6 of the best soft ASMR videos for bedtime

I believe there are two categories that you can put ASMR triggers in, within other smaller niche down categories of course.

That would have to be soft ASMR and intense ASMR, I have spoken about the later previously on this blog – check out my intense ASMR article here.

Obviously, there are varying levels between the two, some ASMR triggers are intense and others are so much more intense that they are not even comparable.

But I believe all triggers can be pinned within one of these categories.

Depending on who you ask of course, since we all like different types of ASMR, just like we all have our favorite pizza toppings.

Today I want to talk about the types of soft ASMR you can find online to help put you into a better headspace and hopefully into a hypnotizing state where you can get the sleep or mental rest you need.

These triggers are by far the best ones to fall asleep too, as I believe intense ASMR is for more entertainment purposes.

Although that is objective, again depending on who you ask.

If you’re interested in learning about some of the types of soft ASMR the creators in the community have come up with, then feel free to keep on reading.

Hopefully, you can find a video or at least a trigger that you are able to put on your sleepy playlist for us tonight.

1. Slow & Gentle ASMR Triggers

You’ll notice in this video, everything that Glow does, whether it’s tapping, scratching or just chatting into one of the microphones she has – is done at a slow pace.

And this is deliberate so that she can create soft ASMR that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with harsh noises or fast-paced sounds.

This video doesn’t really have a main focus meaning that there are lots of objects and sounds throughout this video that you may or may not like, the main focal point is the slow ASMR aspect – regardless of what she is using to create these slow ASMR sounds.

But since they all include this slow ASMR technique, they all blend together very well and overall I feel like this can be a video enjoyed by anyone who is looking for some soft ASMR – but are not sure what they specifically want to listen to.

As you can imagine, this is the type of ASMR video you could easily fall asleep to since the ASMR sounds and ASMR triggers are so gentle and welcoming to the ears.

Before we move on, I’d like to also pull your attention to the visual ASMR in this video, although there aren’t any hand movements, just the background and the lighting ASMR Glow has used here really sets up a comfy experience.

2. Slow & Calm ASMR

soft ASMR created by Gibi ASMR

There’s just something about the blue light Gibi has setup here that creates such a calming feel, which obviously makes this another great soft ASMR video already – hence why its on the list.

As soon as it gets started, Gibi is already creating soft ASMR with her hands as well as with her voice.

These things really set up the video and highlight what will be going out throughout the rest of the 35 minutes left to play.

Similar to the last video I linked in this list, this one has no real identity, there is plenty of different triggers that have been included here to create the soft, slow and calm feeling which you will get from watching.

Again, I feel as though they all complement each other in their own way so it can easily be enjoyed by anyone who just wants to relax.

Whether that’s falling asleep or you just want some stress relief after a hard day of life.

Although the video is never described as ‘soft’ you can clearly see why I’ve put it on this list, since all the ASMR triggers are slow and deliberate which creates some soft noises in your ears.

3. Soft ASMR Ear Eating

Perhaps this is a slight curveball and probably one you wouldn’t expect on this list, as generally, ASMR mouth sounds like ear eating would never be considered to be soft.

But I feel that’s because the general technique of this ASMR trigger is pretty sporadic and because mouth sounds are unpredictable, you can make all sorts of noises with your mouth whether you mean to or not.

And this usually creates an uncomfortable experience for many, unless you’re really into the wet noises of someone’s mouth.

But the reason I’m going to add this video to the list is that FrivilousFox ASMR – aka the Queen of Mouth sounds – has performed this trigger with a more deliberate and well-intentioned attitude.

Instead of just creating the noises and going right ahead with the ear eating on the 3DIO, she is clearly thinking about what she is doing every time her mouth moves.

This creates for a soft – although slightly more sensitive – ASMR experience.

Which I think can be enjoyed by many people, though admittedly if you never really liked mouth sounds, you probably won’t find this video anymore enjoyable than previous fast-paced ones.

If you’re someone who enjoys mouth sounds though but feels like they can be more distracting as you drift off to sleep – then I encourage you to give this video a try.

Frivi has really done well to bring this harsh and intense trigger to a somewhat soft and calming level.

4. Slow & Soft ASMR Hand Movements

Combining soft and slow whispers with some equally slow and soft hand movements, Juliet Says ASMR has created another great soft ASMR video that fits perfectly on this list.

If you’ve read anything on this website, you’ll know I absolutely love visual ASMR, whether its hand movements or just a beautiful background in combination with lighting.

So with this, the ASMR soft and slow hand movements video is certainly a great addition to the list and one that many people who love visual ASMR as much as I do will certainly want to watch.

Of course, the trouble is with these types of videos is that you have to keep your eyes open to enjoy the ASMR so it isn’t too great to go to sleep to – but I guess you can watch until you fall asleep!

5. ASMR Soft Sensitive Triggers

Here is another sensitive trigger video that I think fits perfectly within the soft ASMR categories as just like what Frivi has done with ASMR ear eating, which is usually a harsh trigger.

ASMR Glow has taken ASMR mouth sounds and made them much more delicate and soft – so that you can enjoy them even if you’re someone who originally dislikes this type of ASMR.

A lot of the triggers in this video are indescribable since they’re just random noises which she is creating but I think they fit perfectly within the soft ASMR category and overall this is another great video that should certainly be on your watch list.

Especially if you’re wanting to listen to ASMR that’s a little different from the normal tapping and scratching slowly on objects.

6. Soft Personal Attention Session

To finish off this list I’d like to keep up with the sort of hand movements theme – although in this case its lens brushes which are very similar to hand movements.

This action alone is a very personal experience but with some light rambling over the top, delicate ASMR has created a superb video for anyone looking not only for some stress relief but also needs a bit of personal attention.

Even if it is some rambling pretty much nonsense into a camera, I have always found this video to be super soothing and relaxing which can provide me with the personal attention I may not have had in a while thanks to daily life.

Final Thoughts

Soft ASMR is probably favored by a majority of the ASMR community over its intense counterpart.

Typically because you can fall asleep to this type of ASMR much easier as its less distracting and serves more like background noise.

Which can be super useful after a long and stressful day at work or school.

So, if you’re in need of some sleep tonight and you want some soothing background noise that will also make for a calming and relaxing experience, then stick on any of these videos from the list.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams,