4 of the best ASMR reading videos for a tingly nights sleep

Probably one of the most relaxing experiences you can have is when someone is reading to you, whether that’s your parent or guardian trying to get you to fall asleep.

Or perhaps you feel some different nostalgia when it comes to book reading, maybe your favorite teacher once read to you whilst you were in class.

Whatever it may be, ASMR reading is certainly a trigger that many people can find themselves playing in the background whilst they get the sleep they need.

There are many reasons as to why this is such a relaxing experience, from the relaxing scenario that is whispered book reading is obviously a favorite.

But don’t forget, I’ve mentioned how it can be soothing to watch someone perform a task when they are fully concentrating, and ASMR reading fits this type of ASMR perfectly.

Regardless of the reason as to why ASMR book readings are so popular on youtube, I’ve compiled a list below of the best ASMR reading videos so that you are able to find something new to put on your bedtime watch list.

ASMR Reading Whispered – The Hobbit

You’ll soon see why people love the ASMR reading trigger when you start this video – from the beautiful visuals to the whispery voice of the ASMR creator along with the natural ASMR page turning which is an awesome trigger within itself.

You’re immediately going to be put into a soothing state as soon as she starts reading.

It contains plenty of visual ASMR here in my opinion, as its just an overall beautiful setting but the books also contain pictures that can be quite entraining to look at.

But don’t worry, I feel like these types of videos can be enjoyed with your eyes closed or with your eyes open, it just depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.

If you want to be whispered to sleep through a wonderful ASMR story telling experience, then go ahead and shut your eyes.

if you want the full experience where you can enjoy the visual aspects of the video, then feel free to keep them open.

As long as you can anyway, I have no doubt you will have drifted off to dreamland soon enough.

2. ASMR Book Reading by a Male ASMRtist

This particular ASMR book reading is similar tot he whole I’ve previously linked but it displays far less attractive visual ASMR – no offense to the ASMR creator.

The setup which the last creator had was just far more calming if you’re someone like me who really appreciates this type of ASMR – through this new visual style may be better for you.

If you enjoy someone performing a task right in front of your eyes, being able to watch MassageASMR read the book right to you may trigger that part of your brain to feel satisfied, as it does with many fans of this style.

And obviously, this is a male ASMRtist, which I usually don’t talk about on this site as I much prefer the sounds of a females voice as they are more ‘safe’ sounding to me – but I still felt like I needed to add him in here

Simply because he provides another great alternative on the ASMR reading trigger.

Most of these reading videos are whispered, but as you will see with this version, he is using a soft speaking technique – which most male ASMRtist adopt.

If you prefer this over light whispering, then this style of ASMR reading may be better suited to you.

3. ASMR Inaudible Reading

This one’s a little different from what you might expect from an ASMR reading list but its certainly one that I can imagine many finding some enjoyment from, as did I when I first stumbled across the video.

In this ASMR video, you will see an ASMR reading that is a little different, as all of her speech is inaudible, which basically means you will struggle to understand what she is saying.

Most of the ASMR sounds which are created are mouth sounds such as lips smacking together rather than actual words from her own mouth.

Many people prefer this type of ‘talking’ as sometimes words can be distracting, especially if you get too involved with what is going on.

This obviously will make going to sleep much, much harder.

So I’m glad a video like this is available for those that want a sooth and natural ASMR reading experience (with ASMR page turning and tracing included) but want something that they can easily fall asleep to without too much distraction.

4. ASMR Reading with a Candlelight

Although I think I’ve covered this topic pretty well, I want to include another great ASMR reading video that I think you might like – especially those of you who love visual ASMR.

Creating an ambient setting with just a simple candle, WhipserRed ASMR has outdone herself with just how simply pleasing these visuals are in this video.

I think she works a calming setting in perfectly with the type of trigger this is since I feel like reading in any case.

Whether you are reading yourself or you’re being read to, needs to be in a calming atmosphere.

So you can fully get encapsulated by the words on the page which are right in front of you.

Overall, this is another awesome ASMR reading video that I think you may like if you’re just as interested in the visual aspect of someone reading aloud to you.

Final Words

asmr reading

ASMR reading is by far one of the most simply soothing triggers that you can watch which will help get you the beauty sleep you need after a stressful day at work or school.

Taking you back to a much happier time where you once had your parents or guardians reading to you before bedtime.

If you’re looking for an actual bedtime story videos that are read in the same manner as some of these videos, then I encourage you to check out “4 of the best ASMR bedtime stories to help you fall asleep” article I wrote previously.

As always,

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Dreams.