3 awesomely satisfying ASMR scalp massage videos

There’s nothing much better in this world than getting your head scratched by someone such as a loved one like a friend or family member.

Although going somewhere like a spar is just as good, if not better since their technique is much more perfected.

However, many of you reading may not have experienced this wonderful sensation at first hand – in fact, it probably inst so uncommon for you to not have received a head scratch from someone else.

But that’s what makes ASMR so awesome, especially the ASMR scalp massage trigger featured throughout this article.

You are able to experience something you might not have had the chance of experiencing in real life.

There are plenty of ASMR scalp massage videos fro you to watch to fill this personal attention void in your life, and I’m going to show you a few of my favorites that really give you the full effect.

As well as giving you the comfort and relaxation you need after a hard day at work or after an overwhelmingly negative period of mental health you just want to suppress for a little while so you can chill.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then keep on reading and hopefully, you’ll find your new favorite ASMR video featuring the ASMR scalp massage trigger.

1. ASMR Scalp Massage – Red Head Model

This video features a mesmerizing red-haired model.

Which I think actually adds a slight bit of visual ASMR to the video, but maybe that’s because I just love the color red.

Either way, the video is already hitting that visual ASMR checkbox that I love.

Throughout the video, you are going to see plenty of scalp scratching to help relax the subject and to hopefully relax you as well.

This is the main gist of the ASMR scalp massage trigger and is generally the focal point of any type of video.

Although as you will find with this video and the other ones on this list are that the creators include other ASMR triggers for your enjoyment.

There is plenty of ASMR hair play here, as this is just a general byproduct of an ASMR scalp massage, especially when it is being performed on long hair.

With some light whispering talking to describe what is going on, this is certainly the video for anyone who is looking to be relaxed through the use of sounds and visuals.

As I feel like if you close your eyes whilst listening to this video, you just miss out on the great ASMR visuals that are being created thanks to the beautiful red hair of the subject as well as the close-up camera angle the creator has set up for us.

2. ASMR scalp massage + head and neck massage

if you’re looking for a more all-round experience then the video above is just for you – as it features a professional take on the ASMR scalp massage trigger.

Featuring more than just an ASMR scalp massage, here you can find a relaxing head and neck massage to go along with it – this feels like a more all-round experience and most definitely best represents a real-world spa experience.

I think it’s very important not to overdo a trigger, in any ASMR video, even if you’re looking for that ASMR trigger specifically.

And here, with the addition of the creator putting their attention elsewhere on the body, it is far more enjoyable in my opinion as it is just so much more varied.

Here there is much more talking in the way of information, which can be more enjoyable than general rambling as it focuses on what is happening on screen

Allowing you to be more immersed in the ASMR content, or so I have found from plenty of experience.

There is plenty of different camera angles here, unlike the last video which I know people prefer as again, it just adds to the variation of the content.

Overall, this is an awesome real-world spa experience.

And I think being able to see the happy face of the subject here really helps me get relaxed as I know they are enjoying it

So I find plenty of comfort in that.

As will you – as this is one of the main enjoyments from these types of videos

Regardless of the ASMR triggers used, it’s just so satisfying watching someone get put into a comfy state that it just has a positive effect on your state too.

3. Shampoo Scalp Massage

This video from Slikhaar is a little bit more unique than the others, although I still think it does the ASMR scalp massage trigger justice so I wanted to add it to this list.

The main focal point of this particular video is the shampooing of a man’s head but as you most probably know from washing your own hair.

You give yourself a very relaxing scalp massage, so that’s why I’ve included it here.

Although there is just something better about someone else doing it for you, don’t you agree?

And this is what makes these videos so relaxing and enjoyable too.

With plenty of scratching noises as well as more bubbly shampoo noises being rubbed into the model’s hair, these ASMR video is perfect for anyone looking for a little bit more variation with this ASMR trigger.

I for one welcome the noises of the washing noises you’ll hear throughout as they just add to the whole experience.

The video almost just makes me want to go wash my own hair if I’m honest, sort of the way ASMR cooking videos make me want to get make some food.

An alternative although a perfect take on the ASMR scalp massage trigger, you will be more than satisfied with the video.

However, I do recommend watching it instead of just listening because the camera work really makes this a great visually pleasing video that really hits that visual ASMR aspect that I enjoy from this type of content.

So if you had your eyes closed during this one, you’re more than certainly missing out on 50% of the enjoyment.

But I wouldn’t blame you if you accidentally close your eyes and fall asleep during the video, as for me its a really relaxing and tingly experience due to both the visuals and the sounds which are being created.

Final Words

ASMR scalp massage

I think these videos really capture what is great about this type of ASMR trigger, it has the potential to bring back many happy memories from when someone may have scratched our hair to make us comfortable

But at the very least, you will be able to find enjoyment from someone getting put into a more comfortable state – this will no doubt rub off onto you too.

With a mixture of sounds and visuals, scalp massage ASMR is an all-round great trigger for getting tingles and some much needed personal attention ASMR.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.