4 ASMR Reiki videos to help you get relaxed

ASMR Reiki is one of my favorite types of ASMR as it utilizes a lot of visual ASMR triggers that I always find so relaxing to watch at night – visual ASMR is always something that never fails in getting me into the right mood for relaxation and sleep and I think you may agree once you watch some of these videos on this list.

But before I let you know what the best reiki ASMR videos are, I’m going to tell you what Reiki and why it is so effective in getting me and many other people who utilize this mental and physical healing into a great mood at night.

What is Reiki healing?

asmr reiki

Known as Reiki healing, rather than just reiki, is an alternative medicine, specifically known as energy healing.

Through the use of hand movements or hand touching (the skin) the practitioners heal the patient through the universal energy, which they both find themselves in.

Through transforming better energy, the practitioner is able to influence the patient’s mood by encouraging a better mental and physical state through healing them.

Although as you can imagine this does not work miracles but it has been effective for me personally – even if I’ve only experienced it from a video on the internet.

Best ASMR Reiki videos the ASMR community has to offer.

Now that you know a little bit more about reiki and reiki healing, you should now be able to see why it is practiced often within the ASMR community since it uses plenty of hand movements and positivity to promote better mental state – just like personal attention ASMR does in away.

Furthermore, let’s get into the best Reiki ASMR videos our community on YouTube has to offer to an endless amount of viewers looking to be positively influenced by their actions – through the use of combining auditory and visual triggers along with their own unique personalities.

1. ASMR Reiki Pulling – ASMR Glow

One of the first ASMR reiki videos I had ever watched (before I even knew what the hell it was) was from ASMR Glow – and it was a truly magical experience.

I wouldn’t consider myself a spiritual person, so things like ‘energy’ and ‘energy healing’ usually get lost on me, but I couldn’t help but feel so relaxed and ‘free’ after watching the video – it did really feel like my negative energy was lifted away thanks to her.

Combining the hand movements of pulling with her usual awesome mouth sounds, along with plenty of breathing and jewelry noises, this has become more than certainly a video I always come back to when I feel like I need some weight lifted off my shoulders.

Personally one of my favorite all-time videos from ASMR Glow.

2. Reiki ASMR by Madi ASMR

I really like instructive videos, where the ASMRtist almost walks you through as to what they are doing – I think it’s just super relaxing and it really works with Reiki ASMR in my opinion.

This video from Madi ASMR combines all the great things Glow does in her video except there is more guidance with the way she talks – so I’d say this one is more preferred by me and any who likes the combination of ASMR sounds and ASMR visual triggers.

She also gets really up close to the camera, which makes it really, really personal but again I think it works for this type of ASMR since reiki healing in the real world is a personal experience between you and the practitioner.

There is almost a level of trust here as it makes it more comfortable to know she is doing her best to influence positive energy rather than of a negative source.

Overall, if you want a more personal experience than other reiki videos on this list, I’d give this ASMR video a watch above all else because, with the combination of Madi’s voice, you will feel more than relaxed and free of negative energy by the end of it.

3. ASMR removing negative vibes – Marno ASMR

Another great Reiki ASMR pulling, especially if you’re into a more manlily voice – although that is not something I really like from the ASMR videos I watch, I think this video by Marno ASMR is really something to be enjoyed by all as he is super soothing.

The last 2 videos featured on this list were a little serious in the way of roleplays but Marno kind of goofs out in this particular negative energy pulling which I think works really well – for one it just matches his personality but because it works to remove negative vibes.

How can you be so negative when this goofball just makes you giggle and smile at the silly things he says in this video and from my experience, every other video on his channel.

As with many Reiki ASMR videos, this one includes a range of mouth sounds and ‘trigger’ words (I’m not sure if they’re classed as trigger words but he is saying pretty random things in this video that you may like) combining with personal addition ASMR, visual ASMR, and ASMR sounds to create a great video for anyone looking to be put into a much more relaxed state.

4. The Lune Innate – Reiki Session

This one’s a bit unconventional to the typical people I promite on these types of lists, as I don’t think The Lune INNATE is actually an ASMRtist but what I do know is that she is trained in the art of reiki healing; meaning that the experience is pretty realistic if you were to get this form of medicine in real life.

With a super nice low light, minimal talking and plenty of hand movements, this is a great video for anyone looking to be soothed to sleep – due to the low sounds that you will hear all throughout.

And if you’re a spiritual person (unlike myself) then perhaps this is a creator that you can check out for other types of videos too.

Although to get back to the video itself, I think it’s great for anyone looking to get into the right emotional state for bedtime, relaxation or before they do something that makes them uncomfortable, whether that’s going out with friends or an upcoming job interview.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Reiki Videos

ASMR reiki healing

ASMR Reiki pulling is awesome.

Even for someone that isn’t spiritual such as myself, I find that a lot of weight is lifted off of me every time I watch one of these videos – with a combination of traditional ASMR sounds and plenty of hand movements to create a visually hypnotizing video.

These are by far some of my favorite types of ASMR throughout all of what is available on the internet today.

Maybe I should look more into this spiritual thing…


Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams.