Top 5 Visual ASMR videos to make you relaxed

Visual ASMR is by far my most favorite type of ASMR trigger – and I think its a pretty unique one to be triggered by since its obviously very different to any sound that you hear – if you this time of ASMR trigger, you’re probably into art (but that’s just an early theory of mine!).

ASMR visual triggers can be all types of things, hand movements, lighting, specific colors and from my own experience – a pretty face!

That’s right, call me shallow but sometimes the best ASMR for me is created by one of the many beautiful girls within the ASMR community since they’re visually pleasing to look at.

Along with whatever they are doing they are able to work their charm on me, so this is one of the visual ASMR triggers I experience.

Before we get into my top 5 visual ASMR trigger list, let’s get into a question that may still be on your mind, what is visual ASMR?

What is Visual ASMR?

visual asmr

You know when you’re watching something satisfying, whether that’s a guy painting or a Chinese worker working fast and precise on a task at hand on YouTube – this is the sort of thing you can find visually satisfying – and this satisfaction can be brought about by other visual ASMR triggers I mentioned a little bit above.

Things such as;

  • Hand Movements
  • Light Tracing (moving light around the screen)
  • Finger Tracing (usually tracing an object like a painting)
  • Specific colors on screen
  • And my personal favorite – an attractive face.

These are all things that have managed to trigger the ASMR visual stimulation within me but just like with audio ASMR, there could be many more triggers that could set this off for you – but as always, you just have to explore and see what you might like.

So there you have it, that’s what visual ASMR is fundamentally and how I bring about this sort of trigger when I’m looking to feel relaxed, sleepy or potentially get the ASMR tingles.

Top 5 Visual ASMR videos

If you’re wanting to find out if you’re affected by visual ASMR like I am, then I’m going to give you my top list of visual ASMR videos so that you can explore them and see if you too get the tingly ASMR feeling from them in a way not many people to my knowledge do.

1. Dark & Relaxing Hand Movements For Sleep

I legit think I’ve linked this video 3 times already on this blog but honestly, it’s just such a good video for anyone into visual ASMR triggers or anyone looking to discover this wonderfully underrated and underappreciated ASMR trigger.

Combining hand movements with the black and white background which is surprisingly visually triggering too along with some light whispering, this has all the makings of a great ASMR video and probably why it has over 2 million views.

This is the type of visual ASMR content I love to watch as it’s both soothing and hypnotizing; Gibi ASMR does such a great job at bringing many visual triggers into one video so that you can get the full effect of being relaxed and calm, allowing you to get your beauty sleep.

If you’re going to check out any video on this list, I’d make sure it is this one as it’s by far one of my top 5 favorite ASMR videos on YouTube of all time; and that’s saying something when you consider the amount of content I have watched.

2. Extremely Visual ASMR

You may or may not know by now my dislike for male ASMR, nothing to do with the creators, just their voices tend not to soothe me as a female would, so often I skip out on their content altogether – unless it’s absolutely hypnotizing, just like this video from JoJo’s ASMR.

Jojo’s voice is quite soothing in this video, I suspect because he doesn’t have the typical deep manly voice that other ASMRtists have, but I think that’s what makes this and perhaps some of his content so great – especially for people like me who exclusively watch female ASMRtists.

This video in particular heavily integrates visual and audible triggers together, which is a general theme with ASMR visual videos as if you can imagine, having an exclusively visual ASMR trigger video without would be super weird as everything would need to be silent.

3. ASMR Tracing Your Name

This is one of the more satisfying visual trigger videos out there on the internet, perhaps because if your name appears in this, its really great to hear your own name from one of your favorite ASMRtists.

Again, combining sounds and visuals within this video, as is standard.

But this time, unlike the last video, a lot of it is through the use of words and some mouth sounds – which is really relaxing and ensures that you aren’t going to be surprised by a sound they make since Frivi is not using any objects here.

I think name tracing is a very unappreciated ASMR visual trigger and I’d love to see more content like this from the ASMR community – unfortunately I doubt I’ll ever see my own name within one of these videos as it’s kind of unusual – as opposed to something like Amy or Jessica.

4. ASMR Light Tracing – Follow the light

(can’t seem to embed the link so just click it above^^^)

As I’ve mentioned above this is one of the typical visual triggers; and one of my favorites.

Following the light can be quite hypnotizing, especially if you’ve got some negative thoughts on your mind you want to forget, concentrating on something else like a light in a video can allow you to do this.

Again combining words with visual triggers, a lot of it is instructional which is also an audible trigger within itself because its a little more interactive and feels that much more personal as you’re being told what to do.

Overall, a relaxing video that would be great to explore if you’re interested in this sort of visual trigger.

Although probably not one I’d recommend falling asleep too (if that’s even possible) since the majority of the trigger is based on the light Gibi ASMR is using here – but more than certainly this video will be effective for anyone looking to destress and feel calm after a long day.

5. ASMR Reiki Healing – Heavy ASMR visual trigger

ASMR pulling or ASMR reiki is by far one of the most popular types of visual triggers all throughout the ASMR community – and for good reason.

It includes plenty of hand movements and usually a lot of talking – in an instructive fashion which seems to be popular.

But also it is usually done through some form of RP as you can see in the above video – and the roleplay usually consists of the creator plucking away your stresses and anxieties which can be super helpful after a stressful day.

I especially watch these videos if I feel a lot of anxiety or I’m feeling a little depressed about something as it seems to help, for a short amount of time, to get rid of these feelings I have been having which would otherwise disable me from getting any sleep.

Final Words

Overall, visual ASMR is another great thing to explore if you’re interested in finding something new to enjoy alongside your nightly ASMR content you already watch

Since it’s not typically thought of when you think of traditional ASMR on YouTube you could even find another way of getting ASMR tingles, personally I’ve always found it effective in the way of getting sleep and sometimes ASMR tingles too.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams,