Top 8 Best ASMR videos for sleep

So, you’re snuggled up under your favorite blanket, perhaps with a hot drink in hand and your ASMR headphones plugged in.

It’s been a stressful day at work or school and you just want to drift off with some relaxing sounds playing in your ears so that you can get some well-deserved sleep.

This is a typical scenario for me; almost every night.

And when I’m not exploring ASMR – trying to find something new.

I find myself going back to the same videos that I know for certain are going to work their ASMR magic on me and allow me to drift off to sleep.

Because of this, I thought I’d share with you my Top 8 Best ASMR videos for sleep that I will always play (not all of them) if I’m looking to get some sleep within the next half an hour or so.

In no particular order, here are the Top 8 Best ASMR Videos for Sleep.

Oh and if you’re unsure of whether or not these videos can help, go check out this article; Does ASMR Help You Sleep? which gives you some insight as to how these types of videos can help.

1.Gibi ASMR – ASMR Hand Movements

Andddddd since I had to go grab the video to link it, I’m listening to it again 🙂

TIP: The best bit starts at 10:25 – I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS PART OF THE VIDEO!!!

I absolutely love this video by Gibi ASMR.

I think black and white videos are awesome for putting you to sleep, mainly because the images arent to harsh on your eyes but also everything looks so smooth (because of the small color pallet)

So they’re more visually satisfying than anything else I seem to come across.

Also, I’m not sure if anyone talks about this but black and white hand movement videos are just as good when you shoot your eyes.

Because you can sort of see where the creator’s hands moving across your ‘face’; as if they were rubbing your eyes or something like that – It’s hard to explain without watching; so go check out the Top 8 Best ASMR videos for sleep playlist so you know I’m not going crazy

2. itsblitzzz – ASMR Head Massage

I feel like the reason a lot of these ASMR creators (known as ASMRrtists in the community) are wildly popular is that they are all beautiful.

Seriously, they all look like models. (I’m soooo not jealous or anything…)

But I think this actually adds to the experience – making the ASMR ‘work’ better.

Hear me out.

We all love looking at the beauty, no matter what our preferences are, whether that’s at a beautiful model in a magazine or a piece of stunning art at a museum.

I feel like ASMR is no different from this sort of preference.

Especially for an experience that is SO SO SO personal, it would make sense to me that videos such as these work even better when the person featuring in it is particularly attractive.

And this is why I’ve included this video in my list.

Also, this channel isn’t a place I wouldn’t usually go to watch videos (since they’re not dedicated to creating solely this type of content)

But after seeing this video I do find myself watching more of itsblitzzz videos whenever they come up on my feed even if they’re nothing to do with ASMR.

3. Goodnight Moon – Weird Personal Attention ASMR.

This one’s a little funky but still one of my favorites.

Goodnight Moon is super adorable so this type of video suits her very well.

The title is a little different and probably not as descriptive but it gets the job done. The ASMR is certainly weird.

It’s sort of a take on the personal attention ASMR trigger (the one I’m in love with) and Erin (Goodnight Moon) puts her own goofy spin on it, just like with everything she does.

It’s one of my go to’s since her silliness somehow always puts me in a happy mood – which is a great way for me to feel a lot less serious and in turn allows me to destress almost immediately.

If you’re looking for something a little quirky, this video and Goodnight Moon will be right up your ally.

4. Goodnight Moon – Rain ASMR – Rambles in the Rain

I think this was the very first video I ever seen from Erin, and since we’re on the topic of her already, I thought I’d include it.

This is another sort of personal attention video, that’s a little different from the ones you’re typically going to find on YouTube since it includes natural weather and a beautiful outdoor setting.

If I had to choose a single video to explain who Goodnight moon is, this would be the video.

This is top tier Goodnight Moon content.

Anyway enough gushing over her.

The reason this is one of the go toos, is well, who the heck doesn’t love the pitter-patter sounds of rain?


