Does ASMR Help You Sleep?

Does ASMR Help You Sleep?

Speaking from experience, it absolutely does (if you’re using Wireless SleepPhones!).

Whether you feel the tingles or not, the quiet sounds of someone talking, the noises of rubbing the wood with fingernails or just the visually pleasing hand movements a creator performs, these are all things which can help you to induce yourself into some great sleep.

Now, before I get into answering “Does ASMR Help You Sleep?”, I am not a licensed physiologist so anything I do mention is not fact (and should not be taken as so) instead, take it simply as a personal opinion; like personal research.

Why Does ASMR Happen?

Does ASMR Help You Sleep

First, we’re going to discuss why ASMR might occur, since this will give some better insight into why it might (and does) help you with sleep.

ASMR has probably existed since the dawn of time for mankind, but it has only been recently identified amongst scientists and psychologists alike.

With a limited study on this sensory experience, it is known that it can be possible to experience by everyone; however, there is no one way in which we can achieve this.

Such tingling sensations in the scalp or other areas of the body can be brought about by many things, some of these also seem to be influenced by early childhood memories and experiences.

For example; I experience ASMR very heavily when I hear some form of personal affirmations – such as ‘Good Job’, ‘Great Work’ – along those lines.

This is because I never heard this enough as a child, as I was a very independent one; and since I constantly strive for these words to be muttered by my parents and my peers whenever I do something worthy, It makes sense I get this sort of sensation when experiencing this elsewhere – because this is something I absolutely desire the most in the form of a personal connection.

But it’s not just me.

In fact; through limited research, many people have confirmed that they first experience this sensation during childhood – so it actually makes sense that if you relive these certain experiences, memories, and emotions as an adult, you would almost have the same sensory reaction as you once did.

Probably because this relates back to ‘happier times’ in one’s life.

How Does ASMR Help You Sleep?

Since the research of “how does ASMR help sleep” or even “does ASMR help you sleep” is currently very limited, I don’t have enough scientific data to reference to back up my own findings.

But that’s okay.

I feel like I’ve indulged in enough ASMR content over the past few years to give you a sort of list of things that ASMR helps to do – which in the long run will give you the answer to; does ASMR help you sleep?

And to contradict an earlier point, despite the limited research, scientists do know people such as myself and even you who may be reading this use ASMR to help them to sleep, so there must be some correlation despite the lack of knowledge we have.

Let’s get into what I’ve found ASMR has done for me.

ASMR Reduces Stress

asmr reduces stress

Watching ASMR videos, whether that’s in bed before sleep or after a long day at my 9-5 labor job, I found that listening/watching ASMR significantly reduced my stress levels; so much so that sometimes I would listen to ASMR whilst at work, to help me be more productive rather than being left feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the task at hand.

What I have found is that it sort of mellows out my emotions, allowing me to feel calmer in contrast to feeling stressed which is generally brought about from overthinking or over-analyzing.

A peculiar side of watching ASMR, regardless of if I receive the tingles I discuss heavily on this blog (and that many mentions throughout the ASMR community) is the feeling of excitement.

This can seem like the opposite of what you wish to feel going to sleep.

But in fact, it helps me to look forward to an upcoming project or just the next day of my life, this sort of leaves me with a smile on my face when going to sleep which seemingly helps with the quality of sleep as I am relieved of negative thoughts – as they have been replaced with more positive and exciting feelings instead.

Ultamilty, it is no surprise that the reduction in stress helps with my sleep through both quality and quantity; as this is one of the main reasons people find which blocks them from getting any sleep.

But it should be noted that you can use ASMR for other purposes than sleep; such as reducing stress.

As I have used it for in the past.

That’s something to think about if you’ve got home from a stressful day at work, you’re not quite ready to go to sleep but still, want to be relieved of negative emotions.

ASMR is a great idea.

ASMR Improves mood

asmr affects your mood

I suppose this is related to the stress relief I have just spoken about, but ASMR significantly improves my mood.

I find that any sadness or depressive episodes I may be experiencing from my life are lifted whilst I watch ASMR (and for a little while after I stop watching).

I believe it sort of acts as a way of deterring these emotions, perhaps because you concentrate on the visual or audible effects of ASMR instead of the negative thoughts in your head.

ASMR is also pretty personal, recorded by a single person in a warm and cozy room.

It almost feels like a 1 on 1 experience which in my opinion is perfect for reducing any anxieties, depressive episodes or general sadness I may be feeling.

This is probably my favorite reason to mention when someone asks me, Does ASMR help you sleep?

ASMR Makes you sleepy (duh)

asmr can make you sleepy

This may sound a little silly, as it’s probably obvious but I think it’s worth mentioning anyway – especially if you considering using ASMR in your day to day life.

High stress is associated with a hyper thought and movement. You will particularly work faster (whether efficiently or not does not matter) when you are stressed.

ASMR helps to calm and relieve you of stress; as I’ve just covered.

Because calmness is associated with a more consistent heartbeat and generally relaxed movement. It should be obvious that such feelings can induce sleepiness, which in my experience it absolutely does.

Whether I’m at my desk studying, working or just playing video games, I can feel myself getting super sleepy.

This is PERFECT if you’re wanting to use ASMR to help with your sleep.

But it can be an unwelcome feeling if you want to carry on studying, working and enjoying the rest of the day.

I usually combat this by watching enough so that I feel in a more calm and mindful state and immediately stop watching at that point, so I do not get too sleepy.

To Summarize

does asmr help you sleep

To summarize; in my experience, as I’ve just laid out for you in the post, I can confidently answer the question; does ASMR help you sleep?

With a resounding yes.

In my experience (and soon with your own findings), It helps to relieve any negative thoughts or emotions that would generally get in the way of a good night’s sleep and bring about a clam mood than can positively impact the likeliness of you drifting off to the dream world.

Now, go get some much needed and well-deserved sleep.

Sweet Dreams,


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