Top 6 Best ASMR Tapping Videos For Sleep

ASMR Tapping is by far the most simplistic yet effective way of getting the sleep and relaxation you need, hence why it is so popular within today’s ASMR community.

There seems to be an endless amount of sounds you can find with ASMR tapping due to every object in existence seemingly having its own unique sound; after watching so much content on this trigger, like me, you’ll find yourself tapping on random objects in your vicinity to find your own favorite noises.

Since I’ve watched so many ASMR tapping videos, I’d like to give you the best videos to watch if you’re looking to get all cozy and sleepy after a hard day at work or school.

Top 6 ASMR Tapping Videos

asmr tapping

This is in no particular order, and because of its ASMR tapping they contain many different sounds, so I recommend putting them all on your watchlist so that you can perhaps find a sound that gives you those ASMR tingles we love here at Tingly ASMR.

1. Pure ASMR Tapping – No Talking

If you’re looking for a long video that contains absolutely no talking so that you can drift off to sleep, then this tapping video by Gibi ASMR will be perfect for you.

As I’ve personally watched (listened) to the video all the way through I can confidently say this should be on your watchlist if you ever feel like getting some sleep but you’re not really in the mood for discovering something new – which can sometimes require you to pay plenty of attention to what is going on.

These types of videos are also great for studying if you’re someone who listens to ASMR whilst doing so – as there is no talking which I find can be quite distracting when you’re trying to learn something.

2. ASMR Tapping and Whispering

If you’re into longer-form videos, then Quantum ASMR has a really great ASMR tapping video that may be more up to your taste – especially if you like the mixture of talking in between and during any triggers, she performs.

A lot of the reason as to why I enjoyed this video so much is because she has a wide range of ASMR triggers throughout – mainly tapping – but even the rambling/whispering in the video contained some intentional trigger sounds that also helped with relaxation and giving me tingles.

I’ve spoken about this before about other creators, but Quantum is very appealing to look at due to her beauty, which I think adds an extra layer to the content as she is triggered that visual ASMR in me that I always enjoy watching – so really worth the watch if you’re someone who enjoys visual triggers too.

3. ASMR Tapping

Fast and aggressive ASMR really isn’t my thing, although RaffyTaphy has a great ASMR tapping video that contains plenty of fast and slow ASMR – which has other 17million views!!

If you’re someone who can sleep to more intense noises, or at the very least be relaxed and even triggered by them, I’d more than recommend this video and RaffyTaphys Channel as a whole as this is the type of content I feel like he is best at.

He talks now and again, and as I’ve said in the past male voices on videos just aren’t for me but I can appreciate how sooth his voice is in all of his videos – so if your someone who is put off by any male talking in ASMR videos; I’d still give him a watch because you might change your mind.

4. VERY Fast ASMR Tapping

On the same vein of fast ASMR, this is truly a fast ASMR tapping video that you need to see if you’re in love with fast ASMR like some members of the community.

This is a very short (5minute) video but it showcases just how great fast ASMR can be.

I’m not a huge fan of it but you can’t deny how many views it has racked up over the past2 years it has been live on YouTube and just how interesting the content is – so if you like fast ASMR tapping videos, then I’d highly recommend checking out this particular one.

Especially if you’re looking for something short and sweet at night.

5. ASMR Intense Tapping and Scratching

I think ASMR tapping videos go really hand in hand with ASMR scratching, especially if they are both as intense as each other – which I think scratching is only intense in my opinion – you can’t really get soft scratching.

If you’re someone who likes a bit of both, then this scratching and tapping video will be perfect for you to relax to – especially since it includes a little bit of talking now and again to keep things fresh.

ASMR Darling always creates wonderful videos, and I’m sure there will be much more on her channel you like, beyond ASMR tapping.

6. 1 Hour ASMR Tapping

No talking is probably the best for anyone looking for ASMR tapping videos, so to finish things off I’d like to throw in an hour-long ASMR tapping video which features no talking what so ever so that you can know that you aren’t going to be spooked by anyone voice as you drift off to sleep.

Featuring a whole host of tapping sounds, my favorite tapping videos are always because of the long nails the creator has; since the tapping sounds can range a lot and they can almost create a sound from anything they have around them – even when they’re tapping their own fingers.

Final Thoughts

ASMR tapping videos

ASMR tapping is by far one of my favorite triggers to date, due to the range of sounds that can be created as well as the ability to create your own sounds going through dayu to day life – which allows you an element of exploring outside of YouTube.

Although this list is short, I feel like its a great starting point for anyone looking for all types of ASMR tapping videos; from slow to light, to fast and intense.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams,