Top 5 Best ASMR Twitch Streamers to watch as soon as they go live

We talk about YouTube a lot on this channel, as that’s where I primarily watch all of the ASMR I consume; and that’s probably the case for many in the community as you can pretty much watch it on demand.

Effortlessly being able to find something you know you’ll like is why YouTube content is so good – but there are ASMR twitch streamers that also offer their expertise, some are even your favorite YouTube videos who do live ‘performances’ for their viewers.

A few of the more well known ASMR twitch streams also have YouTube channel, which I wouldn’t have known about if it were not for the live streaming on this particular platform – so it was really cool to find a new favorite creator that I can watch on there and later on YouTube too.

Best ASMR Twitch Streamers to watch

If you were like how I was just a couple of months ago, unaware of the best ASMR Twitch streamers, then this list is going to be perfect for you.

And if you watch YouTube content already, you might even see some of your favorite ASMRtists on this list.

1. Gibi ASMR Twitch Streamer


Streaming at ggGibi on Twitch

You’ll know her by now as one of the most popular ASMR creators on YouTube but she also does ASMR on her twitch now and again, when she isn’t playing games!

You’ll get all the same Gibi content but just live on twitch; the best part about this sort of ASMR is its usually pretty varied as generally, streams take requests from their viewers in what they should be doing with their ASMR.

So if you’re someone who likes to interact in chat while watching streamers then who knows, maybe Gibi will even see you in the chat and perform your favorite ASMR trigger.

Overall, Gibi is her usual and goofy self on her twitch channel and if you can catch one of her live streams I’d more than recommend it.

2. CopyKat_ ASMR Streamer

CopyKat_ ASMR

With only around 10k YouTube subscribers, CopyKat_ ASMR has managed to gain just over 100k Titwch followers, which is pretty impressive for being on only one platform to do her ASMR magic on.

I wouldn’t have known about her if it wasn’t for going on the ASMR section on Twitch and I’m glad I did – since I think I’ve found a new favorite ASMRtist to watch.

Typically she does mic brushing and ear cleaning ASMR with her 3DIO which are a few of my personal favorite triggers to watch when I’m in need of some relaxation – with that taken into account I believe that she is a great all-round ASMR stream for anyone who loves ASMR.

With her current streaming schedule being once a day, you’re going to have plenty of content to watch throughout the week and will always have something fresh when its time for bed.

3. Mary J Lee ASMR Streamer

In comparison to all of the ASMRtists in the community, I think Mary J Lee ASMR is up there with the best of them, she has such great Twitch content that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

I first discovered her through YouTube but after watching a couple of her streams I can’t but help myself to go back to her VODs on Twitch and rewatch her streams when I’m looking for some tingles.

With her interacting in chat as often as she can, as well as asking her community what sort of triggers they wish for her to perform, you can’t fall in love with her and what she does for her viewers.

A great all-round person and an even better ASMR creator – one that everyone should give a watch whenever you see her live on Twitch.

4. DizzyKitten Twitch Streamer

Now she isn’t exclusively an ASMR creator, though she does dab into it more these days – DizzyKitten is more known for her gaming streamers on Twitch.

Thought despite DizzyKittens lack of experience when it comes to ASMR (if you compare her to other more popular ASMRtist) she still creates some of the best ASMR on Twitch in my honest opinion.

Again just like Mary J Lee, she interacts a lot with chat, typically her subscribers, to make the ASMR she creates all about what they want which I think is super awesome – and as we know that ASMR is a personal experience, this only adds to the personal vibe which what makes her content so great.

Similar to what I find with other ASMRtists, she is obviously insanely beautiful, so in that case, she also ticks the visual ASMR for me (maybe I’m truly am weird).

This generally adds another layer of entertainment for me and allows me to get much more pleasure from her streamers – and in turn makes it more likely that I can get those precious ASMR tingles that we all love.

5. Amouranth ASMR

asmr twitch streamer amouranth

Just like DizzyKitten, Amouranth is not exclusively an ASMR streamer, generally, you would find her under some of the gaming categories on Twitch but, I want to include her in this list because I think she offers up some ASMR triggers that have been lacking from the rest of the list.

The ASMR that Amouranth creates is filled with mouth sounds, which not a lot of streamers enjoy doing; since we’ve discussed in the previous mouth sounds article that it can be seen as sexual.

On a streaming site like Twitch, perhaps this is not the best place to do it due to the general toxicity of the community.

However, Amouranth does it anyway, and its wonderful – if that’s your sort of thing.

Just has amassed a decent sized YouTube following where she does her ASMR so if you want something right now (assuming she isn’t streaming ASMR currently) I’d highly recommend you go check out the Amouranth ASMR YouTube channel if you can’t wait for her to go live.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Twitch Streamers

ASMR Twitch

Twitch ASMR is great for anyone looking to interact whilst they watch – typically if you’re doing something else alongside this – since you would have no chance to interact with the streamer if you were trying to get to sleep!

I’d recommend every one of these streamers for anyone looking to start watching more ASMR live streamers – hopefully there is one on this list you’ll fall in love with.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams,