Is ASMR a Kink?

People outside of the community always ask me, Is ASMR a Kink?

Generally, ASMR is not seen to be any form as a kink, since the sensation that comes with it is a non-sexual one.

However, I can see the assumption that it does seem kinky and you can absolutely be kinked by everything in general; such as girls with ponytails or guys with abs – anything and everything can be a kink and we should not disclude ASMR from this as its initial purpose is not to be sexual.

There IS sexual ASMR on the internet however, even in places like YouTube you can find this type of ASMR.

I have come across it myself and watch it a bit out of interest so I can see why people within and outside of the community can come to this sort of conclusion.

Not surprisingly ‘ASMR Videos’ do also exist on-site like Pornhub and Redtube; creators taking this phenomenon to a sexual level will is completely understandable if you think about it.

You could easily swap outside of licking ears to licking something else…

So intentionally, no ASMR is not a kink – or it is not meant to be one at least.

But I can see as to why it COULD be considered one; ASMR is a very personal experience just like sex – I can see why people may become aroused by certain videos, especially if they lack this sort of connection with some else in there life, this could become a replacement and transform such a habit into a kink of its own.

Lewd Content On YouTube

There is by far plenty of ‘Lewd’ content on YouTube; particularly made for men, which is well pretty obvious when you see the contents of the video.

Now I can respect the hustle; generally girls – as they’re just trying to make a living for themselves and why wouldn’t you spend your time making sex noises into the microphone to get some money?

The only ridiculous part about it all is that how are these channels even surviving on a platform like YouTube, especially with their recent crackdowns on everything this year; demonetizing and such.

You’d of thought they’d have caught on to these channels by now and removed them from the platform completely.

And if you’re a view of these channels, we’ll you’ll just have to go to the same source you were always going to before they started cropping up on YouTube.

Your favorite adultery site.

Lewd Videos

Since we’re on the topic, I thought it might be informative to link you to some of the videos on YouTube that are explicitly Lewd if you haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of viewing them yet.

There is no real order, so I’m just going to link the ones I’ve seen over the past 2 years being on the platform and maybe you’ll like what you see; if so then at least I’ve found your new favorite ASMR for you to watch and get some ‘sleep’ too ;).

I have no idea how this sort of stuff can even survive on YouTube let alone get pushed through the algorithm (over 75k views as of writing this!!)

In fact, this channel dedicates its whole existence to creating this type of content, lewd is even in the channel’s name.

You’d of thought she’d have been caught out by now and her videos to be deleted, but I guess not…

Another channel dedicated to LEWD ASMR but one that is far more known than the previous channel I have linked just above the video – and another instance where I just don’t understand how these sorts of channels can exist for so long on YouTube.

Crazy to think that these channels are even about, the thumbnail alone should get it caught through algorithm but I guess there are just people at YouTube that like this sort of thing.

I haven’t actually watched these videos so I can really tell you what will happen but I’m sure it’ll be a nice surprise if you go ahead and check them out yourself.

Just make sure no one is around…

Final Words: Is ASMR a Kink?

is ASMR a kink?

ASMR ultimately is not initially made for people to be kinked by it, but I can see why it could possibly be a thing; just like almost any kink can exist from anything.

And with this being said there is absolutely a market for it when ASMR like this exists on YouTube.