Who is ASMR Glow?

ASMR Glow was born on the 4th of March in 1994 in Israel.

Sharon Dubois was more known as a makeup artist than an ASMR creator, long before she created her channel – although she has gained significant popularity thanks to both of these skills.

Thanks to being inspired by the ASMR community, just as Gibi ASMR was, she has since created her very own YouTube channel where you can find an assortment of ASMR tapping videos along with scratching and even high-quality ASMR roleplays that can help with any sleep issues you may be having.

If you’re interested in learning more about Glow ASMR aka Sharon; then keep on reading as I will be answering many FAQ’s her subscribers and fans seem to have about her.

More about ASMR Glow…

Sharon is known for her creative ASMR content on her YouTube channel; ASMR Glow YouTube.

She is also a partnered streamer over on the popular streaming site; Twitch.

Here you will be able to find her playing games and being her general goofy self whilst entertaining her dedicated fanbase on her official ASMR Glow Twitch Channel.

ASMR Glow Recent Videos

What is ASMR Glow Real Name?

Many people wonder what their favorite ASMRtist‘s real name is, probably so they can feel more connected to them but also allow them the ability to find more information about their favorite creator – completely harmless in my opinion.

ASMR Glow real name is Sharon Dubois; you should be able to find plenty of information about her online; though almost all of it is in this article.

So keep on reading!

asmr glow sharon

How old is ASMR Glow?

As Sharon was born on March 4th, 1994, as of the 3rd of January (which is when I posted this article) ASMR glow age would be 25.

If anyone of you is reading this far after this date, then you’re going to have to work it out how old is ASMR Glow for yourself, my apologies.

But I don’t know how to update the age automatically just yet, so, sorry for that to any of you reading this in the future!

Past me is an idiot – hahaha!

Where Does ASMR Glow live?

Her birthplace was somewhere in the land of Israel, though I believe that she currently lives somewhere in the US for her university studies, though that’s not confirmed

That is just what I remember from watching her YouTube videos – but I’m 99% sure this is correct – although this doesn’t matter too much in my opinion.

Who cares where she lives, as long as she is healthy and happy : )

How Tall is ASMR Glow?

For those of you wondering, Sharon Dubois ASMR glow is around 5ft 6 or 167.5cm.

Her weight is currently unknown, as is with most celebrities but she has a skinny curvey build so she is probably at a decent weight in relation to her height.

how tall is asmr glow

How Much does ASMR Glow Make?

As always, you can never really put a number on YouTubers net earnings, since there is a lot of factors at play and at the end of the day this is quite an untraditional career, so it’s not as if you could compare numbers to a ‘real’ profession.

It also depends on how many videos she can upload that month, what her intake is from other channels outside of YouTube such as Twitch and sponsored Instagram content.

She also runs her own official ASMR Glow merch line.

Though all of this considered, we can take a guesstimate on ASMR glow net worth as a whole; which in my educated opinion will be around $500k – $600k as of Jan 2020.

This will no doubt increase as the years go on, so long as she capitalizes on the YouTube content she is creating.

So keep this in mind when reading this figure.

Find Glow Elsewhere on the web…

Glow is obviously widely known for her ASMR content which she posts to YouTube, though there are other places you can consume her entraining content.

From her beautiful posts on Instagram to random tweets on Twitter; check out all of her links below if you wish to connect and consume more of Sharon’s content.


Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about one of the best and most loved ASMR content creators from our little ASMR community.

And if you haven’t watched any of her videos, and you’re just curious as to who she is, I couldn’t recommend her more to anyone looking to solve their sleeping issues.

Sweet Dreams.