5 awesome ASMR writing videos for relaxation and studying

I didn’t know ASMR writing was really a thing till a couple of months ago.

I’ve seen it in various videos before then but there was never really a whole dedicated video that I had seen in my recommendations just for this ASMR trigger.

However, I have watched a couple of these videos since then and they are deeply satisfying

I wouldn’t recommend them for sleep as a lot of the experience is base don visuals, so you’re going to have to pay attention.

But if you’re looking for something to watch before you unplug your earphones and close your eyes to get some sleep, I’d recommend this ASMR trigger one hundred percent of the time.

Some of the videos in this list include other triggers alone side someone writing, but I feel like this is someone what needed as its a pretty quiet trigger.

Although with that in mind, it also opens up room so that creators can add other triggers into the mix to complement the ASMR writing trigger in particular.

Enough talk, let’s get into this top list of ASMR writing videos

Best 5 ASMR writing videos for relaxation

1. ASMR Writing – Studying on a rainy day

As I’ve just said, plenty of these videos contain other ASMR triggers to compliment the ASMR writing trigger, and I think they work very well together.

Especially this video which includes some natural (or at least it sounds like it) raindrop noises as well as some slight mouth sounds.

These mouth sounds are created naturally from the ASMR creator as they are ‘studying’.

And as you know, if you’ve ever written anything on a page before you’re probably someone who mouths what they are doing, creating a slight bit of noise.

This is what is happening here in this particular ASMR video.

These are inaudible whispers, in fact, a trigger I’ve spoken about before on this channel and I think they work perfectly as you could even use this video to do your own studying with.

Which isn’t something that a lot of the community talk about online but

ASMR is also great for doing other tasks than sleeping or relaxing.

You can study, do your homework, play video games or just have it on as background noise when you’re writing articles (just like me!)

2. ASMR Fancy Handwriting

Gosh, I could just watch a video like this all day.

This ASMR writing features some fancy writing, essentially they’re using one of those old handwriting pens to create some beautiful triggering sounds and visuals.

Seriously, it’s just so hypnotizing to watch something like this, with both the sounds and the visuals combined, this is by far my favorite ASMR writing video on this list.

If you’re looking for purely ASMR writing with no rainy backgrounds or even mouth sounds, then this is the video for you.

And if you love visuals, although all ASMR writing is pretty visual, this will be one of your favorites.

As it is mine.

3. Testing and Sorting Markers

This particular video combines a lot of different sounds, from tapping on the pens to talking about what is going on.

It’s super satisfying because not only does it include some great visuals but it also hits on the fact of watching someone perform a task.

Which is surprisingly a type of trigger in ASMR

I imagine its something to do with how satisfying it is for someone to get through a task they set

And because I think to sort things, even if it is colored pens

It is just satisfying to do, even if you’re just snuggled up watching someone else do it.

Overall this is a great video for anyone looking for some variety when it comes to a particular ASMR trigger, as all the other ASMR sounds featured work perfectly in my opinion.

And who knows, maybe as a result you’ll even be inspired to do some sorting of your own.

Whether it’s sorting your faulty pens to even the old clothes in your wardrobe.

ASMR just does that to you, believe me, it just sets something off when you watch one of these sorts of videos.

4. 3 Hour Studying Video

Now this is a great video if you’re looking to get something productive done

Which as I’ve said, it’s pretty unusual you’ll want to get ANYTHING done but sleep when listing to ASMR, but it has been used by the community far and wide for day to day tasks.

And I’ve certainly used it when writing these articles or just studying in general.

With over 3 hours of someone else studying, you can study along with this particular person.

Almost creating some form of accountability, see if you can keep up with this person for 3hours so that you can both be productive.

As far as the ASMR in this video, its gentle and easy on the ears.

Perfect I think for studying but it could be used for sleep

You just may get bored of the exact same trigger for 3 hours straight…

Unless it’s absolutely one of your favorite triggers of all time then you’ll more than love this particular video.

5. ASMR writing on you

This one has a weird take on ASMR writing and is a little silly but I think it includes some great personal attention ASMR so that’s why I’m putting it on this list.

The concept of this video is that the creator, in this case, ASMR PPOMO is writing on you; yeah pretty strange.

But includes a lot of close up shots of her writing as well as other hand movements that are visually pleasing – and we all know by now that I LOVE visual ASMR.

So this video is super great for anyone looking for an unusual yet personal attention type video that can help relaxed and destress them.

Overall I’d suggest giving this video a go just because of how unique the scenario is; I don’t think I’ve seen a video quite like it.

And who knows maybe it can become one of your personal favorites.

Final Thoughts on ASMR writing

ASMR writing on a page

ASMR writing is a great trigger but one that I feel like needs to be a part of a wider trigger pallet; generally ASMRtists throw-in over ASMR triggers such as visual triggers like hand movements or just more ASMR sounds like tapping and scratching.

This adds variation and ensures that you don’t get bored of hearing this trigger throughout the video.

Adding triggers on top of the writing also just works in my opinion, as generally, the scenario requires the creator to make more sounds that just writing to help with the authenticity of the writing.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams