3 Crunchy Ice Eating ASMR videos for your enjoyment

This is a variation on the popular and sensitive ASMR eating trigger that you’re no doubt familiar with.

Ice eating ASMR is one of the more popular eating triggers from the community – and is one I’m going to specifically talk about today.

I’d imagine this is because it creates ASMR sounds as well as some great visuals, depending on what the creators choose to eat.

Since the sounds are practically the same throughout all of the videos, although the creators can make things a lot less harsh depending on how close they are to the microphone.

Because as you can imagine, just like with any eating ASMR trigger, ice eating ASMR creates wet sounds which a lot of people find uncomfortable.

These harsh noises are perfect if you’re looking to get ASMR tingles in my opinion, as the unusually harsh noises just work better at giving tingles – or so I’ve found.

Some people like listening to these noises whilst trying to get to sleep, but they usually keep me wide awake because of their loudness.

Although of course, this is down to your preference, I’m just here recommending what I feel like you should use these ASMR ice eating videos for.

Anyway, now we know a little bit about what is in store, let’s get into some of my favorite ASMR ice eating videos that satisfy both the ears and the eyes.

1. ASMR Ice Eating – Crunchy and Soft

A lot of the satisfaction ion these videos for me personally is the way the ASMRtist sets up the food or in this case the ice, in the camera view.

This first one is just visually pleasing due to the colors used and the way things are laid out – this may seem a little strange but the little things matter when it comes to ASMR.

Things like this just really set off the tingles in my scalp when I see something so visually pleasing.

A perfect example of the ice eating ASMR trigger is the video linked above – as it contains soft and hard ice crunching, which then creates a variety of sounds.

I actually don’t mind ASMR crunching although you’d think it would be too harsh – it’s far more pleasing than soft slurpy noises from other foods like a honeycomb.

But if you’re into more wet noises, then check out my short blog post about the honeycomb ASMR trigger.

Since there is no talking in this video, you could easily listen to something like this if you’re looking to get some sleep – but I think you’ll miss out on the visual ASMR if you do this.

I believe a lot of the enjoyment comes from watching people eat in these types of triggers – but perhaps that’s just me.

2. Ice Eating Compilation

If you’re looking to watch till the end rather than putting something on so you can close your eyes and get to sleep.

Because you just want to let the visual ASMR put you into a relaxed and satisfied mood, then this next video will be for you.

Combining many different ice eating videos into one, this compilation video will certainly work wonders on you if you want to distract yourself from your negative thoughts for just a couple of minutes.

With plenty of bright colors throughout this video that make up the ice that the creator eats, you will no doubt find it visually pleasing.

Although it isn’t just ice eating since ASMR it focuses on the visuals from creating the ice itself – as you’ll see in the video when you watch it.

It is still a great example of the ASMR ice eating trigger and one that I think many of you will enjoy.

3. Colorful Ice Eating ASMR

Another visually pleasing and one that is also great on your ears is this ice eating ASMR video which features plenty of crunching noises and bright colors.

This one is from Minee Eats, if you guys want to check out her YouTube channel.

The best way to enjoy this video is by watching it all the way through from start to finish.

I dislike putting these videos on and closing my eyes because you just miss out on most of the enjoyment in my opinion.

Although if you like ASMR crunching and really need some sleep, you could, in fact, turn over and get the beauty sleep you need whilst allowing this video to play in your eyes.

At the end of the day, ASMR is about experimenting and finding out what is going to work for you – depending on what you’re looking for.

If you want to get distracted from the negatives of the day, then I’d recommend watching it and paying attention.

If you just want some tingly noises playing in your ears whilst you get some shut-eye, then make sure you’ve got your headphones of choice on, and get that beauty sleep, my Kings and Queens.

Final Thoughts

ASMR ice eating

Ice eating ASMR is another unique but awesome trigger if you love both ASMR sounds and ASMR visuals as this type of content can easily provide that.

Although you’re going to hear a lot of ASMR crunching throughout, it never seems too harsh in my opinion, and I feel like this allows many different people in the community to come to enjoy this ASMR trigger.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams,