3 of the best ASMR makeup roleplay videos for your personal attention needs

I’ve discussed ASMR roleplay videos on this site previously.

Establishing that there are many types of roleplays available for you to enjoy, which include a range of ASMR triggers that can help with relaxation and sleep – and if you’re lucky, the tingles!

One of the more common types of ASMR content is ASMR makeup roleplay videos.

I suspect their popularity is based on the fact that a large amount of the ASMR community is female, and a lot of the popular ASMR content creators are also female.

So roleplays like these come as first nature to many content creators and equally is liked by the audience, for the reason we’ve just established.

When it comes to ASMR triggers, there are many featured in these types of these videos as its a general real-world scenario – so there is plenty of speaking, tapping, scratching and all that good stuff.

But the main focus is the personal attention ASMR and is why I suspect this type of ASMR roleplay is so popular.

Personal attention is one of the main factors when it comes to ASMR, as it feels like a 1 on 1 experience already.

Overall, ASMR makeup roleplay videos are amongst the most popular ASMR roleplays you are able to find on YouTube and for good reason.

In this list, I have compiled some of the best makeup ASMR roleplays which will help you with any anxiety you may be feeling, social isolation or just in the way of getting you into a relaxed state for some better sleep.

1. ASMR Roleplay Doing your Makeup

Hand movements are always a welcome trigger in any ASMR video – but maybe I’m biased.

A pretty standard ASMR makeup roleplay, this particular video features all the personal attention you need to feel destressed from your day.

Imagine if you had a best friend like Gracie K doing your makeup for you, with all kinds of hand movements, tapping and rubbing sounds to help you relax.

As you can imagine, the video is Gracie applying your makeup, which is a super relaxing video thanks to all the triggers she uses as I’ve just stated above.

A great combination of many of my favorite triggers – you’re going to want to watch this type of video if you’re looking for a particular trigger to help you sleep, as a video as varied as this will bound to have something you love.

Due to the video length, this video is perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easily digestible video that can easily put them in a relaxed state so that they can ensure they get a good night’s sleep.

2. Big Sister does your makeup

A similar video to the last one, although this has a different angle.

As this is a big sister roleplay, there is plenty of personal attention here and even some that you may be able to relate to in a previous life experience.

With a range of hand movements, compliments, and general chit chat this particular video is more catered to someone who looks for personal attention, rather than an overwhelming amount of ASMR tapping.

Personally, this is my favorite video, perhaps because it’s Gibia and I just love her content but I think it’s just a really good personal attention video with plenty of talking.

I always love after a long day of being alone as it’s nice to have a ‘conversation’ with another human – this sounds a little weird but honestly, ASMR feels so personal to me it is just like having a conversation.


Anyway, to get back to the point of adding this video to the list;

I think overall its one of the best (in my opinion) ASMR makeup roleplays you can find on the platform as it contains all the great things video like these should contain.

3. ASMR Makeup roleplay Binaural

If you’re looking for a longer video, then Karuna Satori has you covered with this next video.

If you’re looking for even more personal attention than the last two, this video is also great for that – as the roleplay is someone devoting all their attention to you, whilst doing your makeup.

Which is just what a girl wants when they get their makeup done.

Since its an hour-long, it includes a lot of talking, which I really love – but it also has many different triggers.

So as with the general theme of ASMR roleplay videos, this particular one serves as an opportunity to hear many different triggers and within it, you may find one that can give you tingles.

Alongside the benefits of being relaxed and calm.

Final Thoughts ASMR Makeup Roleplay videos

ASMR makeup roleplay

All this particular post is short, I think it covers all of the best ASMR makeup roleplays that you can find on YouTube – since there all pretty much the same with slightly different twists.

These are 3 of my favorites and serve as a good starting point if you’ve never watched these kinds of ASMR roleplays before.

At the very least, you can use this list as a starting point, so that you can find a roleplay you love or even just finding an ASMRtist you can enjoy which is really important when it comes to appreciating personal attention videos such as these.

As always,

Thank you so much for reading.

Sweet Dreams,