4 of the best ASMR soap videos for tingles

Unlike most of the ASMR community, I am much more satisfied by visual ASMR than I am by ASMR sounds – and that’s why I just love ASMR soap videos on YouTube.

They feature such visually pleasing objects that just hypnotize me every time I watch them into a better and more relaxed mood.

usually, they are disabled with a knife, which allows the creator to cut some really great shapes that add to the visuals of the video.

And also allows the video not to get stale, since there is always something new they can do with the soap they cut.

I compare this type of video to ASMR slime videos as they with each video they are very similar but there are always endless things to be added or changed such as the shape of the soap, color or even the knife which they use.

I feel like a lot of these ASMR soap videos are not created by my favorite ASMRtists, for whatever reason.

Though there are many great ASMR soap videos out there for relaxing entertainment, and I’m going to show you some

1. 1-hour ASMR soap cutting compilation

Although this is a compilation rather than a single creator video (found on the 10-Minutes Amazing Life YouTube Channel) which means that there is some variation in sound and video quality.

But, it still makes for a great ASMR soap video to watch if you’re looking for relaxation.

The moment you begin watching this video you will realize just how relaxing this type of ASMR is – as well as how visually pleasing soap cutting appears to be.

Although it’s simple, it really just makes me feel so hypostatized when I watch it, like I just can’t take my eyes off the screen.

Almost all the videos in this compilation and this list are pretty similar, a lot of them just differ in the visuals of the video which as I said before keeps things fresh

Even saying that,m I still can’t help but stare at these types of videos for hours on end due to how relaxed they make me.

And honestly, I will never look at soap in the same.

2. Dry Soap ASMR

Here is a shorter but somewhat more of a varied video (and certainly one of more quality)

This visually pleasing ASMR soap video featured many different colors, which is essential to any sort of visual ASMR

Along with that, the way the creator breaks up the soap is also done in a creative way which helps to add depth to the ASMR trigger and overall I think it is one of the most pleasing ASMR videos I’ve seen

With just over 1 million viewers, the ASMRtist breaks, cuts, and crushes all types of soap to give you the ASMR tingles – or at the very least put you into a relaxed state.

Although I keep talking about the visuals so much, the ASMR sounds which are being created here are so satisfying

And they work so beautifully with the ASMR visuals that this just has to be one of your favorite videos as it has become one of mine since it was first uploaded.

3. 1 Hour of Dry ASMR soap content

I think dry soap is one of my favorite parts of the ASMR soap content found on YouTube, it just looks so satisfying when crushed with people’s hands.

Not to mention the vibrant colors it comes in, you can easily get some great visuals that hypnotize the audience into being more relaxed.

It works on me every time.

This particular video is another compilation style, so the visuals and the audio is a little all over the place – but this gives you an opportunity to discover many different styles of this ASMR trigger.

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend these types of videos for sleep as most of the enjoyment comes from watching them – as I am doing so while writing this article

If you were to close your eyes, you would only get half the enjoyment through what you can actually hear.

4. Long ASMR Soap Video for relaxation

Another great ASMR soap compilation is next on the list, by now you might realize that they are all pretty similar, which they are

But I feel like there’s always something satisfying with each video – but maybe I’m biased.

I just love this trigger as it really does tick the visually pleasing boxes for when I’m looking for a great ASMR video for relaxation and any and all videos that include this trigger are so effective on me.

With similar trigger sounds as the previous videos, from crunching to cutting to melting this time around; you are no doubt going to find something pleasing about this video that can get you into a sleepy state.

Final Words on ASMR Soap videos

ASMR soap videos

I’ve kept this short because there isn’t too much to talk about and after a while, you’ll discover a lot of this ASMR soap content is pretty similar – although I do think each video is enjoyable in their own way due to the visuals as well as the types of soap which are being used.

Although, I think these 4 videos do represent this style of ASMR trigger perfectly and I’ve you’re unfamiliar with this type of ASMR or you’re just looking for a great ASMR soap video to watch.

Then any one of these should be on your playlist tonight.

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams!