Top 5 Flirty ASMR videos that will give you ‘tingles’

Alright, I’ll admit it, I ain’t that into flirty ASMR like I’m into let’s say…visual triggers or light hand movements or even ASMR mouth sounds, but I can totally understand why some people are.

So with some help from my friends I have combined the best flirty ASMR videos into a list so that you can feel some type of way whilst getting the tingles.

That’s tingles on your scalp, down the lower part of your neck…and elsewhere on your body.

flirty asmr

1. Flirty ASMR Flight Attendant

My friends couldn’t stop raving about this video when I told them I was making this post; and I can see why after watching it one night earlier this week.

Karuna Satori was already on my radar anyway, as she creates some beautiful ASMR content for her wonderful niche community – even going as far as calling her channel ‘ours’ in reference to her audience.

But to talk more about the video here, it’s just wonderful, I found it even enjoyable and I’m a straight female but it had me feeling some type of way if you know what I mean.

With a combination of light whispering and rainy tingles along with plenty of flirting during the course of the video – not to mention the sexy outfit, she is wearing.

Overall this particular flirty ASMR roleplay is perfect for anyone looking for a bit of flirting but for someone who wants to get a typical ASMR experience which caters towards getting you comfortable and relaxed – perfect for getting you into the sleeping mood at night.

2. Flirty Succubus

If you’re familiar with what succubus’ are you’ll more than certainly be into this next ASMR video – I’m not really feeling it but my friends are more than enjoying it.

With a wide range of mouth sounds and light whispering from an admittedly pretty cute girl, if you’re into this type of obscure content then I couldn’t recommend this ASMR video more than enough to you.

Side note: I’m fucking mind boggled at a thumbnail like this can even be on YouTube but whatever dude…

I’m just the wrong audience I guess.

A lot of these videos you’re going to have to check out for yourself – since I ain’t really feeling anything from them – or watching them all the way through but they rack up plenty of views so there must be some people enjoying them.

3. Flirty Vampire Roleplay

To reel things in a little, which aren’t overly sexual like the last video – we have a flirty ASMR vampire roleplay, which I actually don’t mind but it combines some great ASMR triggers with a bit of flirting on top.

I’d put this in the same category as the first video I had on this list because it’s a pretty cute but yet effective ASMR video, typically if you enjoy filtering from a fairly attractive female.

Overall, another great flirty ASMR video for anyone into this kind of thing and for one looking to get a ‘typical’ ASMR experience due to the sounds which she creates with the props that make up the particular ASMR roleplay.

Oh, and If you’re into accents; then this girl has a Scottish one and I actually think it adds to the whole roleplay.

Good accents can be hard to find with ASMR, some are great and some are hecking annoying but I quite enjoy the way shes talks, which makes her flirty roleplay that little bit better.

4. ASMR Network – Flirty ASMR For Men

ASMR network is the standard for flirty/erotic ASMR, if you’re into this type of ASMR no doubt by know you’re very familiar with her, but if not, then this will be a great video for you.

There is no denying she is beautiful and you know what, I didn’t mind this ASMR for men video – despite me being a female – simply because she actually has put some effort in and her voice is super soothing.

On top of the fact although it is obviously sexual, she still includes many different triggers noises such as fabric sounds, writing sounds and visual triggers from the items she uses.

This way she can please you in many different ways if you know what I mean.

5. ASMR Waitress Roleplay – Amouranth ASMR

I don’t think I have to say much about this ASMR video If I’m honest, I mean just take a look at the thumbnail and you should already know what you’re in for.

She’s obviously beautiful, there’s no denying it and in that outfit, I can see why people like this type of ASMR – it’s got me feeling a little funny down there just looking at her.

But even if its intention is to be sexual, she has a really soothing voice that I can appreciate no matter what she intends you to think or feel. So in that case alone it’s a great ASMR video.

Final Thoughts

Flirty ASMR just isn’t my thing, but I can appreciate why people enjoy watching it so I’d thought I’d make this list with some help from my male friends.

There’s a good variation here, from flirty and innocent to a bit more extreme.

I’m sure if you’re not into this particular ASMR videos, there will be more than certainly something on their respective channels that you’re bound to enjoy.


Thanks for reading.

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