Who is ASMR Network?

ASMR Network is another ASMRtist that I’m not all that familiar with but many of my ASMR friends talk about her when we eventually get onto the topic every time we meet.

Just like with some of the most popular creators like Gibi ASMR or Goodnight Moon, they can’t give her enough praise for what she does with her content.

Though unlike the two creators I have just mentioned, ASMR Network’s content is a bit more ‘risqué’ if you will, and includes things that perhaps isn’t for all ages.

Stuff like this can give ASMR a bad name if you’re unfamiliar with the concept as a whole and you stumble across a channel like this for the very first time.

There is an audience for this type of thing though, as you can see across many similar ASMRtists channels.

But enough about debating whether or not that content is bad for ASMR, let’s get into the person behind the ASMR Network brand, Amy Rose.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with this channel if you’ve been within the ASMR community long enough, she is always popping up in my recommended – like many ASMR creators.

And if you’re an active watcher of her content, it can be nice to know more about her so that you can build a more trusting bond with the person – allowing you to enjoy her content much more.

So, let’s find out more about Amy Rose aka ASMR Network.

What is ASMR Networks Real Name?

If you’ve read the little intro bit, you’ll know her name already…but if you missed it, her full name is Amy Rose.

It is unusual to find this information about many ASMRtists that easily (pulled from the Famous Birthdays website) because a lot of them prefer to hide behind their YouTube persona – which is completely fine.

ASMRtists can get some unwanted attention from some pretty creepy people due to the nature of their content.

I iI imagine ASMR Network gets a lot of unwanted attention due to the nature of her videos, but I can only imagine that she has learned how to handle it from the many years she has been on the platform.

How Old is ASMR Network?

ASMR network creating ASMR on her YouTube channel

Unsurprisingly, her age isn’t easy to come back like her name was, so I have no confirmed information as to how old ASMR Network actually is.

Though like I do almost every time this happens – I will try to guesstimate her aged based on a few things.

Simply looking at the way she looks and how she acts in her videos can be a pretty good indicator for just how old she is.

Taking these things into account, I suspect she is probably in her mid to late ’20s as of writing this article (June 2020).

If I found out her official age, which is hopefully soon as I have just emailed her about it, I’ll be sure to update this page for you guys.

Where Does ASMR Network Live?

ASMR Network aka Amy Rose

I think this is one of those things you don’t really need to know about a person to be able to enjoy their ASMR content, though it is just a common question we ask of anyone in our lives – even more so content creators on the internet.

ASMR Network actually lives within Australia, which I think is a first for this website, usually, the people I write about are within the USA or Canda area.

As to which city or town she lives in, I have no idea, such information is usually never revealed the only real reason I know she lives in Australia is due to the collabs she has done with some other ASMR creators and of course her accent is a bit of a giveaway.

How much does ASMR Network make?

Amy Rose

Time for the juicy stuff, the thing we’re probably all most interested in because after all, money makes the world go round.

Whether we like it or not.

As with every piece I write on ASMR creators and how much they make online, it is always a guesstimate because I don’t have any access to the official numbers.

Since information like this is locked away on their creator dashboard for their eyes only.

The only other way I could even find this information out is if they came out with this sort of thing publicly, but creators or anyone in the world, in fact, like to reveal this information.

So the best I can do for now is to speculate.

First, let’s consider a couple of things, she has just under 200k subscribers on YouTube and has accumulated just over 30million views from the 287 videos she has created and uploaded to the ASMR Network YouTube channel.

Now assuming all of her videos have been monetized since day one, which they usually aren’t but for the case of simplicity let’s say they are, she has probably earned about $60k from her YouTube videos alone.

Depending on how familiar you are with ASMR Network, she also runs her very own ‘lewd’ page – you can probably imagine what I’m getting at here.

This probably brings in a big chunk of income for her to, perhaps even more so than her ASMR content.

Her channel has only been around since December 2018, so she has done excellent for herself in such a short time and has become a key part of the ASMR community, finding her own unique niche which she fits into so well.

And if she keeps going how she is, she will no doubt see much more growth, in her views, subscribers and of course her bank account.

ASMR Networks Other Social Platforms…

Like I said at the start of this article, people seek out this sort of information so they can get to know the creator on a more personal level.

This happens in all niches of YouTube, whether you’re watching someone play games for a living or show off in their high-quality vlogs – we just like to know who we are watching.

Out of pure curiosity mostly.

But with ASMR content, it is far more common since we just want to know what sort of person we are letting into our personal space, what sort of person we are letting whisper into our ears every night and give us the warm and cozy feeling we need for the improvement of sleep – and in some cases improvement is mental.

If you’re wanting to find out what else ASMR Network gets up to outside of her YouTube channel, check out her links below:

Final Thoughts

ASMR Network though not one of the most popular content creators in the community, she is widely known for the type of content she creates – good or bad.

Though you can’t deny her success and she has done very well for herself in the last 2 years of her YouTube channels existence and has solidified herself in the perfect sub-niche of ASMR where her content continues to blossom.

So, if you haven’t checked out her content yet, even if you think its not for you, I encourage you to just go see for yourself – who knows you might find something you like, and if you’re lucky she might even give you the ASMR tingles.