“I don’t get tingles from ASMR” – 4 Steps To Finally Get Tingles

“I don’t get tingles from ASMR” – this exact question pops up so much throughout all of the ASMR content online.

Whether that’s in a creators YouTube video; and entire thread dedicated to the problem on Reddit or as a question proposed on another site such as quora.

It’s very underwhelming and frustrating to find that you haven’t got your first tingle experience yet; especially when its something the entire community talks about in every comment section of every ASMR published on YouTube.

But due to the lack of ASMR tingles heavily throughout the ASMR community, together we have found many ways of answering the question “why don’t I get tingles from ASMR” and solving the issues of “I don’t get tingles from ASMR”

So if you take the steps into account and follow them closely…

I have no doubt you can be cured of your ASMR immunity too.

If you’ve already experienced the tingly sensation before but you have since recently lost the ability to bring about the euphoric feeling; I suggest you go check out my article on How to Get your ASMR tingles back as this advice is much more actionable for you.

Mindset – Welcome the experience

This is the first step in converting you from one of those people that states online “I don’t get tingles from ASMR”.

With ASMR, you have to be in the comfortable mood the videos are trying to get you in so that you can get this wonderful experience. I believe if even you’re a slight bit stressed or have negative thoughts in your head; then you will have no chance of getting the tingles.

Let the sooth sounds and the dark backgrounds of any video you watch on YouTube to wash over you and allow yourself to be controlled by them.

Give all of your power to the creator and allow them to get you into that comfy, relaxing and sleepy mood every view wants to be in when they click on one of their videos.

Getting an experience such as this means that you need to be in a state ready to receive your tingles; so just be mindful of how you’re currently feeling – if you’re feeling relaxed then great, just keep enjoying the content.

Don’t think about “Oh man I wonder if this time I’ll get the tingles”.

Just let the video works its magic on you in the way of putting you to sleep and the ASMR tingles will brush your scalp and move down to the lower part of your neck when you least expect it.

Be in a comfortable environment

The environment is equally as important as your mindset in getting you to change your statement from “I don’t get tingles from ASMR” to “I GET ASMR from tingles” since it will directly impact how you’re going to feel; so this too needs to be in order before you even get to the relaxing point.

Everyone listens to ASMR differently, but I’d recommend getting into bed and laying down – perhaps putting a warm blanket over you to give you extra comfiness so that you are more than prepared for a sleepy experience.

If you find candles relaxing, I’d recommend lighting one – though you would need to stay awake after your tingly experience to blow it out but that’s up to you.

I just find candles help me get into the mood so I usually light one and blow it out before I actually want to go to sleep.

Ensuring you are also in a quiet environment will allow you to take in the full experience, but this should already be solved with a pair of SleepPhones feeding you the ASMR sounds and intern blocking out any background noise.

Speaking of the device you use to listen to ASMR, let’s get into that a little more next.

Use Wireless SleepPhones

SleepPhones are by far the best thing I’ve used when listening to ASMR.

I can’t even begin to articulate how much of an impact they have made to the amount of sleep I get on a night and how immersed I feel when listening to ASMR;

The more immersed you are the more likely you are to get ASMR tingles.

Get your pair of Wireless SleepPhones here.

Although if you’re just getting into ASMR, I understand if you don’t want to put a slight hole in your wallet for product straight away but you will have absolutely no regrets if you do.

The main reason is that Wireless Sleephones are not exclusive to ASMR, you can use them for whatever you like; so if you listen to music on nighttime then there a worthy investment for this alone.

You will probably already know the pain of wearing bulky headphones that don’t allow you to sleep on your side or a pair of earphones that do allow you to sleep on your side but just irritate the insides of your ears all night long.

You have to take off both of these before you get to sleep; which is a little annoying as you don’t get to fall asleep to your favorite sounds.

However, with a pair of Wireless Sleephones, this problem will be averted, allowing you to peacefully sleep however you want whilst feeding your brain the beautiful sounds of your favorite ASMR video.

Experiment with different sounds

 i don't get tingles from asmr

Even if you have all the 3 previous steps in check and you have your Wireless SleepPhones ready to give you tingles; it might not necessarily work.

This is because we all react differently to sounds, and a sound that may work for me in the way of getting ASMR tingles will not necessarily work for you.

So it takes a lot of experimenting with your different sounds and creators to finally found something that sets the tingly sensation in your brain off.

There can be a catalog of different ASMR sounds to choose from, such as:

If you want to learn about the many ways ASMR can be the many variants of triggers that can be heard to set off the tingly sensation in your scalp then I suggest you check out the Top 9 ASMR Triggers for Sleep which compiles all of the best triggers into one place.

Final Words on “I don’t get tingles from ASMR”

Hopefully, if you put all these things we’ve discussed into action, you won’t be one of those people that preaches “I don’t get tingles from ASMR” on every piece of content online.

Instead, you can join me and the majority of the community that gets great sleep and some extraordinary tingles from their favorite ASMR sounds and creators.