Who is ASMR Darling?

ASMR Darling is a 22-year-old American born ASMRtist on YouTube.

She was born on the 14th of May in 1997, which makes her one of the youngest ASMR creators on the platform, though one of the most successful.

Especially in comparison to the other female ASMR creators, as she has the second-highest subscriber account on YouTube, first place being SAS ASMR.

Darling created her YouTube channel in December 2014, presumably to watch other ASMR content creators on the platform – before being inspired to upload her very first video in March 2016.

ASMR Darling specializes in many types of ASMR, from simple tapping and scratching videos to more elaborate ASMR roleplays that feature some of her own OC’s (original characters) like Summer and Ella & Bitchy Brittney.

If you’re interested in finding out even more about who is ASMR Darling, then keep on reading.

ASMR Darling Recent Videos

ASMR Darling Real Name

ASMR Darling real name is actually in her channel name, mostly.

Her last name is in fact ‘darling’ which is obviously where she gets her YOuTube name from, just like many ASMR creators who use inspiration form their own name as there online persona.

I think this is probably a common theme because ASMR is so personal, its a pretty standard practice to get a personal level with another person by knowing what their name is.

Anyway, ASMR Darling Name in full is Taylor Darling, which is pretty common knowledge as a lot of her ASMR community know this, which is actually quite rare with most online personalities.

But as I’ve said, this sort of personal detail can be essential in people finding enjoyment from your ASMR content.

ASMR darling

How Old Is ASMR Darling?

As she was born on the 14th of May in 1997 she will be 22 years old as of January 2020.

If you’re looking at this article at a later date, say years on into the future, you might have to double-check how old she is with a simple calculation of the date provided as I haven’t figured out how to automatically update this information yet.

My apologies!

I’ll try to come back to this page and ensure it is up to date but I just wanted to let you know just so you’re aware of perhaps the incorrect information.

So right now, ASMR Darling Age is 22.

How Tall Is ASMR Darling?

People’s obsession with their favorite content creators height is still a mystery to me, I’m not sure why people care so much, perhaps it’s just out of curiosity.

But if you really want to know, Taylor Darling is around 5ft 3 inches tall which comes in at about 1.6m for those of you who use this metric.

How Much Does ASMR Darling Make?

ASMR darling youtube

Now for the question that most of you probably want answering is ASMR Darling net worth.

Although we can’t pinpoint an accurate sum since there are many factors that contribute to the overall sum of what ASMR darling makes.

Just know that anything I do say – any number you see on screen – is just a guestimate and we can’t give you something accurate unless we ask her ourselves.

Although you could probably imagine how that would go.

Though it is an educated one, basing it on what other content creators in and outside of the ASMR community have made we can put a ballpark sum on her earnings very easily.

As she has one of the largest ASMR channels on the platform, which receives a very large amount of views per video, I suspect ASMR Darling is worth at least $1Million+ thanks to ad revenue, sponsorship deals.

If she were to have other income streams, like a Patreon or some form of streaming career, I can only imagine how high this number might become – though she doesn’t have either of these.

Perhaps this is just down to time, or because she just enjoys making people sleep from videos instead of putting more pressure on herself with extra content commitments.

With consistent upload since the very first day of committing a portion of her life to ASMR, you can imagine this total only rising drastically in the coming years.

ASMR Darlings Other Social Channels

taylor darling

If you’re looking for more content from ASMR Darling, perhaps so you can talk to her on a more personal level on a platform like twitter.

Or interact with her whilst she’s doing something more ‘normal’ like gaming, then checking out her official Twitch page will be a great idea.


Hopefully, now you know more about Taylor, one of the most popular female ASMR creators on the platform, and ways in which you are able to connect with her beyond her youtube videos.

So, if you’re in need of some good night’s sleep then allow yourself to indulge in some of the best ASMR content on YouTube by heading on over to Darling’s channel tonight.