Who is ASMR Amy?

ASMR Amy is one of the most popular Germany creators on the YouTube platform and is probably within the top 10 best ASMR creators that we have within our little community on the internet.

She is easily up there with some of the best ASMR creators such as Madi ASMR and ASMR PPOMO ASMR.

ASMR Amy content style is around intense and personal ASMR, which can be too much for many people – although just like with every community, there are people who absolutely love this sort of thing.

So she’s definitely someone to check out if you’re looking for this sort of ASMR experience.

Although I personally don’t watch too many ASMR Amy videos, unless they are blowing up and are being recommended to me, she is certainly a popular choice for many people.

One of her main appeals is that she is obviously very attractive and as I’ve mentioned before with ASMR Glow, this can add to the visual ASMR one can receive from their ASMR videos.

Enough about her content though, let’s get to know her a little more so you can feel much more closer to someone that may help you get the ASMR tingles and much needed rest on a nightly basis.

ASMR Amy Videos

It should come to no surprise that ASMR Amy’s real name is in fact Amy!

What a crazy coincidence right?!

As far as her last name goes, I’ve done some digging and it turns out her last name is ‘Lefox’ which is indeed a pretty cool and unique name as far as surnames go.

Better than my last name anyway.

‘Smith’ is really quite uninteresting when compared to something like this…


How Old Is ASMR Amy?

To my knowledge, ASMR Amy is one of the eldest ASMR content creators we have within our little community on YouTube, though she isn’t even that old – we just have young creators in our little online space.

As of April 2020 when I’m writing this piece on Amy, she is currently 32 years old.

She will be 33 on the 6th of May, less than one month when I’m writing this!

If you’re reading this article at a later date, please double check her age for yourself as I haven’t found a good way of updating the creators’ ages automatically just yet.

Apologies for this, though I will make an effort to come and manually change it in the future.

Where Does Amy ASMR Live?

Amy was born and raised in Leipzig, Germany and has lived their ever since to the knowledge of our community.

Since she can speak English insanely well, which you can see throughout her many YouTube videos, it would come as no surprise to me if she decided to move to somewhere like the USA to further develop her career; perhaps collaborating with other ASMRtists like RaffyTaphyASMR or FrivolousFox ASMR.

How Much Does Amy ASMR Make?

ASMR Amy Microphone

In comparison to some of the bigger names within the community, Amy ASMR has a relatively small channel, so unlike someone such as Gibi ASMR who I’ve covered in this little ‘Who is?’ series, she will have not made nearly as much.

I’d imagine at this point in time, bearing in mind her channel has only been running since September 2018 – a really short period of time when it comes to a YouTube career – she will have made at least $100k assuming all of her videos up to now have been monetized.

This sum puts her on the same level as Madi ASMR, who has a similar channel size to her too – though their content is vastly different despite them being within the ASMR niche.

It has to be said, ASMY Amy runs a very successful Patreon page, where she posts way more than just ASMR – and I can imagine she will make a lot through this social platform alone.

However we look at it, ASMR Amy is doing just great for herself whilst helping others get the ASMR they are looking for.

Find ASMR Amy Elsewhere On The Web…

IIf you’re a fan of her YouTube content then perhaps you should go find the rest of the content she produces on her other social platforms.

Some of which relate to ASMR and other content she produces is within a completely different niche.

If you regularly watch her YouTube channel, I suggest you go to her other social platforms such so you can develop a closer relationship with her as I find this helps with the intimacy and trust which is involved in a simple ASMR video.

Which as I’ve spoken about before, will allow you to enjoy this experience much more.

Here are ASMR Amy’s Social Platforms:

Final Words

ASMR Amy is one of the fastest-growing ASMR creators in the community, she obviously helps many people with their sleeping troubles as well as getting these same people ASMR Tingles.

I don’t watch her to often, but she is clearly a talented person, who can really knock her for what she has done for the ASMR Amy brand in such a short amount of time.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something from this little article about Amy, and now feel a little closer to a content creator that may be whispering in your ears every night.

Sweet Dreams,