Get this on your best ASMR videos for sleep playlist if you really want to drift off to sleep whilst having Erin be a goofball in your ear all night long.

5. ASMR Glow – ASMR Scratching – Mic Scratching

People scratching on mic covers was the first time I was ever exposed to the content that is ASMR.

If you have a really good pair of ASMR headphones, as I do, it almost feels like the creator is scratching your brain.

Seriously, you’ve got to try these sort of mic scratching videos more often if you don’t.

ASMR is always super weird when you first start listening to it but then you get used to it after a while – but by far the best experience is listening to someone like ASMR Glow scratch away at fluffy mic covers with a little bit of rambling thrown into the mix to create a great sleepy experience.

Overall a super simple video that always makes for the perfect background noise when trying to sleep; especially because there is minimal talking (but just enough so you don’t feel completely alone).

Talking in videos doesn’t bother me, I prefer more talking but sometimes a video like this that favors scratching noises over rambling is perfect depending on the day I’ve had.

ASMR Brian massages will forever be a part of my Best ASMR videos for sleep…

6. FrivolousFox ASMR Collarbone Tapping

I think this one is really for a specific taste.

And is probably very specific to me but I wanted to include it in case you just didn’t know this existed.

Collarbone Tingles.

That’s right, FrivolousFox ASMR has a great video on collarbone tapping which always gives me tingles.

I think this has something to do with the fact that collarbones are one of the most attractive parts of the human body (to me) other than ears.

So this could explain my preference for such a video.

However, in combination with some light talking, I feel like this video can be great for anyone if you just give it a chance.

Although ASMR is usually heavily audible based, this type of video for me is purely enjoyed based on aesthetics and the visuals of Frivi touching her collarbone are what (for some strange reason) makes me super comfortable and calm.

7. Gibi ASMR – Devilish Triggers

This one’s a little unusual – since you’re usually going to be confronted with ‘friendly ASMR’ when you’re watching on YouTube.

I mean, this video is pretty harmless but theres something mesmerizing about the sort of playful attitude Gibi uses here.

As if she can’t be F’d to do the ASMR but is doing it anyway (for the enjoyment of the viewer)

Overall a unique video filled with very simple triggers that do the job in getting you to a sleepy state(despite the fact it’s very hard to take your eyes off this devilish Gibi.)

And since it’s around Haloween time I’m writing this piece, I’m probably going to be rewatching it a tone over the next couple of days.

Although, no matter the time of year your reading this article, this should definitely be on your nighttime ASMR playlist!

8. Anil Çakmak – ASMR Turkish Barber Massage

And to finish off the Best ASMR videos for sleep – let’s show you, someone, you might not have had the pleasure of watching yet.

Anil Cakmak is like no other ASMRartist that I feature on this list.

For one he is male (although I have nothing against male ASMR creators, females tend to have a gentler voice which allow their ASMR to ‘work better’ on me.

And the second reason why is that it’s from a barbers’ perspective rather than someone sat directly in front of the camera like the other videos on this list.

You can almost feel the ASMR if you imagine yourself as his client which is pretty trippy (sometimes I can feel as if he is touching my ears when he touches theres – weird I know…)

ASMR Anil Cakmak TV Is super high energy, which makes him very enjoyable to watch even if you’re not trying to get to sleep.

But just watching his client drift off will make you do the same; it works on me every time and that is why it’s on my list.

Summary of my Top 8 Best ASMR videos for sleep

best ASMR videos for sleep

To summarise this list of the best ASMR videos for sleep; these are all my go-to videos when I’m looking to get a good night’s sleep.

Here are the Top 8 Best ASMR videos for sleep playlist if you’re interested

I wouldn’t listen to them all together because they are all very different but I would tend to choose from this list if I was in desperate need of a good night’s sleep.

I hope with my help, you can now find your new favorite ASMR video for sleep and at the very least I might have introduced you to a new creator that you haven’t allowed to work their magic on you before.

Sweet Dreams