Who is ASMR Erika?

ASMR Erika is one of the most genuine ASMR creators that I have found in the community, you can really feel just how much she cares about the person watching her videos.

This obviously plays a big role in how much you can enjoy any ASMR content.

Since you want to feel like you matter, and ASMR Erika always finds a way to achieve this through being her genuine self.

She also accentuates this general personality by creating content that suites her style, so you will see a lot of personal attention ASMR across her channel featuring triggers like up close whispering as well as some more intense noises like ear eating and licking.

Now, these triggers aren’t for everyone of course, but they must be good for a lot of people since she has accumulated just over 60k subscribers since creating her channel back in Nov 2017.

So, whether you’re a long time fan or you’ve just stumbled across this page and you’re wondering who the heck ASMR Erika is, then feel free to continue reading as I’m going to get into some more personal details about her.

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What is ASMR Erika’s Real Name?

ASMR erika Real name

Well, you might be shocked to learn that her real name is actually Erika!

I know what a surprise!

This obviously isn’t the first time an ASMR creator has used their first name in their ASMR channel name.

This doesn’t happen much in other online content, except in the niches where the content is deeply personal, such as vlogging channels.

The reason this makes sense and is someone important in how much enjoyment one can receive from Erika’s videos is that her content is super personal, just like all ASMR content.

So it would be handy to know more about the person before we allow them to get really close to us, which these types of creators do on a nightly basis if you’re someone like me who watches ASMR content religiously.

I’ve already mentioned that ASMRerika comes across as one of the most genuine ASMRtists on the platform, and this is partly due to her revealing her face and her first name within her content – which not all ASMRtists do.

For one reason or another.

How old is ASMR Erika?

ASMR Erika

As for her age, I am unsure just how old ASMR Erika is, this information is not nearly as easy to find as her name was.

I don’t think anything else about her will be,

We’ll be getting into how much she generates from her videos later on.

But back to her age, as of right now, I have no idea how old she is – though we can make some guestimation on this simply by looking at her and assessing the way she acts.

These obviously aren’t clear signs as to how old someone is, but they give some form of indication – and it’s all we have to go off for now so we’re going to have to make do.

Judging by the way she looks as well as the way she acts in her videos, I’d guess she is around 25-28 years old.

Which is generally about the age of most ASMR creators on the platform.

If I and the ASMR community ever found out just how old Erika is, I’ll be sure to update this page.

But for now, we’re just going to have to go off my guesstimation.

Just a quick note; her age really doesn’t matter if I’m honest – I just understand people care about this sort of thing so just wanted to take note of it here.

Where does ASMR Erika Live?

Where does ASMRerika live?

Within the ASMR community, we are unsure as to exactly where she might live, though thanks to her YouTube Channel About Page she has set her location to the United States.

So at the very least, we know she resides within one of the states.

As for which one, I currently have no idea as she hasn’t revealed this information just yet.

And its really hard to pick up people’s accents when they are whispering, unless you are really, really listening – but even then some foreign creators sound like they have the most perfect English when they are whispering.

Anyway, if she ever reveals this information to her fans, I’ll be sure to update this part of the post so that you guys can learn even more about her.

How much money does ASMR Erika Make?

ASMR erika how much money does she make?

If you have your own YouTube channel or have had the previous experience with monetization on any online platform, you’ll know that monetization numbers are for your eyes only – and perhaps for the network your with.

I’m telling you this because there is no real way for me to know how much ASMR Erika has earned from her YouTube channel since its creation, so I can’t give you 100% accurate figures.

But what I can give you is an educated guesstimation based on my own experiences with the platform as well as from my inside knowledge that I have picked up from other ASMR creators as well as YouTubers on the platform.

Since Erika has just under 65k subscribers, and she has accumulated nearly 4 million views, I suspect she has earned around $10k from her YouTube videos thanks to the ad revenue which would have been generated.

This calculation assumes that she has always had her videos monetized, which isn’t an easy thing with ASMR content – as its a pretty new thing for the YouTube algorithm to understand but, it is a possibility that she has had money coming into her back pocket ever since her first upload.

If she keeps uploading regularly like she is doing now, there is no doubt that the year of 2020 and years beyond that will be very good for her, for both her personal brand and her bank account.

But, it’s not about that with ASMR, it’s about giving her audience a safe haven where they can trust her in helping them with their sleep, with any anxiety they may be feeling or generally helping them through a bad period in their life.

I’m sure the money side of things is awesome for ASMR Erika, but I bet she loves helping people far more.

ASMR Erika Social Platforms

If you’re interested in following ASMR Erika on YouTube as well as on her other official social platforms, then feel free to check out the links below where you can follow and connect with one of the best up and coming ASMRtists on the platform.