Is ASMR Good For you?

If you were to ask me and me alone “Is ASMR good for you?” my response would be an undoubted yes.

If you’re unsure what the heck ASMR is, check out my “What is ASMR?” article that I’ve published previously on this site.

It has both mental and physical health benefits that can completely turn a real crappy day into one that can be enjoyed, and at the very least at the end of such a day put you into a relaxing and calming mood so you can get the beauty sleep you deserve.

There is not much of a scientific study when it comes to ASMR, since its a fairly new phenomenon (despite the fact that it has probably been around since the dawn of time, way before the internet) so there is no hard evidence that it actually does anything to the body or mind – whether that’s healthy or unhealthy.

However from over 2 years of use, and a large almost cult following on the internet, ASMR has helped a lot of people, including myself, get the sleep they deserve and lifting away any negative mental thoughts.

All from simply watching someone makes noise into a microphone on the internet; crazy right.

Let’s get into some of the benefits I have found since using ASMR for nearly over 2 years now – so hopefully by the end of it, you can see why there are so many people obsessed with ASMR online today.

ASMR allows you to sleep better

is asmr good for you

I have found that I am getting much better sleep since using ASMR, even if I don’t get the ASMR tingles I and everyone in the community talk about.

Just the combination of light sounds, personal attention, and dark backgrounds combined, I find myself easily checking out of the real world and into dreamland after about 15 minutes to 20 minutes of watching some of my favorite ASMR videos.

I suspect this is because ASMR videos allow you to clear your brain of all the negative thoughts, focusing on the creator and the sounds that are being played in your ear so much you almost forget any worries or stresses you had before you clicked on the video.

With that being said, ASMR is a great tool for sleep but you can become dependant on it, just like sleeping pills.

So I regular have an ASMR detox on a specific day of the week which allows my body from getting to use to it; by far these days I find myself struggling to get to sleep at a healthy time; which just shows how good ASMR is for allowing us to get the beauty sleep we all need to survive.

ASMR Improves Mental State

As I’ve just touched on, ASMR sort of hypnotizes you from any negative thoughts you may have been having previously; whether that’s stresses, anxieties or negative thoughts of yourself or someone else.

Thanks to this, you almost get tricked into a better mental state which not only allows for better sleep but it can also impact day to day life too.

If I watch an ASMR video after work, I generally feel more relaxed and less stressed so that I can enjoy the rest of my day doing whatever it may be.

I am no expert on mental health but I do have issues of my own, just as depression and anxiety and I can confidently say ASMR has worked for me in the way of bringing these feelings down to a minimum so at the very least I can get some rest.

But furthermore, it helps me to do things I wouldn’t usually want to do – especially after watching personal attention ASMR which reminds me everything is going to be okay – giving me that extra boost to do something I’m stupidly worrying about.

These are usually topics of interest when someone asks me Is ASMR good for you?

However, there is another one worth mentioning…

ASMR fills a social void

asmr fills a social void

Although it does not completely replace social interaction; and I don’t think it should be the ultimate answer to the lack of socialization in your life.

It does help to fill that sort of whole if you’re going through a bad patch of loneliness in your life; whether that’s due to mental health issues stopping you from interacting with friends and family or because you’ve just got a busy spell at work or school that leaves no time for you to hang around the people you love.

The one on one interaction I talk about so much on this blog allows you to fill a social void wonderfully – and surprisingly since its a prerecorded video broadcasted to thousands of people.

Overall I think this is another great benefit of ASMR and one that I would say is good as long as you don’t use it to replace proper socialization in your life.

This is probably one of the only good things I can see becoming bad if anyone were to ask me Is ASMR good for you?

I would have to hesitate at this point but in an ideal world where you manage everything perfectly, as long as you were aware that this can not fill the ultimate social void in your life – I think it is okay to use it for this now and again – especially if you’re going through a mental bad patch.

Final Words on Is ASMR Good For You?

is asmr good for you

So, Is ASMR good for you?

Ultimately, I think so – and maybe you now agree from my personal feedback.

But that’s from a biased view as I have been using it for 2 years and can see all the benefits which it has had on me.

It really works to get my head in the right mental state, whether that’s for sleep or to carry on for the rest of my day.

If you’re looking to get into ASMR yourself and don’t want to fumble around trying to find something you might like; check out my blog on the best ASMR triggers for sleep here.

As always,

Thanks for reading.