4 of the best VR ASMR videos for your tingly enjoyment

VR ASMR is one of the coolest styles of ASMR you can watch, thanks to the gaming industry which started the whole VR trend with the release of headsets.

Although, other industries are taken advantage of this type of viewing experience such as Soccer pundits, who use VR headsets to experience what a player could see at a particular minute in the game,

Or in the adult industry – as I’m sure most of you are aware of…

If you’re not, then just let your imagination take over and you can probably figure out how this type of viewing experience is used.

But we are not here to talk about that today, what we are going to focus on how the ASMR community is using VR to help their viewers experience their content in a new and tingly way.

Now I’m sure you’re all aware just how VR looks, even if you haven’t experienced it for yourself (as I haven’t) you can very easily imagine just how involved and quite personal the whole experience feels.

Since at the end of the day, you are transported to whatever world you wish to be in, in this case you might be in someone bedroom experience ASMR tingles right in front of your eyes.

This sort of involvement will help immensely with you being able to get ASMR tingles as we all know the one on one experience that comes with any sort of ASMR experience plays a big part in how much we enjoy it, how well we relax and if we are able to get the tingles or not.

Enough talking, let’s get into some of the best VR videos you can watch RIGHT NOW…

NOTE: These videos, in most cases, can be viewed and experienced without proper VR equipment as they still offer a unique viewing experience simply because of the 360-degree footage available.

Though this means it’s a little more interactive than other ASMR videos as you’ll have to move the camera around yourself.

1. VR ASMR Intense Ear Massage

For our first video, you will be able to experience a 180-degree video with your VR goggles and headset – or as I said in the note just above, your phone will work just fine but not nearly as good!

This video contains intense noises that can be both audible and visually triggering for your pleasure

The way it is shot for you is that you are almost just watching the ASMRtist do what she does best rather than putting you in a scenario where it feels like you are getting the work done to you personally.

I think this works fine as an ASMR VR video as there is a lot of visually pleasing triggers here, though I think she could have perhaps hidden the microphone and made it so that it feels like she is performing these sounds directly into your ear while being up close.

With that being said, if you usually like this style of ASMR, you’re going to enjoy it, even more, thanks to this VR experience from
ASMR Psychetruth.

2. ASMR VR Cooking

Now, this is the sort of stuff I’m looking for with ASMR, a full VR experience and since I feel there is probably a lot of overlap when it comes to people who play video games and those who enjoy ASMR videos – this is the perfect video to show you all.

In this video, you will experience someone using VR themselves to cook food in one of the many VR games available

The reason that this is a little different from the others that are on this list is that you don’t need any sort of VR equipment to enjoy the video, as the video itself has been recorded in VR – so you can almost get the same feeling.

Thought, I can imagine that this video is ten times better if you were to put your VR headset on as you will be able to experience exactly what ASMattR ASMR had experienced at the time of recording this.

If you’re someone who doesn’t take their ASMR to seriously since in this video Matt is pretending he is actually cooking and showing you things to help out with your cooking skills – which is obviously just for a bit of fun – then is the VR ASMR video for you.

3. VR ASMR Personal Attention

Now again, with this next video, you can easily experience it with just your phone but I assure you it will be far much better with a VR headset as this time It contains a 360 view of the ASMRtist performing plenty of triggers on you.

It has been filmed in a bedroom, which I think adds to the whole ASMR experience as bedrooms tend to be a calm and relaxing place for you till chill out.

In this ASMR Roleplay, you will be able to experience ASMR hairplay which I have spoke about many times before on this site; as its one of my favorite triggers of all time.

This type of video is very personal because you are being pampered by the creator, with one of them brushing your hair and the other applying your makeup – so a very personal attention experience overall.

And since its VR, this type of video feels even more personal than any of the other personal attention ASMR videos I have spoke about on this website – so if you’re an avid watcher of those, then I suggest playing this through your VR headset later tonight.

4. ASMR VR Gaming – Skyrim

Lastly on this list of VR ASMR content, I wanted to show you another gaming orientated ASMR video that I think many of you will enjoy – since as I said before I bet there is a lot of cross over when it comes to the gaming and ASMR communities.

I’m sure many of you have played Skyrim before, and they’re probably have been moments through your playthrough when you appreciate your surroundings and just find things so calming – right before you kill some bandits of course.

Well, have you had this experince within VR?

Most of us probably haven’t, because the VR equipment is so expensive for us to justify picking it up for personal use – but thankfully the video just above will allow you to experience all the awesome ASMR that is available for us to enjoy in Skyrim.

I have very fond memories of this game, so that alone just make me feel some form of comfort when I play or watch the game

But seeing someone operate Skyrim VR so calmy and doing a mundane task such as stocking the shelves, it really creates for a calming and relaxing experience.

Again, if you’re someone who enjoys gaming you’ll love this video.

And if you’re not into games, perhaps this video is worth watching anyone – you don’t need to be a gamer to appreciate the aesthetics and calm feeling of Skyrim.

Final thoughts on VR ASMR


There are plenty of VR ASMR videos uploaded every day, although not as often as other ASMR content I’ve covered, there is still a nice little niche of content you can find on YouTube if you’re wanting more of this sort of thing.

If you’re someone who’s watched a lot of ASMR, this type of ASMR, in particular, allows you to experience something which you have heard or seen many times in a new and interesting way.

Because of this, I’d advise giving any of these videos a watch before you drift off to sleep tonight.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sydney Smith.