ASMR Soap Queen is a person who has the ability to use soaps in a way that triggers a feeling of relaxation and pleasure in people.

Also known as ‘ASMR’.

Her videos have millions of views, and she has been able to turn her passion into a full-time job – not bad for essentially playing with bright-colored soups for a couple of minutes a day, eh?

ASMR soap queen is a popular YouTuber with over 1.7 million subscribers and just over 500million views in total.

We know little about her because soap is the main topic of interest within her content, rather than her personality which is a common theme amongst ASMRtists such as Gibi ASMR and ASMR Glow.

With that being said, stick around if you want to learn about some of the things we do know about Soap Queen!

ASMR Soap Queen Recent Videos

When Did ASMR Soap Queen Start Making Videos?

soap queen ASMR

The very first video Soap Queen uploaded to her YoUTube channel was uploaded in June 2017, and was pretty much like all the videos after this, but we had low production value. It was titled “ASMR SATISFYING RELAXING SOUND SOAP PEEL” and well you guessed it, she’s playing with Soap!

This video has over 2million views but has a lot of dislikes. Not because the content is bad, but I suspect it’s because she taps on the plate at the very beginning which makes a very un-ASMR-friendly noise.

Of course, as the years go on since uploading her content has gotten better and better and by now she has mastered the art of creating soap-orientated ASMR.

What Is ASMR Soap Queen’s Most Popular Video?

Her most popular video – brace yourself this is not a typo – has been seen over 178MILLION TIMES. YES, THIS NUMBER IS CORRECT.

Content creators all over the world can only dream of hitting these numbers – this is an absolutely crazy amount and really shows how many lives have been affected by ASMR – especially these more ‘simple’ videos, where people don’t even realize that it’s ASMR they are enjoying.

How Much Does ASMR Soap Queen Make?

ASMR soap queen

Depending on how well her videos do (especially if she gets 100+mil views as she has done before) she can make anywhere from $2k – $10k per month from YouTube ad revenue alone. This does not include sponsored content or merch that she has for sale.

Because of the success of her YouTube channel, I would suspect ASMR Soap Queen’s net worth is $300k+.

What Type of Camera Does Soap Queen ASMR Use?

This is currently unknown.

What Microphone Does Soap Queen ASMR Use?

This is currently unknown – but its likely she uses one of the popular microphones many ASMR creators do.

Final Thoughts

Soap Queen ASMR

ASMR Soap Queen is a content creator who has found success with videos that involve her playing with soap. Her most popular video has been seen over 178 million times, and she makes a good income from ad revenue and sponsorships.

While we know little about her personally, her content is very popular and seems to be well-loved by many.

If you’re looking for simple relaxation content, and you’ve got a thing for colorful soaps being cut apart, check her content out!

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