Top 4 best ASMR Page turning videos for relaxation

I’ll be honest, this particular ASMR trigger is pretty much lost on me, I don’t really understand its appeal but I still want to talk about it because I still think it’s worthwhile.

Especially since plenty of people are in love with this type of trigger but from what I can tell online, no one really creates ASMR page turning videos as much as other common triggers

Like ASMR tapping or ASMR scratching.

A lot of these videos will include some other triggers too, along with writing or tapping, just to add a little more to the video.

As it can be really intense and weird just to watch some constantly turn pages for 20 minutes.

And additional triggers are always welcome in my opinion, especially if they’re there to cover up any dead silence which might occur due to such a ‘fast’ trigger.

Fast in this case meaning it only happens once a page is turned and that’s it, whereas ASMR brushing can be a constant long trigger.

Anyway, let’s get into the best ASMR page turning videos.

SPOILERS: There are only a few good ones, the rest are outdated or are just an underwhelming experience.

1. ASMR Page turning no talking

This no talking page turning video is a great place to start, so you can first discover the trigger that everyone seems to be talking about in the ASMR community.

Despite the lack of videos on YouTube throughout the ASMR community.

With all the things great about opening and closing magazine, you will hear a range of sounds coming from these pages, from the page turning itself to the noise it makes when you run your hand across the center of a page.

On top of that, these types of videos are more than visually pleasing, due to what is on the inside of each cover – so it has that entertainment factor too.

The only real enjoyment missing here is the smell; magazines and really anything that’s new such as a book just has that great brand new smell.

But unfortunately, this is YouTube, we aren’t at the point where we can smell what we are watching.


2. ASMR page turning with finger-licking for additional immersion

A more well rounded ASMR page turning video is this particular one, which adds a whole host of new triggers to the mix to give it that authentic feel.

First off the setting feels much more like a library, so you can be more immersed in the ASMR – which I think is an underrated factor when it comes to getting relaxation and even tingles.

The setting just has to be right, it has to make sense where the creator is depending on what sort of ASMR trigger they are performing.

On top of that, the licking finger sound is also another great trigger that just makes sense to be here.

Since if you’ve ever turned many pages in a book or magazine, you’ll know it’s far easier to do so if you lick your fingers.

Overall, this is a well rounded ASMR page turning video and certainly a more immersive video than some of the other content available.

Although the page-turning is a little rapid it can seem unauthentic in a way.

But it has never bothered me too much.

3 ASMR page turning and writing

Plenty more immersive triggers in this next video, if you’re looking for something on top of the ASMR page turning, since it can get quite boring – I have another great video for you here.

With this particular ASMR video, you will be able to listen to all the great noises books make as well as some mesmerizing ASMR writing noises.

Both visually pleasing triggers that really add to the video.

On top of that, this also feels like a very immersive experience, which I think personally matters in the way of getting ASMR tingles as the content has to seem real IMO.

Rather than forced

But you can clearly see the person is actually doing some form of studying, so that really helps.

And on top of that, that is another part of ASMR – where people enjoy watching others perform a task.

So overall, a great video for anyone looking to watch and listen to some awesome ASMR page-turning as well as plenty of ASMR triggers that beautifully go along with it.

4. Finger Licking and Page Turning ASMR

This is a pretty old video but I think it’s still one of the better ASMR page turning videos out there.

With a great deal of talking over the top of the ASMR triggers, this video is for those who are a fan of soft talking/whispering in videos, regardless of what ASMR trigger they are looking for.

Again, Gibi usually walks you through what she is doing as well as explaining what the object, in this case, a magazine, is.

I think this is a great way to add talking into a video without coming off as rambly or annoying.

However not to take away from the main focal point of this ASMR video, I think along with the page turning, this magazine creates some wonderful sounds if you’re into tapping and rubbing noises.

Overall, a great video to end this list and I’d recommend checking them all out as they are unique in their own way.

Final Thoughts on ASMR Page turning

ASMR page turning

Although not so much of a popular ASMR trigger these days, there is still some great but old ASMR page turning videos out there for you to watch and enjoy; as you will have seen from this list.

However, I’d love it if creators started focusing more of their videos around this particular trigger just like in these videos, typically you’ll only hear it if it is a byproduct of some form of roleplay or in a video that is based around other ASMR triggers.

A wonderful trigger, even if I don’t often go out searching for it on YouTube when I’m looking to relax, get some sleep or even bring about the ASMR tingles.

Thanks for reading,

Sweet Dreams.