3 of the best ASMR shave videos for relaxation and tingles

Shaving can be a great experience for anyone that does it

Whether that’s on your face or your legs or elsewhere on your body that needs attending too.

For me its sort of like getting a hair cut, you just clean the terrible parts of yourself and then you’re left with something that is far more attractive to look at.

When it comes to someone else shaving you, however, this is where ASMR comes into play with various ASMR shave videos that you can find YouTube that walks you through how a creator will shave your beard.

This simple task is turned into a personal attention type video with plenty of talking as well as hand movements and typical ASMR sounds.

Unless you’re really lucky, you probably haven’t experienced anything like this before in your life, int terms of someone else doing the shaving for you

Since usually you do it by yourself.

But with ASMR, creators have created almost a new style of ASMR when it comes to someone attending to the hairs on your body, usually your ‘beard’

Obviously this is mostly direct at male viewers, but I always seem to find it to be a very relaxing experience watching regardless.

Let’s get into the best ASMR shave videos for you to enjoy tonight.

1. Relaxing ASMR Shave from female barber

To start things off, this video is an actual shaving scenario, in the real world.

This is a great one to start off with as this may be where people have had experiences in this particular scenario before

And because you can also get a taste of what it looks like for someone to actually shave your beard

Instead of someone pretending to do so via an ASMR roleplay – which we’ll get into a little later on this list.

With a soothing setting, deliberate hand movements, sounds that just send shivers down my spine – this particular video is one of my favorite real-world ASMR videos.

It as has a level of personal attention ASMR that is quite unique to this sort of content.

I mention this because I find it relaxing to watch someone else having relaxing personal experience – it’s a little weird but it justs helps to sooth me out after a rough day at work.

I can almost put myself in their position (despite not having a beard in this case) and feel the way they do; which from watching the video seems they are in a very relaxed state.

On top of the shave, it also includes some very soothing hand touches on the face, sort of like a massage.

This just adds to the experience for both the person getting the shave as well as the viewer who is watching – as this is a personal level you could never feel if you were doing it by yourself.

2. ASMR Men’s Shave & Massage

Moving on to a more roleplay type video, this particular ASMR shave is directed towards men – but don’t let that discourage you if you’re a female.

I’ve watched it and I really enjoy it.

Mainly because its a really great example of what personal attention ASMR should be

Combining close up visual ASMR, with light talking and breathy words (that sounds weird but honestly it’s so soothing listening to Madi ASMR just breathe every word).

On top of that, the talking isn’t rambling either, its more instructional than anything – walking you through what she is doing.

I think is a really good part of any ASMR video as it keeps things entertain and authentic, especially when it comes to roleplay type videos such as this one.

Madi herself is just visually pleasing, just the way she talks and her movements are so gentle, which adds to the overall relaxing theme of the video.

To conclude, this is one of my favorite ASMR shaving videos on YouTube, even though I don’t watch ‘mens’ content a lot, I still find this to be enjoyable.

So no matter who you are, I’d give this a watch for a truly personal experience.

Which includes plenty of informative talking and of course tingly ASMR sounds.

3. ASMR Authentic Razor Shave

This is the perfect mashup of the last two videos, so if you’re wanting a professional-looking video but one that is created by an ASMRist, then this video from Cosmic Tingles ASMR should be on playlist tonight.

This ASMRtist has recreated a typical shaving experience for you to enjoy, something you’d find in an actual shaving spar in your own town.

The reason this is so good is that she knows she is creating ASMR, so all of her moments and the words she speaks are all intended to get your comfortable.

To be honest, I think she’s done a really good job here to get an authentic feel.

Just as the previous videos, you can expect to find plenty of hand movements, light talking and authentic shaving sounds throughout the 19 minutes of video recorded.

And you could even learn something.

AS she talks her way through what she is doing, you could even learn why people do a certain thing when it comes to shaving a man’s beard.

Which you wouldn’t usually have the pleasure of knowing unless you were inquisitive in real life.

Even in ASMR, you can learn something – such a cool video!

Final Thoughts on ASMR shave videos

ASMR shave video

These 3 videos are the best of the bunch, there are plenty of others out there on YouTube, but I think this list includes a variety of ASMR shave videos that can give both a personal and informative experience.

Overall, I really think these types of videos are perfect for anyone, even if you’re not male.

As stated, they include a variety of triggers and a personal experience that you may never be able to have due to never needing to go to a place in your town to get a shave from someone else.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.