How To Get ASMR Tingles Tonight

“How to get ASMR tingles” is on everyone’s mind once they start getting into ASMR; whether they’re a creator or a consumer.

Assuming you’ve watched ASMR before, you will already know what ASMR tingles are – but the only information you may have is what everyone else is saying about them and not from your very own experiences.

Which is a shame because you’re missing out on something that is so so cool.

Something that has only really been considered a ‘thing’ for the past decade or so – although it is believed to date back since the dawn of time without an official scientific name (ASMR is an acronym coined by a member of the community, which you can learn about here)

So then, how can you get the ASMR tingles everyone keeps talking about?

And if you’re here because you’ve once had the feeling but are now immune to it; please check out my other post – How To Get ASMR Tingles Back if you’ve done all you can but can’t seem to get that feeling you once had.

How To Get ASMR Tingles from ASMR Videos (and in real life)

how to get asmr tingles in real life

Like I mention all the time on this site, getting an ASMR response can be from auditory or visual stimulation (although it can be from both, this differs from person to person) – in my case visual stimulation is how I found out how to get ASMR tingles.

It comes down to a couple of things; In my opinion, as to what factors come into play when you’re wanting to get ASMR tingles for the very first time.

You will almost never get tingles right away as a beginner because your senses are all over the place, not knowing what to focus on or focusing on everything will distract you from being relaxed and thus not allowing you to get tingles.

As in my opinion, the feeling of relaxation and comfort is one of the main reasons as to why you can get this sensation – which is a similar reason as to why you may get such a response in a real-life situation.

I’ve had a few of these experiences in real life when I’ve been at the salon and the hairdresser has been shampooing my hair.

With a combination of personal attention, as it’s just me and them as well as the massaging movements of their hands in my hair – this creates a great setting where I am relaxed and getting some much needed personal attention.

There is no surprise my ASMR was triggered during this time – and very frequently every time I visit the salon.


Let’s get into some ways and things you can do to solve how to get ASMR tingles tonight.

Get into the right mindset

For me personally, I have to be in a relaxed and comfortable setting to get ASMR tingles from any sort of YouTube video I watch.

I understand some people are able to watch them sat up at their desk but this does not work for me – although they do make me relaxed if I do this – I never seem to get the tingly feeling in this position.

Instead, I have to be laid in bed, nothing special here really, just in the mindset of being comfortable and ready for sleep is what usually helps in the way of getting tingles.

So I suggest that if you want tingles, you’ll want to go about your normal nightly routine, get ready for bed and stick on some ASMR and ensure you’re in the right mindset for sleep.

Although it can be difficult, ensure that you can be stressfree (although ASMR will help you with this too).

Putting any stresses of the day behind you, any negative thoughts or anything else that would usually block you from being relaxed.

Listen with the right device

I know some people use speakers when watching any content online, not necessarily exclusively to ASMR.

Typically those people would default to using them if they were watching ASMR too; although if you’re serious about getting ASMR tingles, I would absolutely not recommend this.

The very point of ASMR, in my opinion, is to have a personal experience between you and the creator, for whatever reason that may be.

Having them deep in your ears – through the use of headphones or earphones will allow you to get the intended effect and hopefully a tingly experience because of this.

It also depends on what earphones or headphones you choose.

Of course, headphones are bulky, so if you’re someone who lays in bed whilst watching ASMR – as I’ve said previously I’d recommend this fully.

Then such a device is not feasible as there is no chance of you getting asleep with something like this around your head unless you lay on your back or face down…

Although this is just an unnatural position for anybody in my opinion and I can’t imagine it is very helpful in making you relaxed and ready for a tingly experience.

There are earphones as another option – since you can mostly lay how you want with them on and they will not disrupt you as much as headphones would but usually the sound quality isn’t nearly as good as a pair of headphones may be.

But don’t threat, there is something else you can try…

My recommendation would be to use a pair of SleepPhones.

As you are able to wear them around your head just like a headband, ensuring you are comfortable and ready to enjoy your favorite ASMR videos and hopefully get the tingles you’ve been looking for.

Experiment with different types of ASMR Triggers

There is no one trigger, one ASMRtist or one video that will allow you to get the tingly feeling you want – although you may find the one that works for you without fail, this changes from person to person.

Something that works for me, let’s say visual triggers, may not work for you.

And that’s okay!

But this is part of the fun in my opinion.

Give yourself some time to experiment with different types of videos, triggers, and creators – don’t get frustrated if you don’t get that tingly feeling right away.

It took me months of experimenting before I finally got to feel the ASMR working on my own scalp (and surprisingly elsewhere on the body) and it was from something completely unique I had not heard of before – but I wouldn’t have found it if I wasn’t experimenting and looking for other content to enjoy.

In fact, the creator that I received the ASMR tingles from wasn’t usually a creator I would watch, so going outside this sort of exclusive circle finally rewarded me with what I was looking for.

So, don’t stop experimenting and experience new triggers and different types of videos, because the next video you click may finally give you ASMR tingles!

Final Thoughts on How To Get ASMR Tingles


Finally, let’s reflect on how to get ASMR tingles;

There can be many factors at play that could be holding you back from getting ASMR tingles; as we’ve discussed these can be;

  • Your mindset
  • The device you use to listen to ASMR
  • And what types of videos you watch

If you have all these things aligned, I have no doubt you will get the ASMR tingles you desire.

But please;

Enjoy the process and enjoy ASMR for what it is, enjoy finding new things and enjoy this great community.

Tingles aren’t everything (although they are awesome), they are just a bonus due to the content you watch since you do not these tingles to help you relax, destress or reduce anxieties you have experience throughout the day.

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams,