Top 9 ASMR Triggers For Sleep

There are many ASMR triggers and thank god there is because it keeps things fresh and fun with all the experimenting you can do with discovering your new favorite sounds for relaxation, sleep, and even those godly ASMR tingles everyone can’t stop talking about.

If you’re not sure what the heck ASMR is just yet, then please go check out one of my others article which covers that topic in-depth but as a little TLDR for you so you can continue on ready;

ASMR is a reaction in your brain that can send tingles to your scalp all the way to the back of your neck; typically brought about by certain “triggers” (which we’ll cover in this article) whether they’re audible or visual.

The reaction differs from person to person and certain triggers may work on you that may not work on me; so the aim of the game (and the enjoyment in my opinion) is to have fun experimenting and see what sort of things work best for you.

What Are ASMR Triggers?

what are asmr triggers

ASMR triggers are certain sounds, visuals or even tastes and textures (that you touch) that can set off the tingly sensation in your brain that creates the euphoric feeling we’re all trying to get.

These triggers are different for everyone, some of them you will enjoy and others you won’t.

On the same token, some of these triggers will help you relax and get you sleepy and some will even go as far as to give you the tingly sensation you’re looking for.

Although, as I repeat all throughout this website it’s about experimentation and finding out what will work for you.

Keep on reading for the Top 9 ASMR triggers so that you can finally find a trigger that works for you.

Top 9 ASMR Triggers

Okay, cool.

You now have some background into what ASMR is and what ASMR triggers are.

Let’s get into the Top 9 ASMR Triggers that will give you tingles.

I will talk about a certain trigger and do my best to explain what it is and what you can expect; just below the trigger will be a linked video you can check out to see what I mean – and perhaps you could even bookmark it for later when you’re searching for videos that might bring about the tingles for you.

ASMR Tapping

ASMR tapping is quite a wide summarisation of what this triggers actually is, and it probably needs no explanation. But the reason that it’s so common and people love it is probably because it’s so simple (and if you’ve watched ASMR for a while you’ll find that you will start tapping on everyday objects in your life to experiment for yourself).

ASMR tapping has a wide range of sounds and is sort of endless in the sense that there is always something new to tap, so in that there are potentially new sounds to be heard in every video you find.

But to give you a bit more of a well-rounded summary, I’m going to list some of my favorite tapping ASMR sounds:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Glass-filled with water
  • Mic tapping (specifically a blue yeti)

There are plenty more but these are just some of my favorites, check out the video below if this is something you think you’ll be interested in (I think this is a good start for anyone looking to find out what sort of ASMR triggers they’re into).

ASMR Scratching

Scratching ASMR fits in the same category as ASMR tapping; it all depends on what the ASMRtist is touching and how they do it (fast or slow).

A lot of this is finding your favorite material used, and I find with this there is usually a lot of more experimentation because typically the best sounds are something you would never have thought of.

For example, Gibi ASMR scratching faux snakeskin brought about that tingly feeling we all love, and that was something super unique and unlike anything I had seen any other ASMR creator use before in their video.

Here are some of my favorite items that ASMRtists have scratched:

  • Zippers on Coats
  • Faux Snakeskin
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Cork
  • Fabric

Below I have linked you a video that will showcase some of these triggers and you’ll be able to get a better idea as to why scratching ASMR is so hypnotic.

ASMR Personal Attention

If you’ve read anything on this website, you’ll know that I love personal attention ASMR. It helps a lot with depressive or anxious episodes I’m having due to troubles or issues.

It helps to fill the void of socialization that I may not be able to bring myself to do – whether that’s because I’m busy or just don’t feel like meeting up with friends.

Personally, I use this type of ASMR as a way to help lift my negativity.

Sometimes this sort of ASMR is used for those just looking to almost ‘speak to someone else’

Now, of course, this I just a video but you do really feel a one on one connection with whoever the creators are with this sort of video.

For me I like listening to videos that include some form of ‘helping phrase’ such as “You’re okay”, “You’ve got this”, “Everything will be fine” etc.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about or if you’ll even enjoy that sort of thing, have a little look at the video below and let me know what you think about personal attention ASMR and if it can help you with your everyday struggles through life as it does with mine.

ASMR Light

This one’s a pretty unique one and obviously requires you to pay attention to the screen so it’s really good at making you sleepy but is going to be something that is useless once your eyes are closed.

I actually don’t know about any specific videos that feature just this trigger but you see it a lot doctor type role plays which is where I originally found this trigger-style to begin with.

I compare it a lot to hypnotization, where you follow something around the screen and it distracts you from any of the problems that might have been preventing you from getting relaxed and sleepy; such as anxious, negative thoughts and stress.

This is also very visually heavy, which I understand doesn’t work for almost all people that enjoy ASMR but I quite like visual ASMR triggers myself so I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite types of triggers.

Cat Purring ASMR

I’m not a cat person, far from it, but I can’t deny the sounds of the purr are some of the most naturally relaxing noises you could possibly hear. Perhaps because instinctively you know the cat is cozy if it’s purring like that, so naturally you have the same reaction; who knows.

Whether it’s performed by an actual cat or by a talented creator, ASMR cat purring is a unique trigger and is one that you just have to try for yourself; if you’ve already got a cat, you might have even experienced ASMR when it’s purred before without even realizing.

ASMR Mic Brushing/Ear Brushing

Ear brushing is sort of like brain brushing in a way, it feels that intense in my opinion although it does depend on what sort of brush has been used.

Typically this sounds better with a mic such as a 3DIO but generally, the idea is that the creator uses a brush (or a range of them) and brushes in all types of directions to create sounds.

This, as I’ve said, can be quite an intense video but they are really enjoyable in terms of the sounds they can create. With spoken words, in between to break up the intensity, ear brushing has quickly become one of my favorites.

Due to the video’s simplicity it is also always something I go back to when I want a guaranteed nights sleep as no matter what the mic is or the brush size or even the pattern the ASMRtist takes the brush; It always seems to, at the very least, make me relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.

ASMR Humming

ASMR humming is a great trigger because I think it brings back plenty of childhood memories when parents, babysitters or guardians used to try to get you to sleep with light singing or humming.

And maybe this is just me but I love hearing people hum, to me its a sign of happiness (that’s usually when I do it too) so it also gets my brain into that emotional setting which is really helpful after a crappy day at school or work.

Overall, if you find the right video humming ASMR can be a super soothing trigger but of course, it does matter what sort of sound they’re humming so I suggest experimenting plenty to perhaps even find your favorite song in humming form.

Typing ASMR

ASMR typing is usually performed on a mechanic keyboard or gaming keyboard for those of you who don’t know what one of those is.

These keyboards have a very good clicking response, due to their use in gaming which makes it essential that it can register the inputs you make. In this case, they make for a great ASMR trigger.

However, this is usually pretty intense because the sounds are fairly loud and that can be added to depending on how fast the creators want to tap on the keyboard.

ASMR Hand Movements

I’m a huge fan of visual triggers, many people are not but you could be one of them. They are super satisfying in the way you are almost hypnotized into relaxation.

Following hands around the screen can be a great way to trick yourself into not thinking about the negative things in your life; helping with things like anxiety and depression – but to be fair this is the case with a lot of ASMR triggers.

Linked this video many times but damn it’s just the best video out there for this kind of things:

Final Words

There are plenty more ASMR triggers that could help you to sleep, and I may make another article like this one to let you in on what they are but as always…

The best way to experience ASMR is to go and explore the content made by the community and find something that just works for you – these are just starting points for anyone unsure of what to search for.

So go explore tonight and go get that damn beauty sleep; you deserve it!

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams,