content feels very ‘secretive’ since she doesn’t show much of her face – so I guess that keeps the mystery style of her videos consistent.

How Old is ASMRbliss?

How old is ASMRbliss

Just like her real name, ASMRbliss age is also unknown though I do know she has just graduated college within the United States this past year so she is probably still in her later teenage years.

How much does ASMRbliss Make?

ASMRbliss has been active for around 4 years so you might be thinking she has made a pretty life-changing amount from her YouTube Channel, but you’re most probably wrong with this assumption.

This is due to the fact that she has only uploaded a total of 62 videos in those 4 years, so as you may be able to imagine, she just hasn’t uploaded enough to earn a great deal of money.

Though from my knowledge, I still think she’s earned around $30k total if you take all of her videos into account and that you also assume she would have all past, present and future videos monetized on YouTube.

Now, like many ASMR creaots, she also has a patreon page, two infact which essentially sell more umm…sexual type ASMR for those who are looking for that sort of thing.

Since I have no access to the number of subscribers she has to this monthly subscription I can’t really say what sort of income she is looking at here, though I suspect it will be far more than what she earns on YouTube.

ASMRbliss other social platforms…

ASMR bliss other platforms

Like I always say with these creator profiles, its always nice to feel on a personal level with these ASMR creators since it can allow you to enjoy their content and you will see the benefits of the ASMR much easier.

This is because ASMR is a very personal experience so it would obviously make sense to feel some sort of bond with the person who is up close in your ears and on your phone screen.

Following a creator on other social media can help with this, so here are ASMRbliss social platforms if you’re looking to do this too…

Final Thoughts

ASMRbliss is one of the most unique content creators out there when it comes to ASMR, due to the very niche market she sees herself in because of her up close and personal ASMR.

hough she doesn’t show her face, you can still feel connected and comfortable thanks to the aura she carries throughout all of her videos – making her one of the most enjoyable ASMRtists on the platform.

Hopefully, this short article served as a way for you to be able to connect a little more with one of the awesome ASMR creators in the community.