How To Get Your ASMR Tingles Back – 3 Steps To Cure Tingle Immunity

Don’t panic!

I’m here to help you learn how to get your ASMR tingles back!

If you have no idea what ASMR tingles are, then learn about them here: How To Get ASMR Tingles Tonight

The tingling sensation you get from ASMR is like no other feeling – especially when it gets triggered unexpectedly through the day to day life experiences — whether that’s from getting your hair shampooed at the salon or whispering with a loved one at night.

There’s just nothing quite like it.

The problem is then when you just can’t seem to get that feeling anymore.

Something in the community we call/refer to as ‘tingle immunity’ or ‘ASMR immunity’.

Whether it’s due to overuse of ASMR videos or you perhaps you’ve never experienced it before and you want to know why and how you can get those feelings.

And if you’re addicted as I am (and many others in our community) to the tingle sensation it can be very annoying and frustrating to not have this response anymore; even when we watch our personal favorite videos that usually would work their magic on us in the past.

Just note; tingle immunity or ASMR immunity is completely normal – there is nothing wrong with you!

I’d imagine that everyone that uses ASMR has been through this at one point in time whilst using ASMR for relaxation or sleep; so you’re not alone.

Thanks to this, there are a couple of ways we have found within the community that may help you cure your ASMR immunity and allow you to finally get the tingles back – or allow you to experience them for the very first time if you haven’t done so yet.

How To Get Your ASMR Tingles Back – 3 Things That Have Worked For Me

There are a couple of ways, 3 in fact, I have found (and tried) within the community that may help you cure your ASMR immunity and allow you to figure out how to get your ASMR tingles back – or allow you to experience them for the very first time if you haven’t done so yet.

Try An ASMR Detox

How To Get Your ASMR Tingles Back

The first tip on how to get your ASMR tingles back is by doing an ASMR detox; similar to detox of fast food or alcohol.

This might seem a little extreme in any case, but in my opinion, the best way to overcome an addiction (and yes I believe ASMR can and is an addiction if your tingles are gone) is to cut it out completely…

Going cold turkey could be the answer.

For now at least.

Your brain almost becomes accustomed to the sounds that you’re listening to every night before bed, with this in mind, you subconsciously already expecting the sounds to happen – they are not a surprise to you anymore.

And I feel like this is where the ASMR response is usually found – in these unexpected events.

It’s the same reason why people pump out so much ASMR content each day; looking beyond growing their channels for this one – but the very reason for this is to keep things fresh and to get the ASMR ‘working’ for their viewers over and over again.

If you had to subject yourself to the same videos every day, the effects would not nearly be as good as if you were watching something new every day.

Although sometimes the same old content can work just as well but this is typically because you are watching other things in the middle of this and THEN going back to your old favorites.

Think about it like this; imagine if you didn’t listen to music for a whole week – your life would no doubt be very, very different.

Perhaps you would appreciate your favorite songs more after a week away from them.

This is the case with ASMR, give it at least a week if you seriously want the tingles to grace your life once again and I promise you, you will get them with time.

If a week doesn’t seem to be enough for you to cure your ASMR immunity, then I’d recommend giving it 2 weeks or even a month before you try anything else on this list.

Don’t forget; ASMR affects everybody in different ways.

Not only is the feeling marginally unique to us (although plenty of us feel it in the same area) but the sounds that we enjoy are very different from person to person.

It would be no surprise to learn that ASMR immunity or tingle immunity would affect everyone in the community differently too.

Try Some Different ASMR

The second thing I would recommend doing if you’re wondering how to get your ASMR tingles back is to try something new; whether that’s a new set of triggers or even just a new ASMRrtist.

Perhaps you just haven’t found what makes you get triggered yet and if you have, your ears and your brain have already come accustomed to the sound; so it just doesn’t affect you in the same way.

Look at it like this; do you remember your first experience with ASMR?

I do.

It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life, it felt pretty strange to have someone so close into my ear without anyone actually being there.

I can never get that experience back ever as I already know what to expect to some degree – even if I do watch a brand new video.

If you always watch personal attention videos, perhaps its time to dive into another type of ASMR – If this is exactly what you watch then I’d recommend watching/listening to something like unintentional ASMR since it has a level of personal attention but you can still experience something new…

And something unexpected – which might be just what your ears and your brain needs to feel that triggering feeling once again.

I think this is the most important factor if you’re wondering how to get your ASMR tingles back.

Change the way you listen

ASMR is fine on its own, but it can heavily rely on your surroundings.

The next thing I want to talk about in this “How To Get Your ASMR Tingles Back” article is the way in which we may listen to ASMR.

What I mean by this is that you need to set the mood, you need to be in the right frame of mind to get the tingles – ASMR can only do so much for you.

If you’re someone that listens to ASMR whilst sat up on a computer or laptop, why not get cozy in your bed with a blanket, perhaps even have a hot chocolate beforehand so you can truly get into that sleeping mood.

If you’ve already got a favorable nightly routine when listening to ASMR and you don’t feel like changing anything in terms of your surroundings or how you sit/lay when listening why not change the output device you’re using.

Since ASMR is heavily audible (which is favored by almost everybody if you compare both audible and visuals videos) it matters a lot based on what sort of device you’re using to listen to your favorite ASMRtists.

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to go spend 100’s of dollars on a new pair of earphones or headphones – although that would help A LOT.

But at least I would recommend considering what sort of device you use because some will give you a better experience than others.

For example, many ASMRtists themselves as well as I use a pair of SleepPhones.

They’re relatively cheap in my opinion – around $100 which is great value if you think about the amount of use you’re going to get out of them if you’re a huge ASMR fan like me.

Final Words

These are all the things I have done to help get me the ASMR tingles back.

I detox occasionally, just like you would with junk food now and again to help my body (or brain in this case) rest from the effects of indulging in whatever it may be.

But more than certainly the most significant change I have made is by using a pair of SleepPhones every night so that I can rest comfortably and almost immerse myself into any video I watch.

And without fail, getting the tingles I love whenever I want.

Now you know how to get your ASMR tingles back, (or experience them for the very first time) take these 3 things into consideration when you plan on listening to ASMR!

I’d love to know if any of these worked for you, shoot me an email if so!

Sweet Dreams