Who is ASMR Love by T?

ASMR love by T doesn’t show her face like other creators, and personality isn’t the main aspect of her content. But what she does offer is tingly visuals and wonderful ASMR sounds.

She is a little like ASMR Bakery, who also doesn’t show her face, but lets the production quality of her content ‘carry’ her channel.

I discovered her ASMR channel a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since.

Her videos are so relaxing and she has really absolutely nailed the combination of tingly sounds and mesmerizing visuals that help to take my mind off of things.

I always feel so relaxed after watching her videos and sometimes even fall asleep if I’m lucky, but most of the time is spent in awe of how good she is at her ASMR content.

This channel was originally known as “ASMR Love by T&P”. The P has recently been removed. I would assume this is to do with, whoever the P was, stepping away from the project.

Thankfully though, the production quality is still high, and ‘T’ is still pumping out content for us all to enjoy.

ASMR Love by T Recent Videos

What is ASMR Love by T Real Name?

who is ASMR love by T

This is unknown.

How old is ASMR Love by T?

This is unknown.

Where is ASMR Love by T From?

This is unknown.

When Did Love by T Start Making Videos?

ASMR Love by T uploaded her first video on 19th April 2019 which was titled “[ASMR] Tapping & Scratching for Deep Sleep 😴 4k (No Talking) 10hrs“. This is a 10-hour (yes a 10hour!) video of her tapping and scratching on various objects to help the viewers sleep.

This is a very rare type of upload for someone just starting their channel – and it is quite interesting because the production value is already on point too.

I would assume that Love By T Has done something like this in the past or at the very least they have done extensive research and gone through a trial and error process to upload such a high-quality piece of content for their ‘first attempt’.

What Is Love by T’s Most Popular Video?

ASMR Love by T

ASMR Love by T’s most popular video is another one that features no talking and it is called “[ASMR] 120 Best Triggers For Sleep & Deep Relaxation 😴 1Hr (No Talking)“. This is a large trigger assortment video that has been seen over 3 million times as of writing this and only grows in views as people discover this tingly channel.

How Much Does Love by T Make?

It is estimated that Love by T makes anywhere from $500 – $2,000 per month on the YouTube platform, depending on how well her videos do from month to month.

This really isn’t a bad number considering she has only been doing this for a few years and I can clearly see, that once more people discover her channel, she’ll be bringing in more views and cash simultaneously.

Overall, ASMR Love By T’s net worth is $50k+

What Type of Camera Does She Use?

This is unknown.

What Microphone Does She Use?

Love by T uses a range of microphones, depending on the sort of content she is trying to record. But she does feature the Blue Yeti most often in her videos.

Final Thoughts

love by T

ASMR Love by T is a YouTube Channel that produces videos of tingly sounds and mesmerizing visuals to help the viewer relax. She does not show her face but has been producing high-quality content for years now.

If you haven’t already, I would absolutely check her out if you’re not really looking for an ASMR personality, but rather someone who does great ASMR both visual and sound wise to help encourage relaxation.

Sydney Smith

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